Ms. Lola

This is Gigi’s little sister Lola who was also here to help celebrate Leta’s birthday. She’s a year or two older than Marlo, but all four girls play really well with each other. Mostly. There are definitely moments of frustration because Marlo has declared herself Queen and the rest of the girls are like THIS IS A DEMOCRACY DO YOUR RESEARCH. They are coming over after school today for a few hours so I am bracing for this screeching refrain to echo throughout the house: “They are not doing what I told them to do!”

My approach to this problem? I tell them to solve it the old fashioned way. Rock, paper, scissors. Or just pull each other’s hair.

(Once I was picking up the girls from their house and Lola said to me, “Gigi is scared of you sometimes.” I thought, my god, my father is going to be so proud of me.)