West by Northwest

Here is a series of 50 photos taken a little before and during our trip up the coast to Seattle. We took well over 300 photos, many of them completely banal, so I whittled them down to a consumable morsel and tried to put everything in context.

Thank you for reading during this whole stressful relocation. I really hope you like these, you who read this website and you who make viable, useful and sometimes frequent comments. I read every comment left on this site, even the ones where you call me a xenophobic whore-bitch and tell me to bite your ass. Don’t think that I’m so cold that it doesn’t hurt or make me cry on occasion. Usually, however, you all make me giggle. Thank God for you.

  • http://punkgrok.org moe

    So I’ve managed to piece together that you used some manner of Nikon CoolPix. A quick peek at Froogle (http://froogle.google.com/froogle?q=Nikon+Coolpix&btnG=Froogle+Search) reveals a wide variety of Nikon CoolPixes. Which one do you use? My apologies if this has already been beaten to death.

  • moe

    Argh. I’m so lame. I didn’t see the ’990′ in the opening image…

  • yara

    oh, you make Seattle look so pretty. come back. take more pictures. i’ll even show you all the secret good spots to take pictures from.

  • http://davin.dhs.org/ davin

    nice pix. when was that sunset? i took a bunch .. could be of the same sunset. word.

  • Jub

    What’s so obvious about #41? Sorry dooce – I’m obviously not hip with the kids or US landmarks.
    Please enlighten! Anyone?

  • http://this.net Andreas

    How can I ask if I could use some of those pictures? There is no email address on this site (I found none, looked very hard) and the one given in the whois entry for dooce.com just bounces… Could somebody give me a hint? Please drop me a line (“use them at any way you like” or something like that) at andreas at prass dot org. Thanks a million.

  • http://www.peachzeenie.blogspot.com Peach

    Can I permanentize my name and ID on your Comment Tool?

    Those photos are great! Does this mean I do not have to buy a digital camera to get them on my Blog? My non-techie skills make it difficult to do anything on my blog. If I continue to use a regular camera , I will have to upload them in some way. If you ever have a chance to read all your comments and have the time, let me know. My latest picture is a mess because it was horribly scanned. I’ll probably go back to the one on the Brooklyn Bridge.

  • http://www.jazzyhands.com kathryn

    Whittling photos is hard – I always end up with a whole swag of borderline ones.

    Of course it doesn’t help if you start projecting personal feelings about rejection and self worth onto the photos that don’t make it either.

  • http://nonexistant.com Totah DinÈ

    Like my momma always says, “The opinions of worthless people are worthless.”

    Keep that in mind and you won’t get hurt *wink*

  • http://bornalion.org jess

    glad to see you’ve arrived safely. all (bazillion) of your sunset shots are gorgeous. also, love the new logo, it’s definitely dooce.

  • http://www.twofortheshow.com Ric

    …and thank God for you, Dooce. Can’t wait for pictures from Utah.

  • http://www.blindeye.net Steve

    Cripes, they make me want to pack everything up and drive out there. Except for the packing everything up. And driving 5000km with no money in my pocket. Other than that, I’m there.

  • http://www.novenarik.org Jory

    Suddenly feeling very repentant over the whole Versace hair comment.

  • Tippy Did It

    Loved the pix. Your hair looks remarkably calm in the T-day photo. Maybe it was the L-trypto? Aaah, and that one of the 405. Unfortunately, all too familiar. Still a very cool shot. I can assure you that the 15 won’t look like that at 2:30…unless of course it’s conference Sunday.

  • http://www.dooce.com dooce

    jory: i’m not a pussy. i can take comments about the hair, even welcome them. versace comment was a giggle, for sure.

  • http://www.moveablebeast.com peggy

    Cody’s asleep now, but I’m gonna try to get him to look at the pix of Chuck. He really needs a male role model. Still pees like a girl, for instance. Glad you had a safe trip.

  • http://www.brochspot.com/blog Broch

    Great photos Dooce! You just changed my mind on what kind of digital camera to buy. I almost bought a Canon A40, geesh! I woulda figured out a way to kick my own butt!

  • http://jungle.adventure.tripod.com Sammas

    Great photos! I love them, they look really good.

  • http://a-splinter.diaryland.com Splinter

    Beautiful pictures, most of them. And I can tell you really like dogs. Oy.

  • http://www.muc.muohio.edu/~Muraii/ Muraii

    I find a good set of deckling sheers whittles photos quite well, if a bit crudely. Then again, most everything I’d take a picture of is crude to begin with, so what’s another abstracted layer of crudeness between total strangers?

  • http://www.lightknife.net Nick

    Utah, eh? I’m one over in Colorado. Nice pictures, by the way. And good luck to you. If it comes down to it, you can always escape to our place. Colorado has too few people!

  • http://www.seamlessness.net Leslie

    You know cute dogs.

  • http://arielmeadow.com/electrolicious Ariel

    You make-a me miss my homeland. Sweet Seattle. I will return to thee, homeplace of cockadoodledoo farters.

