• http://colleen.typepad.com Colleen

    I’ve added Google Ads on both of my blogs and I’ve generated a meager 60 dollars in about two months. You’d generate a LOT more but I think people are starting to ignore Google Ads the way the ignore those flashing banner ads on their email.

    Here are some options:

    I can guarantee that advertisers would love to get their ads on this site. Someone mentioned selling adspace directly to retailers and I think that’s a great idea. You could pick and choose who to partner with, make some money, and still feel good about it.

    Then there’s always the PayPal and Amazon donate buttons. I’m sure many regular readers would be more than happy to tip you.

    Angie McKaig (http://www.angiemckaig.com/) has some great links about making money off your website. If you love writing here and people love visiting, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t make a living from it.

    I can’t wait to see what new things you have in store for us. Keep up the great work! :)

  • http://www.agirlcalledjames.blogspot.com jamie

    Dude. I would totally buy a Dooce.com tshirt.

    Also, all the features you mentioned, Heather, are exactly what I’d be looking for.

    The hubby and I refresh your page constantly, hoping you have updated.

  • http://www.zionide.com Nick

    I don’t think you should give up the newspaper column idea. The right editor will understand you enough to give you free reign. Why isn’t the Salt Lake Tribune paying attention? You’re better than Holly Mullen (though I love her, too).

    Oh, and I’d pay for nude pictures of Jon – he’s a hottie!

  • http://www.owensoft.net owen

    t-shirts coffe cups and mugs are so yesterday maybe you should write a book? on parenting, or boobs. People still buy and reads books I don’t know why really but they do.
    Maybe a greatest hits album? You could sing a couple of your journal entries – britney spears does it all the time.
    Or do something like google answer where people can ask you questions and they have to pay you to answer them.

  • http://gretchenb.tripod.com/mrbaby/ Gretchen C.

    (1) Don’t listen to these jackhammers who say you’re selling out or exploiting your readers by wanting to get some support for this website.

    (2) If that guy at MarksFriggin (Howard Stern recap site) can do it, so can you. He does it through donations and sponsored links. Not sure how this would pan out for you; he mostly links to porn.

    (3) Don’t start publishing unedited comments lists. They are SO boring (my own included). If you selected, moderated and posted comments or e-mails, that would be cool.

    (4) I would still visit if you had banner ads, but I would feel a little dirty.

    (5) I would subscribe for a small amount, if that’s what I needed to do.

    (6) You are an Internet icon, and no matter what happens, you’ve got to keep up the site. Tell Leta to get a job in TV commercials and support her mother like she damn well should.

  • http://trancejen.diaryland.com Trance

    Dude, I’m thinking you could probably advertise used Dooce tissues and make a decent buck at this point. :)

    I say go for the merchandise – t-shirts, etc. I’d definitely buy one – you have a great eye for design. And I hope you do consider a book. You have a great story to tell – it should be told. There seem to be a crapload of people who’d buy it, why not go for it?

  • lindsay

    i am a long time reader of dooce.com and would totally pay a reasonable fee to read you. or buy some cool dooce.com swag -what ever you do, i think your readers will support you. i mean -come on i know how many times a day that i check this site!

  • http://azure68.typepad.com/whatever/ Peg

    Heather, go for it! You have my support in what ever you do. It’s the least I can do for all the awesome writing, photos, and art that you put in this site.

  • http://bletchley-park.com Patrick

    Hey Heather,

    Elise has a great set of money-making tips for blogs. Check it out: http://www.elise.com/mt/


  • ereed

    homestarrunner.com has no advertising. the brothers chaps support the entire website on merchandise sales. i think you could profit that way too.

    i would purchase items monthly if thats what it took to keep your site running. actually, i would KILL for a tee so…cafe press it baby.

  • LadyJ

    Ditto on #150 – book deal!

    If I can justify spending $10 to see a movie like Harold and Kumar, I can TOTALLY justify paying $20 a year just to read your love/hate mail and access your archives. I feel guilty reading your site for free, given that you’ve helped me procrastinate more times than the law should allow.

