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Chris Piascik, independent illustrator and designer

Going public with depression:

I see Dave in little flashes all the time, still — hear his braying OHMYGAAWWWDD laugh around a corner and see his handsome gap-toothed smile in a crowd. I want to smack him full across the face for giving up and leaving us all, and I want to drag him to a computer and sit him down: Look — we’re not alone.

I really must agree.

Worlds of Interiors, photographs by Anne Hardy

The Rise And Fall Of Grunge Typography

“I think after people got that out of their system and realized what they could do with their tools, typography became a lot more classic and reliant on the rules people thought were boring then. Now, pretty much everyone with the skills can design a typeface, so there are so many different voices and perspectives. There’s a lot of mediocrity, because that’s what happens when the tools are distributed to everybody. But I think the pendulum is now swinging toward good, elegant design, and that sort of trendiness of the 90s looks a little dated now. It was definitely a movement of its time.”

Baby elephant taking a bath.

Baby elephant rides his mother.

Baby elephant doing a pretty good imitation of Marlo.

And now for some sharks.

10 Shades of Stupid: Cosmo’s Worst BDSM Tips:

To increase the arousing nature of this kinky surprise, I’d suggest you get up early, before he’s awake, hide behind the toilet with a towel over your head, clutching the brush with both hands, and give a little war-whoop when you start swatting. That ought to really blow his mind.

100 saddest songs: the list

Angry babies

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