• HazelEyedPisces

    Boy do I remember that feeling. I think that flashback might stave off any baby cravings for a while. My husband thanks you! :c) Great picture, Heather!

  • Kate

    THANK YOU! I no longer need my ortho-tricyclen! Just staring at your belly and that look are enough for me. :)

    In all honesty, this picture really captures an incredible moment. Would you be willing to just follow me around with a camera?

  • http://trulypoetic.diaryland.com PoeticaL

    Amazing how if you peek at the previous right after you look at the presently displayed shot…how the light switch goes right on in your life. :-)

  • Cora’s mommy

    Wow, you really looked good at 40 weeks. I gained 58 pounds and I did Tae Bo up until my due date. Of course my ankles were the same size as my thighs, so I guess you can say it was ALL water weight, LOL! (and chocolate cake)

  • http://www.miney.diary-x.com Dana

    Yeah, you look really good.

    NO YOU DON’T! You look pissed and uncomfortable.

    As you should.

  • http://staple-stuck.diaryland.com Melis

    Now why am I not seeing a single stretch mark? I’m 37 weeks along and I look like Freddy Krueger found me in my nightmares!

    Honestly Heather, you wore your baby VERY well!!!

  • http://babiesonline.com/babies/t/twinkles katy

    If it makes you feel better I had twins and my belly button poke out to an insane level, and went back in within a few days of delivery, Dooce belly looked great! You not so much, I’m glad it was over soon after!