    Give it a shot and watch the $$ roll in…more money for Maker’s Mark!

  • http://www.avocado8.com/blog/ Lori

    I was only able to digest about 200 comments, so sorry if I’m being a total repeater here…

    T-shirts, mugs, and especially greeting cards are all fabulous ideas.

    I’m thinking that one way of attracting new readers while making the site subscription-based is to use excerpts — a paragraph or two for everyone, and then a “[continue reading -- subscribers only]” link to the entire post might work. I’m not sure if you could set up MT this way, but if not, then I think the “daily dose of dooce” e-mail could do the same thing: offer an excerpt of today’s post, with the remainder behind the subscription wall.

    I would pay on a monthly or yearly basis to read your site, but it would be really neat if it were also possible to pay on a per-post basis (this goes along with the excerpt idea — readers could pay to see the full text of the articles that interested them most. Isn’t that how Lexus/Nexus works…?).

    Anyway, best of luck — I hope you’re able to make this work!

  • http://www.livejournal.com/~girlcalledphil phillipa

    holy christ there are lots of comments on this!

    make collectors item – limited t-shirts (or something) out of your mastheads and charge a fuckload for them. i’m sure some still employed fans out there will snatch them up….

    dreamhost offers some benefits for reader clickings, i think. and….i’ll keep thinking because i like the profanity and poop talk.

  • http://www.Idonthaveone.com George Lawrence Boone

    *Post my “Ten Reasons why BYU sucks”

    *Mention how awesome I am every now and then.

    *Let me babysit/watch Leta every now and then when you need a break. I’d be glad to if I’m not at work.

    *Come visit Texas sometime when I’m home. You can swim in our pool.

    *Post my damn picture! Everyone would enjoy the ‘stash, don’t tell me otherwise.

    Have a good day dearest cousin Heather! I’ll be returning to marvelous/lame Provo Tomorrow. YAY!


    PS… I’m a pretty good artist, I could help with t-shirts? Baby bibs? Other marketable crap?


  • Sarah

    I check the site daily, sometimes more, but would probably stop if you charged for stuff. Right or wrong, I hate to pay for online content. Won’t do it. I probably wouldn’t buy a T-shirt or Chuck doll, either.

    You’re in good company, though. A lot of the online industry is still trying to figure out how to make money. Take a cue from newspapers; They don’t make their money from subscriptions. The big money comes from advertising.

    If you can track how many visitors you get, you might be able to generate decent advertising revenue. Online ads are relatively cheap for companies, and niche sites, like this one, reach a sought-after target audience.

    Best of luck.

  • Peter


    Good luck taking the step. You definitely have a good reader base.


    Sorry for screaming.



  • Erin

    Dooce.com onesies for the cynical baby?

    I would buy a t-shirt. I would pay to read it. I second the book, magazine, newspaper ideas too. You can DOoce it! ;)

  • http://ladymadaysia.blogdrive.com Amber

    I think the Amazon Associates link is a good idea. I’ve known people who have made a good chunk of change doing that. As for t-shirts, subscriptions, and what not, I would totally pay for all of it!
    Maybe you could make a premium subscribtion and have a promo where “If you join today, get a free dooce.com tee.” Whatever works. Your site is awesome.

  • http://auddity.blogspot.com audrey

    could you perhaps gather some of your writings from the site into a book of some sort? I’d buy it. And I love the baby pics.

  • zchamu

    Holy crap. This post only went up today and look, just look at all the comments! I can’t believe those motherfuckers at Google wouldn’t take you on. Pussies.

    I like the t-shirt idea, although I wonder exactly how much revenue it would generate. Pretty much most of us in this column would buy one, but then I think the revenue stream would probably dry up. But I’d buy one at least!

    Have you ever seen http://www.televisionwithoutpity.com? Fantastic site. I’m not sure what their revenue model is, but I suspect that you would appeal to the same sort of market as they do. I wonder if you could get some ideas by investgating them?

    You have a real knack for both taglines and design in the mastheads, as well as the obvious writing talent. There’s got to be a way to make some dough outta this.

    BTW, I wouldn’t write off the magazine or newspaper columns just yet. You’d need to find the right environment and the right editor, and you’d probably have to tone down the motherfucking motherfuckers, but I think you could do really well in print.

  • Nancy

    two words: banner ads: look at how many people read your site…why not allow ppl to advertise on here ?

  • http://www.infogirl.org Kara

    I don’t know if anyone has suggested this yet because frankly I don’t want to read through over 170 responses – but what about setting up a PayPal thing for donations and letting those of us who love to read your motherfucking fuckity fucking rants (hee hee)and see pictures of the lovely Leta have a way to help contribute to your bandwidth bill.

  • http://sprizee.blogspot.com sprizee

    See, here’s the thing. People would pay to read your site so I say charge people. You’re funny and entertaining enough to deserve some cash in return. Whether that’s setting up a site that requires a username/password for access or what I’m not sure but whatever it ends up being, I’ll sign up. You’re worth it.

    P.S. Write a book. I’m sure lots of folk would buy it. I would.

  • LisaG

    I agree with HG – you could shop your writing to a literary agent – I’d pay $20. for a book consisting of a collection of your posts. Plus I’m old-fashioned and I love buying books. That doesn’t solve the blog money making thing, but you could become a famous writer and even maybe get blessed by Oprah!

  • http://sprizee.blogspot.com sprizee

    P.P.S. Duuuude, the t-shirt idea is awesome. I’d buy one*.

    *Assuming of course it was a cool fitted girly t-shirt and not some ugly ass Hanes Her Way tent of a shirt. And if that was the case I’d still buy one but I’d give it to my husband.

  • lisa

    I just recently discovered dooce.com and have been enjoying it very much. I also like the possible upgrades you have mentioned for your redesign. As far as making money off it, I say do whatever you can to stay at home and supplement your income. If I thought for a minute I could afford to do that, I’d be all over it!

  • traci

    i love the photos on your site, as well as the profanity, of course. it’s what i come here for. that and the sarcasm… there’s no such thing as too much of that. i’d shell out some cash to get my fix… especially if it were voluntary and as easy as clicking a paypal button.

    i’d also love some doocey-type gear.

  • http://soul-glimpse.diaryland.com alyssa

    so i think that if you made daily updates or like five per week, i would definitely pay money to access your site. plus all the stuff you mentioned sounds AWESOME. i don’t know how you would go about doing it but i mean, if google is trying to treat you like a porn site, why not find out whom they get their hosting and crap from? or diaryland: that is an individually owned site. maybe you could offer a subscription to the “premium” site with all those great things you talked about and then still post like bi-weekly entries for non-subscribers. i think as long as you keep the price relatively low, more people will be interested and thus, you will earn more. i don’t blame you a bit for doing this. i’d rather this happen than little or no dooce at all! best wishes.

  • Michie

    I would pay to read your site, don’t have to think twice about that … the only blog I read that I would pay for in fact. I would like to do it all at once … like a yearly sub? Say 50 bucks a year maybe? Then folks could pay out over the year or make one payment. This is just how I would like to see it but I will pay how much and what way that you ask … many thanks for all your goodness.

  • http://fridayfilms.diaryland.com Friday

    I was under the impression that you were asking readers for tips on how to improve your site, not ways to fund it. But if you want to talk products, then: SUPER-CHUCK UNDEROOS! I’d buy those.

  • http://somegreatreward.com goodsnake

    If you can get 432 comments on a post you sure as hell can get people to pay to read your site. Make it approximately the cost of a magazine subscription, except we get new material more than once a month.

    The negative on charging your readers is that they will expect more content, unless the price paid is pretty minimal. Of course you won’t get as many hacks reading your site if they have to pay to read it. Which might reduce the amount of hate mail you recieve.