  • http://www.cuene.com Mr. Blatant Ass-Kisser

    Dooce, for as much crap as we ingrates send your way sometimes, you’re still gracious and funny, even when being mean to those who deserve it. So, thanks for sharing and trusting that your readers “get it”. Did you ever think that this many people – an actual audience! – would come to care about your travels and travails, look at all 50 pictures pf your trip through the west, and send you good karma (and dreams of tostadas) everyday in Mormon Utah? Is this all part of some masterplan?

  • http://www.jenandtonic.ca jennifer

    Fabulous photos. They make me want to be your friend.

  • http://www.assbiters.com The Inmate

    You can’t let people into your life and not expect a certain degree of gettinghurtedness. But you’re right, most of the time, the balance is positive. Wish more people in the world would figure that one out.

  • http://www.nikon.com The Inmate

    Oh, yeah, almost forgot. Call Nikon. I smell a sponsorhip deal.

  • http://www.novenarik.org Jory

    Whew. And oh shit as well, for your dog’s teeth are whiter than mine.

  • http://taraonline.org Tara

    Love the photos. Any chance we will see some of the drive from Washington to Utah, or some in general of your new hometown? Also, your hair looks beautiful. Not septic-tank poopy at all.

    Other than the moving company fiasco, are you, Jon, and the Former Congressman enjoying your new home?

  • http://queserasera.blogspot.com Sarah B.

    Whenever I look at your pictures, I think: what the hell am I doing with MY life that’s so great?

  • http://sx70.blogspot.com eggbert

    those were nice photos. very nice. thank you for sharing. utah needs the three of you. go make babies, show ‘em what’s up. it’s very windy here in la right now btw

  • http://sx70.blogspot.com eggbert

    damn. not only were the pictures nice, but the west by northwest and the motherfucking festive graphic kick arse as well. nice to see people not resorting to trendy pixelly graphics. and whatnot. ku-fucking-dos!

  • http://aprilgem.com/log April

    You know that stereotype of a really obnoxious couple or family that takes “oodles” and “oodles” of pictures, get them made into “oodles” and “oodles” of slides, stick them in chronological (I was going to say anal, but then that sounded so wrong) order into a slide projector, aim it at a projection screen (because there’d be no blank walls at that obnoxious couple’s or family’s home; all the walls would be obnoxiously wallpapered), invite all their obnoxious friends, show all the “oodles” and “oodles” of slides, and talk endlessly about their boring trip along the coast, never forgetting a single little boring detail? Well… you are definitely NOT that. Reading your writing is a joy, and viewing your photos is an even bigger joy, most especially with all the commentary. The Dooce show is like one big inside joke among friends, or like one long-running popular sitcom; you can use an irreverent, irrelevant, funny phrase from a previous post–a phrase you’d already made funny because of the context you put it in–and raise the level of humor in the current post up a notch. Your site is a pleasure to visit, and I hope the number of positive comments you get far exceed the number of negative ones. Thank God for YOU. [Side note: gettinghurtedness is a word?]

  • http://www.webhostxl.com Walter Pinnash

    Sunsets and dog pics are nice. Are the pics taken with a digital camera? Great optimization.

  • Chelsea

    Fabulous photos!

  • Ex-liontamer

    That was fun. All I want to do is have puppies with Chuck.

  • http://www.reddeyez.com ryan

    Interesting shots, even better commentary ;)

  • Igor

    I’m actually beginning to change my mind about religion (please don’t let my buddies know I said this).
    Dooce is the second woman I know who is a mormon, or of mormon origin. Both women are seriously beautiful, have a sensational sense of humor and know how to play with words as if it was the garden of God itself. If I have to wear ridiculous underwear to get me a woman like that, dammit I’ll make it look good and wear it with pride !
    Dooce, can I use that first picture, please ? It’s absolutely fabulous. You can print it in one of those “Good living” magazines for interior decorating.

  • bucci

    I’m sitting here late for work and clicking because I agree, the dooce show is like a great tv show only much much better because it is all real. Missouri SUCKS. I need me some traffic jams, cliffs, and mormons.

  • http://spikenheimer.livejournal.com spike

    - chuckles is the bestest web-puppy around. plus all his friends are leading my coolest dogs on the net list.
    - dooce takes the bestest pictures. this is by far the one thing i’m most jealous of your site for. alla pix. esp their captions too.

    #26/#27 – Jon’s stand-in Jason Lee

  • http://paulsboutique.blogspot.com Paul Gutman

    Just wanted to say that anyone who could put xenophobic (big word!) next to whore-bitch (not-so-big words!) must be all right by me.

    And in fact, you are.

  • Zan

    Wow. The west coast, totally Doocified.

  • http://www.etches-johnson.com/me/pages.html amanda

    You’ve got the best life Dooce. And camera.

  • Zan

    Dooce, Could I use #34 on an intranet site for a few weeks? It’s beautiful! Full credit will be given to you, of course!