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Long-exposure portraits of Earth’s 43 brightest cities as shown by NASA’s map of the planet at night. #tmn

– Somewhere the Universe messed up and I was not born Japanese.

R.I.P. Everyone:

There’s a common sense that the Internet is just a collection of sad adolescent trolls hiding in their parents’ basements throwing digital feces through the proverbial bars, but the truth is much worse. Everyone is throwing the digital feces. The trolls just enjoy it a little more.

Answers for Creationists

True facts that sound false

– WTF: Members of the Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs choir perform a rousing rendition of Daft Punk’s ‘Get Lucky’ before Friday’s Opening Ceremony


– Mean Girls director Mark Waters spills 10 juicy stories, 10 years later

Woody Allen v. Dylan Farrow, The Court of Public Opinion is now in session:

Investigative journalism is one thing. But the Court of Public Opinion is what we used to call villagers with flaming torches. It has no rules, no arbiter, no mechanism at all for separating truth from lies. It allows everything into evidence and has no mechanism to separate facts about the case from the experiences and political leanings of the millions of us who are all acting as witnesses, judges, and jurors.

– Whatever, kid. It’s just rain. Whatever. And I’m not emotional at all.


Pictures by James Chapman

– Anither drive-thru prank: “Did somebody just call my name?”

Pictures of a refuge in Arkansas home to 60 animal friends who hang out together

– Considering my recent roasted pistachio obsession, this is amazing

Chicago Dibs: the practice of holding a shoveled-out parking space after a heavy snowfall by putting chairs, laundry baskets, or other items in the street to mark the claimed space

Vladimir Putin´s Facebook Movie

– A few of my favorite recent tweets: