Is this thing on?

Tap tap tap… is this wireless working? IT IS! IT IS! Although it does keep booting me off, so I have no idea if I can get this published. I’ve been isolated from wireless access to the Internet for the last 12 days, only able to reach out into that wide space with an international cellular data plan I purchased before I left for Peru and Africa, albeit a limited data plan considering that some of my colleagues’ phone carriers were charging them the cost of a vacation home in the Bahamas in order to upload a photo to Instagram.

This is a photo taken on my trip to Peru at the ruins of Pachacamac, an archaeological site 24 miles southeast of Lima referred to commonly as a site of ancient Incan structures and buildings. This looks out into the surrounding landscape and villages, a dry and dusty palette of dirt and sand. Yes, I have just spent the last 12 days in Africa, but I still have so much to process from what I saw and experienced in South America. Everything in due time.

We’re still trying sponsor the education of 50 beneficiaries at $35/month through the Krochet Kids empowerment program. Almost there, and would love your help to see this through.

So much to come as I climb my way over the jet lag of almost 40 hours of travel.