Steve Irwin

Stuff I found while looking around


– Instagram user and surfer Punkerpat shows what it looks like from inside the wave.

If You Think You’re Good At Multitasking, You Probably Aren’t

– Appropriate given yesterday’s ice storm: The People vs. Winter

The Creative Confessional

A client just asked for scripts with more energy so I replaced all the periods with exclamation marks.

Darth Vader Voiced By Schwarzenegger

Pavlov’s cat. Enlarge it.

– South Africa heard my rattlesnake story and raised me 15,000 crocodiles.

– Apparently I was the last person on earth to see this, but now that I have I’m thinking she has a really good point.

A rock ‘n roll map of Manhattan

– I wonder if he knows how to do the Roger Rabbit?

People are awesome 2013

– Man, Steve Irwin was boss.

Hard lessons from the mean streets of the internet.

Illustrations of female astronauts

What happens when a 5-11 alarm fire engulfs a warehouse in Chicago when it’s THAT cold outside.

Prince Harry runs for an ice cream during Afghanistan interview.

A few of my favorite recent tweets: