• Lisa

    I taught my three-year old to call it the same thing I called it.


  • Marion

    I was a ‘front bum’ girl as well. My Mum would check to make sure I had wiped my front bum and back bum after … you know… ‘piddles’ and ‘bm’s’. I agree that vagina is a long word to spit out all the time!

  • KJW

    Oh, pleeaase don’t call it “fancy”. The term that generic ketchup makers use (fancy ketchup)is going to take on a whole new meaning when she starts her period. And speaking of what to call things, why is it called a period anyway?

  • http://www.xanga.com/bronxie Iraida

    I used to call it the toti. Now I call it the cooch..

  • http://zootsewok.typepad.com Zoot

    My parents called it my “pee pee”. But, I heard it referred to as a Vagina somewhere at a young age, and thought mine would transform from a “pee pee” to a Vagina before I got older, and that pssibility scared me.

    Luckily, I have a son, the word penis is not laborious to say.

    My friend teaches her daughters, “sue sue”.

  • Beth

    Not to be a downer, but for safety’s sake she should usually refer to it as something recognizable, like private parts, if not vagina, so that she can report any unwanted attention in that area. A forensic nurse I heard speak told a story of a girl who told her teachers that a man had been touching her “cupcake” and they didn’t realize what she meant (until much later) and didn’t help her.

  • http://inferiority.net Nix

    My mother called it my ‘privates’ – that caused great mental stress on me over the younger years of my life. It was something in my family that we rarely talked about, so having it hardly ever discussed and then going to the doctor to hear it lovingly referred to as ‘your privates’ just completely destroyed that first oh-so-grand pap smear.

    My best friend calls it a ‘coochie’ and one of my roomies calls it a ‘peach’. I opt for peach more than anything, it seems like a more appropriate word to use in the morning, over coffee and donuts.

  • http://bluepoppy.omworks.com bluepoppy

    P.S. I agree that it is a great mistake to use a known word. When we had to go to the bathroom, my mother would ask us if we needed to “wet or soil?” Now remember, I knew the word soil very early on because of the three little kittens who had soiled their mittens. . . for god sakes.

  • http://www.adonaimedia.com Tyler

    My wife called it her “TWEE TWA” and “DO DAH”

  • michelle

    In our house, the vagina was a beebee, the penis a peetu. To this day, I can not help but laugh when someone says, “I have to pee too.”

  • smilcher

    BTW- my 7 yr old son used to call his testicles “Penis lungs”

  • http://www.crashingstars.com guinnevere

    cha, and kitty.

  • http://fogcity.blogs.com jen

    I have a friend who always referred to it as “pootertang”.

  • http://j3zz1kuh.blogspot.com jess

    I knew it was a vagina, but I think I may have heard wrong – i think I thought it was Bagina for a bit. I clearly remember standing in the lobby of church one day after the service and I called out “We’re going to Regina and I have one too!!!!!” For the most part, though, we called it our private parts – beacuse I had 2 brothers whose parts I got a kick out of, well, kicking. It worked out well, i think. But I have to agree that I hate saying the word vagina. It labourous. But I’m not a big fan of any of the other versions of it, save cooch maybe. It’s kinda cute.

  • Erin

    I think I called it my “privates” and “pee pee”.

  • danni

    I grew up with two older brothers, I recall them yelling when they were mad to “choke their chicken”. I didn’t realize what I was saying when I mimicked them until I was older. My parents only told me not to hit my brothers “there”. Good luck!

  • http://www.inapuddle.com Anne

    It was all “heiny” as far as my mother was concerned.

    My favorite word for it appeared in college. I was doing a project over another guy’s apartment, and his roommate had one of the trampy foreign soccer girls in the bedroom with him. We (me and project boy) are both working industrially when we hear a shout, “don’t touch my nu-nu!”

    So, there you have it. It’s been my favorite label ever since. Nu-nu. I highly doubt Leta will hear that in everyday conversation and giggle.

  • http://www.grassdiaries.com grass

    i vote for undercarriage – particularly as it will sound so cute if the child has a lisp or something. actually i knew it’s proper name but don’t recall using it conversation or at bathtime. my brothers referred to theirs as “duckies” which i thought was a scientific term until at least age 10. but i urge you not to go with the above-suggested “cat.” that is bound to lead to some serious issues.

  • http://tbew516.blogspot.com Ayaba

    I’ve heard it called several things. However I’ve taught my own daughter the proper terms. She knows that the vagina is inside and the whole area is referred to as the crotch and she knows the difference between boys and girls. Kids get confused enough by life so we decided to be straight up with her on this one.

  • Jen

    The Hawaiian word is Yoni, rhymes with pony.

  • Catherine

    My mom called it “bottom”… the whole thing was “bottom”. I’ve taught my daughter (she’s 3) to say “vagina”, but I reading the posts, perhaps I should rethink. When I was pregnant with her and going to the midwife, I could barely speak the word “vagina” when I had a question. When my daughter was potty training and would pee, I always asked her, “Is your bottom empty?” because sometimes she’d jump up before competely emptying. Guess maybe I’m stuck with “bottom”, but I pledge to later explain to her all her various parts!

  • Grace

    My grandmother calls it a (God, I have no idea how to spell this so that it looks like it sounds.) … It rhymes with PUT ‘ER (as in, put ‘er down over there) except you put a T in place of the P. She referred to feet as “tootsies” and as kid, they were just too close for me to remember which was which, and I’d walk around referring to my business as a tootsie… My mother referred to it as our business, as in, “you have to wear underwear because no one wants to see your business.”

  • http://obnoxio.us/ Robert

    I seem to remember my mother, talking to my sisters, referring to it as a “toozie” and for the life of me, I cannot imagine where that word might have come from.

