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How to Annoy Me

How about some blinker action you Mitshubishi motherfucker.

May 23, 2001


The average age and origin of men in Las Vegas: 24, Hoboken.

May 22, 2001


How did I get talked into signing up for an Old Navy credit card? Why is peanut butter so good, so very very good?

May 17, 2001


What are pickles, really?

May 16, 2001


I wonder if men ever get as bloated as a sinking ship sending out mayday signals. Will Liam Gallagher love me as much as I love him?

May 14, 2001


What does The Rock have cooking?

May 8, 2001


I should probably shoplift something before I die. Why do I daydream about Rod Stewart in inappropriate positions?

May 6, 2001