• http://www.suburbanperil.com Daejin

    Damn slick, welcome back!

  • http://www.humanlint.com/blog/ Owen

    Oh Dooce, you rock! Go girl, go!

    The XHTML+CSS path to happiness is painful, but it’s gotta beat that nested table stuff. Faster loading, better doc structure, etc.

    Shit fire and save the matches!

  • galt

    damn. you’re awesome, what with this herculean re-design task undertaken w/ all the other crap going on in your life. amazing. and this new design is, as we say in wisconsin, five-star fabulous. in conclusion, and to reiterate, damn.

  • Bill from Wisconsin

    Yeah, um, like your design is great and all, but it doesn’t validate in XHTML. I’m gonna need you to fix that, mmkay.

  • Nelle

    Yay for the return of the sidebar and the “how to” comments! They were always what kept me coming back.

  • glen

    Here’s a great benefit of table less layouts- I added your site as an Avantgo favorite and it looks great on my PDA. I even posted this comment from it while off line. Way to go, Doole !

  • http://www.xanga.com/e_monkey The other Renee

    Ms Dooce, I’ve missed you so! Wicked new layout…makes me crave alcohol…mmmmmm allllcoooohoooollll

  • Elvis Pepper

    like the martinis. like the sidebar.

    you have proven that you can give teal tiles and still be liked.

    good to see you back

  • http://www.absenter.org Naz

    Word dawg. Shite’s tight. Fo’ shizzle. (this is what happens when you watch Snoop on VH1′s Rock the House).

  • http://www.microbrooke.com Brooke

    Ditto ditto ditto to all (or most) of the above. It looks so yummy.

    Am in the midst of redesigning using all CSS too and am pulling out hair. Dooce, (or any experienced CSS writers out there) can you recommend a good resource? I have tons of info but it’s almost *too* much and if there is one good book or website that really helped you could you let me know?

  • http://hmstanfield.com heather

    Fabulous. Absolutely fabulous. You reign supreme over the evil div tag!

  • http://inapuddle.com Anne

    Hurrah! I was starting to get resentful that you were gone, which is very unworthy of me.

    Sucks about the bladder infections… I get ‘em lots. My very first one came when I was in 7th grade, and my mom explained to me that you get them from butt sex. Umm… mom? I’m in 7th grade.

    Don’t know what she was doing in her younger years, but it freaked me out permanently.

    Dooce, you need to PING so I know when to come and worship you. You’re relegated to the non-pingers on my blogroll, and that’s not a fun place to live.

  • http://www.donnalopez.com/ Donna

    Please forgive me… but I always thought the husband designed this blog ever since I saw your logo in his portfolio!

  • http://amandalewis.net Amanda Lew

    Site looks freakin’ awesome, dooce. Hell. Yeah.

  • Slocore

    I don’t know why but your site isn’t displaying properly in my IE explorer 6.0. or IE 5.0. The sidebar is at the bottom of the page instead of the top. It looks fine in Netscape 7 though. It seems like I’m the only one. What’s my freakin problem!

  • http://greebs.diaryland.com Greebs

    First, as always, your site rocks the casbah. But, I long for the “Women Who Make Me Question My Sexuality” or whatever it was where you had those kick-ass collection of photos of Kirsten Dunst and at least two other hotties.

  • http://www.staceygeorge.com stacey

    I’m in the middle of the same, Dooce. I feel your pain. I was hitting the snooze button last week and dreaming that I was “rebuilding my site.” I was feeling discouraged, but you’ve inspired me. Time to snort some Ritalin and drink a case of Mountain Dew and get my redesign launched! Thanks for the recharge.

  • Marie

    Uh – not alone, slocore. Doesn’t display right here either (not even on Netscape 7.0), the “side bar” becomes a bottom bar, for one – and I get a javascript error.
    On the bright side, the layout looks like it would be fabulous if displayed correctly! But I can’t figure out why it won’t…

  • lkm in texas

    Every day I would check only to find no dooce update. I got so depressed, I had to seek medical treatment. Now I can throw out the Prozac! She is back! Don’t go away again without checking with my doctor first!

  • speedo

    Can we still say “poop” on this beautiful new design?

  • http://quixotical.org. Anna

    Beautiful new design! You should be very proud of yourself.

  • Angelique

    Mmmm….. fan.
    Oh goddess of blog, please let us not be without your presence ever again…. lead us not into the realm of non-dooced-ness… but deliver us from our banal work days and our trite 15 minute breaks…. ohm to dooce….oooohhhmmmmmmmm.

  • http://frozensky.org Lorelei

    I’m glad you’re back; the new design is spiffy. I myself build a happy relationship of tables and css in my layouts (not the horrible one I have up now, though). I’ve been dreaming in html and css for the past week now. It’s kind of amusing. Oh, by the way, I’m Lorelei. I don’t believe I’ve posted a comment here before.

  • dammitdave

    Hey the site now looks like…like…um, every other newly designed site.


