• poop on a stick

    mix in a little olive oil into his diet, and those carmelized mount rushmores will not reek havoc on his colon.

    I think we need some pics of mount rushmore on this site.


  • http://www.planetsocks.com ALLISONIC

    Don’t underestimate the power of Poop. It is not moody, but a mathematical certainty.
    Maybe try some doggy booties? Chuck may not like the cold on his pads.

  • http://www.thesafeword.com/daily/kerry.html Kerry

    Man, I don’t know about you guys, but Shanni’s story scared me. If I was a dog, I would so not want a blind man coming at my rectum with a match.

  • http://www.blurbism.com Marshall

    As a longtime dog owner, I can tell you that dogs get constipated frequently, just like people do. Changes in lifestyles, travel, different water, anxiety and nervousness are all causes. I doubt anyone, human or animal, can “hold it in” for that long just to be stubborn. He needs some medicine, less solid food, lots of water and TLC. He’ll adjust, and he’ll learn to crap just about anywhere. Trust me.

  • http://www.hammerland.net Xanthan

    Beerzie Boy is right: you’re qualified for motherhood. They say when you start potty training your toddler, you first work with them to help them identify when they have to poop. But this leads to embarassing moments like your child squatting in the middle of a crowded Starbucks and shouting at the top of their lungs, “Po-o-o-o-o-op! Po-o-o-o-o-o-p!” This, of course, doesn’t help you with the little congressman but will help prepare you for your next set of poop related adventures. Good luck Dooce! Maybe massaging his little tummy?

  • http://www.harrumph.com/ heather

    our little stinker, chieka slinks off and lays a loaf in the living room on rainy days. and guess what? it’s fucking raining cats and dogs these days. so we walk and walk and walk and tigger gets busy and does his business. but chieka? nope. she pretends like theres nothing doing til we get back to the house. we watch her with eagle eyes and then, bam! you turn your back for a minute and she pinches one off. i think she goes invisible for that moment because it it happens so quickly. here’s the dogs!

  • http://www.scribbling.net Gina

    Wow, the word “poop” appears 38 times on this page. 39, now.

  • http://tattletale.net nita

    Did squeezing work? I mean, are you hoping that the grass dries soon because the squeezing was successful (and may be in danger of becoming a part of his routine)?

    Nigel’s business bit sort of pooches out when he’s ready to poop. We call it the poo indicator. As in, “Is that Nigel’s poo indicator? Does he need to go out?”

    ANd how big is Sir Chuckles? From the photos, he looked much larger than I thought he was.

  • http://www.talkingcrow.com/blog/ rosebaby

    i’m with ya sistah. my dog would only poop on grass unless it was particularly desperate, and i do mean desperate. what’s more fun than squeezing a dog? administering valium to one – rectally.

  • zchamu

    Count your blessings. My dog will poop on grass, snow, paper, tile, hardwood floor, carpet, and Volkswagen upholstery.

  • MmMmGood

    Did you give him any coffee? That always gives me a fudge-nudge.