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Gritty New Cityscapes by Jeremy Mann

Things I would wish upon my enemies

Why do we eat, and why do we gain weight:

In one study, two groups of people were assigned to eat the same number of calories each day during a twelve-week period. One group received more of them during breakfast, and the other had more during dinner. The breakfast group lost significantly more weight.

Dear World: Boston Marathon, survivors + responders return to the finish line

Freaking people out with Siri

Photos from my middle school yearbook

– Jimmy Fallon & Anne Hathaway sing broadway versions of Snoop Dogg, 50 Cent, and Kendrick Lamar

– Related: 50 Cent dubbed over Jehovah’s Witnesses trying to get deaf people to stop masturbating

The Simpsons Letterman Couch Gag

This is the kind of herding dog you should look into.

– Welcome to the future: Doctors implant lab-grown vagina

My dogs are so lucky to have me.

– All 1,400,000 views of this video were by me: Game of Goats

A Breakup Letter to Facebook from Eat24:

Your algorithm is saying most of our friends don’t care about sushi porn, that they aren’t interested in hearing our deepest thoughts about pizza toppings. Are you listening to yourself? Do you know how ridiculous that sounds? You know that all those people clicked ‘Like’ on our page because it’s full of provocatively posed burritos and cheese puns, right?

A short stop-motion study on wood.

– What would the back side of the album cover look like?

A few of my favorite recent tweets: