• http://www.perpetualkarma.com julie

    if you have to touch it, do so with a cotton ball and some tea tree oil or rubbing alcohol a few times a day. that’ll zap that sucker quickly.

  • http://www.dooce.com Glovia

    Why you always gotta talk about such sensitive subjects.

  • lola

    julie’s right. Tea Tree oil is a magical treat. It dries the shit right out of those face boils. And before I discovered the wonders of nature, I used retin-A and it worked just dandy. There was the side-effect where my entire top layer of skin peeled off my face. But at the time, I would much rather have been scaly than pimpley.

  • http://chiptijuana.blogspot.com Chip Tijuana

    What you really need is a good pair of wrap around shades, something a la Corey Feldman or Randy Macho Man Savage. Not only will they cover the blemish but they will give you a unique style that hasn’t been seen since the early 90′s

  • Anonymous

    antibotics. take amoxicillan (spelling maybe wrong) couple days. it’ll kill all pimples that are on ur body.

  • in the dark

    So where do you get retin-A, Acutane, tea tree oil, etc?

  • LK

    ditto on the tea tree oil, it does work great. of course, if you have some extra money to spend, go visit a dermatologist and get a tiny shot of cortizone in the sucker. it’ll magically disappear the next day.

    as for the antibiotics comment… that’s a no-no. people who take antibiotics for every little thing can breed super viruses.