  • http://www.dooce.com dooce

    i’ve tested it on IE 5 and 6 and Netscape 7 on PC and it works fine on my crappy Dell machine with Windows 2000. Marie, what’s your operating system and resolution set to?

    dammitdave, what does your site look like?

  • http://barcelonanights.net Lauren

    I love this new layout. And I’m so glad you brought back the old little bits of content like “how to charm me” haha. i missed those.

  • http://epalecek.com/log/ eric

    nicely done dooce, it’s beautious.

  • marie

    Dooce, I’m on WinXP with my resolution set at 1280×1024. O.o

    That’s exactly why I’m a fan of nested tables!

    But er, not so big a deal since, apparently, -most- people are viewing it right. I can deal with a bottom-bar.

  • Angelique

    Hey, lorelei, funny thing…. my sweetie and i were trying to pick out baby names just last night and your name came up…. what kindof stuff did kids come up with to poke fun at your name in school…..? see, i’m a fan of your name – him? notsomuch. how do you like it??

  • Marie (last time I swear)

    Dooce, dear, I figured it out.

    Your server’s been doing some funky shit, it seems(or my computer’s totally whacked).

    Got an email I could send my findings to?

  • http://www.dooce.com dooce

    Marie, thanks for your help. I had to change my DNS servers at Register.com when I got a new host, and it’s taking several days for the whole move-over to take place. I’m thinking that half of my usual readers still see my old site, and until all the routers across the internet update the IP address, i’m going to have problems. send email to dooce at dooce dot com.

  • http://flispycab.blogspot.com Flipsycab

    Looks RAD! Glad you’re back. Bearded men rule, don’t they?

  • sheila

    I find Dooce is back right on the heels of learning they’ve found Elizabeth Smart…….coooo-incidence?

    All luverly.

  • http://kevin.phrenzy.org/ Kevin

    I enjoy the bubbly tingle that comes along with this layout. However, when I get lost in the comments and can’t see any martini glasses, the tingle goes away and it’s like I’m standing in front of a urinal (a urinal in the classiest hotel in the universe, of course).

    Keep up the great work; I can’t imagine the past year without your brilliant humor. And I don’t want to be the bearer of bad news, but I think the page title might have a typo?

  • http://njsr.org/moon moonz

    it’s pretty.

    i was missing the dooce.

    my notes never showed up on your other layout. maybe mt will be nicer to me?

  • marie

    Yay! working, looking totally fab. :D

    (I actually was seeing the new site with the old stylesheet. That’s how weird it looked.)

  • http://www.randomviews.com Carole

    Heather — beautiful job, congrats on the creativity and discipline to put it all together … Just a nit, but in IE6 (PC running XP) your sidebar info is waaaay at the bottom, past all the comments. Looks great in NS 6.2 tho.

  • http:www.brettlamb.com blamb

    Sharp! Love it! YAY!

  • Wendi

    I’ve recently become addicted to your site. The first time I found my way here was the day you took the site down for a re-do, so I luckily had a lot of catching up to do. You are brilliant and I love the new look.

  • http://www.sourbob.com/ sourbob

    Looks grand on Opera for the PC, 1024 by 768.

  • http://www.homotextual.org/austin Austin

    See, it even looks good on Opera. That’s when it’s time to hang things up, kick back, and have a drink. Or twelve. Love the new look/layout.

  • http://homepage.mac.com/jefferyturner Turner

    Yes, I like the new design too. But then again, I never saw the old one. I just want to send you the video I finished this evening of your wedding photos. I chose Leo Kotke’s, The Brain Of The Purple Mountain for the music. We can arrange to have it dropped off near a lamp post in Santa Monica somewhere.

  • http://waffle.wootest.net/ Jesper

    Holy shit.

  • http://www.jenandtonic.ca jenB

    the new look is pooptastic!

  • http://render.diaryland.com Boz

    Doocelicious Design!

  • http://www.charles.kaiser.name Charles R. Kaiser

    I too have struggled with CSS, and I think that it has really paid off on my site. My entire site validates as CSS as well as XHTML Strict except for “What’s New” and “Sitemap” pages over which I have very little control as they are served by a free service.

    CSS is the wave that everyone will soon have to catch. I will soon have to convert all of my websites to CSS and in one site in particular (http://www.clanmacneil.ca ), I am _NOT_ looking forward to it!

    BTW, I noticed that you feel guilty about putting roll-on on your dog’s feet. Our dog’s feet always smell like Fritos for some reason. Other chihuahua owners have noted the same thing.

    I was pointed to your site by Rob Guglielmetti’s Blog at http://www.rumblestrip.org and I’m glad that I took the time to stop by!


  • http://experimentspace.blogspot.com/ S.

    Try having a dream where you play Scrabble with HTML code. If ever I appreciated having a bedtosser sleeping next to me, that was it.

  • http://coinz.org Shane

    Welcome to the world of sleaze. Now that you’ve gorged on the XHTML/CSS crack, you’ll never be able to go back.

  • http://www.unremembered.com Darian

    I love this new layout!

  • http://www.funktrain.com jonah

    Looks great and I’m glad you brought back the sidebar topics.