    From a business perspective, I do not feel you can get any type of advertising because then they feel they can somewhat control the content and that is not what Dooce.com is about, IMHO.

    Heather, I wish you all the best. I have been reading this site for a year now and it is the most inspirational website I read. You make people think outside the box and in the process accept their difficulties and the difficulties of others. I admire where you are at in life. Thanks for sharing it with me.

  • http://soul-glimpse.diaryland.com alyssa

    just please please PLEASE no pop-up ads!

  • http://www.raptorblog.com Kat

    I’m not sure if you truly have an inkling of how talented you are – don’t ever sell yourself short. People, including me, will pay to read your site if that’s the way you decided to go. You make my day on a regular basis and your honesty regarding your depression has helped me and many feel like we are not completely alone and not total social fuck-ups. Your site is the first thing I look at every day when I logon – it’s why the internet rulz.

  • N8

    Love the site. Wouldn’t pay one red cent for it. Keep up the good work.

  • Barb

    I agree with those who said you should write books, you sure have a way with words.

  • judith

    I can’t believe none of the previous 178 people suggested the obvious solution: hotttt nude pix of Jon!

  • Libby

    I’d love a search function to look for a specific post, more photos, and more archives. I’d also like a back/forward button for easier access to other posts instead of having to click on the archives to see yesterday’s entry. I don’t know that I’d want to see hate mail, because that would probably infuriate me. Also, people might be tempted to write something nasty just to get recognition.

    I am amazingly frugal, yet I’d happily invest to back you to self-publish a book (because I’d like to be rich too!) I’d back cards of a spaghetti-snouted Chuck, and buy them.

    Dooce, you rock.

  • http://www.thehighsign.net lizpenn

    I was just saying this on Blurbomat last week — DOOCE, DARLING, GET A BOOK CONTRACT! That’s the best way to solve this problem.

    Yes, I’d pay for access if I had to — better than knowing that dooce.com was marching cruelly on w/o me — but I’m afraid you’ll lose too many people that way. Look what happened to Salon when they started charging for content — they lost their position as the most-read online mag, and never got it back. You’ll have a certain core of hardcore subscribers, but you’ll lose a lot of readers, and it will be hard to attract new ones with a big “Pay Here” button blocking access to your homepage.

    Blog ads are not a bad idea if you can swing it — they’d clutter up the design, but them’s the breaks — and selling stuff through Cafepress might make you a few bucks here and there, but all that will be a huge pain in the ass and take up hell-loads of your time doing business, budgeting, shipping, God knows what.

    Go ahead and sell a few ads and shirts to help out in the interim, but I think your near-term plan should be to find an agent and pitch a book — about parenting, depression, la vie according to Dooce — and start making your money from what you’re already doing incredibly prolifically and well: writing. Lord, even _I_ have gotten a few nibbles from literary agents about developing book ideas from my website, which pales next to yours — I’m sure, with a few contacts and a good proposal, you could start a bidding war among publishers for your book. That way, you make 100, 150 grand in one chunk — this is not at all an unrealistic estimate — and you and Jon stay at home for a year, writing a book (you), developing a business (him) and placating the screamer (both of you.) Take it from someone who is now making a living off writing (albeit modest), having had no prior publishing experience other than my website: you can do this.

    Look at me. I don’t even know you, and I’m jumping up and down with deeply held opinions about your family’s future. The web is a very strange place…

  • zchamu

    Got some sleep, had a drink, more ideas.

    I don’t think that charging folks for content that’s free now would work. If nothing else, it would make it very difficult to get new folks hooked on Dooce, so the user base would sink. However, charging folks for extra content might just work.. sort of on the TotalFark model (main page free, TF $5 a month for all submitted articles plus some other extras). I pay for that, mainly because I spend so much damn time on that site that I felt I really should start carrying at least a share of the bandwidth charges.

    Another thing that might be a hideous idea but might bring folks in would be message boards that could be used by members. Get some volunteer mods to weed out the fucktards, then let folks rip. Might cut down on the vicious emails, too.

