• http://homepage.mac.com/mrjerz/ certified

    my first id was lame, but i went back to school a few years ago, and took a total hard ass picture. i love that one.

  • http://feministe.us/blog/ ms lauren

    reminds me of my first trip to the BMV. crappy license pic to boot.

    at least on my college ID i look like a barbie doll. oddly, even without a chipper smile, it’s the best pic of me ever taken.

  • hodsanders

    Gotta love those idots at BYU. Back in the 80′s you had to get a new sticker on the back of your card each semester. As I approached the table at the Marriott Center to get my new sticker I was confronted by some behived old bitty and told I couldn’t get my new card because I “wasn’t wearing socks”. I immediately told her it was ok because I wasn’t wearing underwear either and walked right past her.

  • EC

    Yikes. So, when were you introduced to tweezers? I think the anger furrow made them look thicker…or, maybe it was the dark eyeliner. You know, you look a little “Goth” in that picture. If you’d had been wearing black, that’s what I would have thought. Are “Goths” (ok, I don’t know the real term) allowed at BYU?

  • http://electrolicious.com Ariel


    I must have been one of God’s Disciples, because I sure was smiling.

  • mand

    Quite frightening I must say. The pic and the words.

  • bkd&e

    We miss you. Our flight was good, no puking or blow outs. No what does this have to do with your college id? Well, we are on the net, wanted to let you know we are on the net, and we were thinking of you. love, bdk&your man E.

  • robley

    mine is of the left side of my head, because at the exact moment the picture was taken my attention span had completely depleted, and i was looking at the shiny walls.

    good thing i’ve spent a total of one year at 5 different colleges. so very many IDs.