  • Heather

    mine were / are Pink Parts. It has worked well.

  • http://www.sporked.net spork

    my parents insisted on the actual names. but i agree. vulva and vagina aren’t very attractive.

    sidenote: my little sister called poop “mokoon balls”, with mokoon being her word for monkey.

    me, being 8 at the time, thought that was just about the funniest thing ever.

  • Sarah

    I learned ‘cooter’ when I was in high school. Before that it had no name. After I graduated high school, I worked with a guy named Cooter. That was fun. ‘Betweens’ is good.

  • http://www.heaven.gov Moses

    In the olde days we called it “the holiest of holies.”

  • Tabbie

    I just remember calling them “privates”. Very versatile, it can be her privates, his privates, their privates. In acse you ever have a boy too and their language doesn’t quite coincide when she calls her privates a “vagina” and he calls her privates “better damn not touch one til you turn 18″

  • http://www.helenjane.com helenjane

    My sister and I called them our beanies.

    …then we saw an entire family at a beanie baby convention wearing, “I Love My Beanies” tee-shirts…

  • http://www.injust-spring.com Alex

    Oh I didn’t have a vagina when I was little — or at least not one that my mother acknowledged existed; so I didn’t call it anything.

    When I asked her once how doctors knew baby boys were baby boys and baby girls were baby girls, she said without hesitation, “It’s the long eyelashes. Girls have them, boys don’t.” Ack!

    Once my son is born, we will probably just use plain, ol’ generic “pee pee.”

    I also know of tons of kids who refer to it as a “China.”

  • http://sparksfley.diaryland.com Michele

    I honestly don’t remember what I called it. But I can tell you with our oldest boy, we always called it his pee-pee. The only reason for it, it was easy for him to say. However, when we started potty training, he got totally confused, ’cause he was GOING pee-pee, but it didn’t come off. That’s when we changed it to penis, and going pee-pee. Of course, then we went to the grocery store and announced to every.single.person. “I have a penis in my shorts.”

  • beth

    growing up, the terms my parents gave were “privates” or “girl parts”. now, i think of it as “the nethers,” as in nether region. so silly.

  • allisonic

    Mine: cooder
    Boys: candy

  • http://crapfest.blogspot.com cranda

    My Dad raised my sister and I; we always called it a “toochie.” Once, my sister fell off her bike and racked “the area” on the bar. We had to take her to the emergency room and I distinctly remember my father referring to it as a “vagina.” I thought he was lying to the admissions nurse…I got indignant and said something along the lines of “her bajina’s not bleeding dad, her TOOCHIE is…”

    yes. toochie.

  • Janet

    My mother used all the anatomically correct terms for both body parts and their functions. Therefore we were taught to “urinate” and “defecate.” Years later, when discussing my niece’s potty training, my sister-in-law announced to a room full of friends and family, “Joe’s mother taught him to urinate and fornicate.” Which just shows you big words can confuse even big people. Whatever you choose, keep it simple.

  • angie

    I’ve enjoyed reading all of these! It reminds of a time I babysat for little girls whose mom taught them to call it their “fluff.” Imagine the look I got when I suggested peanut butter and fluff sandwiches…

    In my house, thought, we call that area “fronts” and “backs”, although we will use “business” much like someone above posted.

    By the way, Leta is a little dollbaby–her smiles are pure joy!

  • El

    Pee Pot. My best friend and I made this up all on our own.

  • Tabbie

    Ooooo I like fancy but I ahve a fmily that when they like something often say it “strikes their fancy” and I think that might be inappropriate.

  • http://aprilgem.com/log April

    Filipino household. We called the girl parts “pek pek” and the boy parts “pee pee” or “birdie.”

  • Abby

    Goudie. The word still makes me cringe.

  • Karina

    Maybe this is in the risque category, but I can almost guarantee that there will be no confusion with it: “punani”

  • Abby

    I almost forgot, a boy had a “winker”.

  • http://www.thiscloud.com/ peter

    aah! now i have that margaret cho bit where she was in the hospital has nightmares about a gruff-voiced nurse by the name of gwen coming in to bathe her.

    “hello, my name is gwen, and i’m here to WARSH YOUR VAGINA!”

    ahem. as many have already said, my wife and i use “bits and pieces” when we tire of using “vagina”. my daughter will usually use “bits and pieces” when she’s in the bath.

  • Abby

    I almost forgot, a boy had a “winker”.

  • Buh

    my daughter calls hers a “monkey” and she calls her brother’s a “tail”…

  • http://stephpreston.blogspot.com Stephanie

    Growing up, we always used “private parts” or just “privates.” I will agree with those who said you might run into association issues if you decide to use an everyday word.

    And for god’s sake, Please don’t use something like flower, blossom, or the like… unless you’re hoping Leta grows up to become a romance novelist. In which case, I’d recommend getting her started on the phrase ‘heaving bosom’ now.

  • Buh

    my daughter calls hers a “monkey” and she calls her brother’s a “tail”…

  • http://www.ladygypsy.net Kimberly

    Mine were ‘pee-pee’ and ‘poo-poo,’ which I believed were gender-neutral, since my brother had ‘em too. When Diff’rent Strokes came on TV, I formally told my parents I was too old to call it a ‘poo-poo’ and now wanted to call it a ‘butt’ just like Arnold and Willis. Such a child of TV…

  • Shae

    we always called ours a goonyah!

  • Heather

    Everyone in my family had a “pee-pee” (boys and girls alike). I myself am pro-”vulva”. It’s anatomically correct, and it will probably sound cute as hell coming from a two-year-old. “Bo-bah!”