    And the SuperMut underoos, of course.

  • http://arizonasarah.diaryland.com Sarah


    I was thinking about your dilemma and first all, I love your site. It cracks me up. I was wondering though, what if you took your entries and tied the ones together that “go together”, did some editing of your own and tried to sell magazine articles. You are an excellent writer and could sell stuff to a wide variety of publications as a contributing writer. You also have enough entries at this point that you could really go for a long time on the fodder that you’ve already created.

  • http://centuryofslang.com Alex

    Your ideas all sound spectacular! Perhaps for making money do the small business ad idea that louisegyrl suggested, maybe sell some of your own things through a store. You seem to be great at taking photos and perhaps even like a self-made zine/small book of like ‘the best posts’ would be an interesting item to buy. Perhaps when cleaning up the archives put aside all of your favorite posts, compile them into a sort of book/zine, and then remove them from the site and let the public buy them! I know I’d definitely buy a book/zine whatever of yours, you are a great writer and amusing to boot! To be honest, though, charging visitors to view certain content isn’t the best idea because it limits uses and I, for one, think personal pay sites suck! Also some hosts you could possibly look into are http://www.netrillium.com, I use them and they have been great so far, and also fellow bloggers http://twistybot.com/ and http://glassed-tears.com/.

  • stephanie

    Not necessarily profitable in $$ sense, but have you ever considered product placement?

    I thought of this when you included a photo of Leta in her swing and mentioned that it was by Graco. . . Maybe you could at least be getting free baby gear in exchange for the press. . .

  • Sarah

    Off topic: I saw you on the Washington Post today in the story about the Capitol Hill blogger. Good job!

  • hunter

    First, I like many others love you and check for updates often. That said, I probably wouldn’t be willing to pay for the site as it stands now.

    You’re wonerful, and I know that you’re crazy busy, but the site doesn’t update on a regular enough basis for me to think it’s worth paying for.

    I think if you want to charge for access, you may find people expect more frequent or lengthier updates, and that may be hard to do with all your other responsibilities.

    On the other hand, I’d totally pay for dooce propaganda!

    Good luck, and please don’t hate me.

  • http://http://www.jenniferdowney.com jen

    hey there,

    I immensely enjoy your site, and have been reading it (yes, daily…including archives) for the past 6 months or so.

    I would pay $10/yr to read it and would love more photos, and other goodies mentioned above.

    If you are considering doing a book, but don’t want to go the traditional route for finances or censorship or whatever, here is a great resource for self-publishing:

    This is a very author-friendly publisher (I’ve been reading her Writer’s Weekly zine for about 4 years and can vouch for their great business ethics), where you can print on demand, and set up the printing process for a very small fee (something like $200) and design your own cover and layout…which we all know you’d do great at.

    Good luck with all and can’t wait to see what unfolds!

  • http://tofuhut.blogspot.com john

    Nude pics of the dog, maybe?
    Or “everybody throws in a dollar thursdays”?
    I hope to god you don’t get a job. I like this site too much.

  • http://eyesaverted.blogspot.com/ Wicked H

    Kudos Dooce!!! Great article in the Washington Post Magazine. I am sure you will come up with a money-making venture.

  • http://sarcomical.typepad.com Sarcomical

    I am one of those that, while I absolutely LOVE you, might not pay to see extra stuff, which would make me sad. But I would completely be behind the dooce merch, and also think it should be incredibly easy for someone like yourself to get self-published. Your readers would totally love a book, and so would people that haven’t been smart enough to go to your site yet! I’m sure you have enough material for something amazing. You could even do it up with photos, like a great art book that just happens to have some very tasty stories sprinkled with expletives accompanying them!

    Do what you need to do, sister. No one can blame you for wanting to make even the tiniest bit off something that has brought so many people so much laughter. Not to mention that you’ve laid out your soul for all of us to see, so let us help take care of you a little!

  • http://www.eleventwentyseven.com Christine

    I’d pay for dooce.com. xo