Jonny Jr.

  • Jonna

    Torie -

    The story of Leta’s naming starts here:

    And then it’s picked up a few more times under the Leta category.

  • Danielle from Avon

    Does Jon have a sister? Did she look like Leta as a baby?

  • the mighty jimbo

    i don’t see bite marks on those cheeks. i honestly can’t imagine how you can go a day without wanting to bite those cheeks.

  • krissy pants

    Much to my chagrin, I grew up looking like a little blond version of my father. However, as I get older more and more people tell me that I resemble my mother. My husband likes to point out that I have all of her mannerisms.

    By the way, I’m curious as to how you pronounce Leta’s name. Is it Leta as in Lita Ford or Leta as in Lettuce??

  • C. Maoxian

    She reminds me of Billy Joel’s baby, Alexa Ray.

  • teach

    Are you sure you’re her mother?

  • rza

    i am a photographer with the nikon d70. i loooovvve the nikon d70. i also think utah wins the award for “best lighting.” i’m curious—-i swear to you if i had taken a pic of my little one in this light it would have come out blurry. is leta like, an amazingly still baby or what? (see for a pic of my son who fell asleep eating in his highchair!) but. blurry. what’s your secret, dooce?


  • sweetney

    wow, whatta resemblance.

    also: mina (my daughter) had that very same exersaucer seen in the background…we called it “babylab” due to the odd test-tube-ish rattle attachment thingy (i’m guessing you know what i’m talking about), and made endless lame jokes about her diaper and drool experiments. babylab=RAD.

  • http://none Andrea

    krissy pants, Alexa Ray Joel hasn’t been a baby for something like 18 years or so ;) Aside from that, she and Leta were/are both cute babies.

    Funny thing about how family resemblences change. People who know both me and my dad always comment on how we look alike; yet as I get older, I notice how much more I’m starting to look like my sister, who takes after my mother and maternal grandmother…I don’t think I look like my mom quite yet, but right now with my hair short like my sister’s (and wearing her maternity clothes), sometimes I am startled when I look in the mirror and see my little sister looking back at me.

  • Michael

    those eyes….

    what is her blog’s address going to be?

  • jenn

    I love those cheeks!!! I just want to eat them.

  • Michael

    Those EYES!

    What will Leta’s blog address be when she is of legal blogging age? Dooceomat?

  • Carrie

    Ohhh so much cuteness! I wanna squish her yummy cheeks!

  • Carny Asada

    “Your Daddy sure can’t deny you” – my dad says that in his most hillbilly voice possible, so it sounds more like “Yeer daddy shur cain’t denayh yew.”

  • sarcastic journalist

    “Mama, I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again. Put down the pop tart and nobody gets hurt.”

  • Becca

    I had my niece over on Thursday night, she’s a year old, and she wouldn’t stay still long enough for me to take her picture. Leta’s a mini Jon for sure, but there is still some of you there. :)

  • Lori D

    hey….that’s my favorite too!

    And I love Leta with longer hair.

  • Gretchen C.

    Mini-Jon, for sure. I see you’ve got a saucer for her. Aren’t those things awesome? Never would have survived without ours.

  • Fran

    Just like the meaning of her name from the Latin, she is a JOY to look at.

  • Shiz

    What a lovely young lady. A Jon double, but pretty in the way that only girls can be.

  • Leon as Suzanne Vega

    My name is Leta
    Famouse in web logged lore
    I might live next door to you
    Yes, you may have heard me screaming before

    She tries to to wipe my nose and then I cry
    Makes mom look bad to passers-by
    She just shouldn’t try to anymore
    She just shouldn’t bother anymore
    She just shouldn’t try to anymore

    My name is Leta
    DJ Blurb and Dooce couldn’t love me more

  • marybeth

    indeed she is.. a carbon copy!

  • Toni

  • G~

    Indeed, Leta is just beautiful.

    This pic is awesome.

    I envy you your camera!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • annakay

    we always hear about this screaming little girl, but it must be that her mama loves her too much to show us that face.

  • Tonya S.

    You are hilarious!Leta is adorable.Thanks for the baby oragel link. My baby is growing the first phase.


  • Maggie

    Upon reading today’s entry, I immediatly set out on a search for the song by Interpol you were describing. I must say, it’s an amazing song. Listening to it I can just picture you flailing your arms and spinning in big “Sound of Music” circles on a rooftop.

    You need to get this kid in modeling. What other child will stand still long enough for a picture to be taken? Very few. I love the look in her eyes, it almost says “ we go again. Mommy has whipped out that black clickie-box thing. Time to pose. AGAIN.”

  • Cate

    You mean to tell me that if I’d had dinner at Chili’s on Saturday – like I thought of but didn’t – I’d have been privileged to witness Her Screamness in Action? I’m so bummed – to see that beautiful child in person (not to mention her HOT parents) would have been the highlight of my month. I guess I’ll settle for the pictures.

  • Coelecanth

    I think she’s got a future in politics. I know, perish the thought, but Her Screaminess always looks adoreable rather than satanic for the camera. A great trait for a polictico no?

  • jelene

    I’m sure that someone has already told you about this, or probably already sent you one in your shiny new post office box, but… they have “More Cowbell” tshirts on this website. Too funny!

  • Markee

    I have no idea whatsoever how I found this website… but I did. Spent my no-so-productive afternoon reading, reading and reading somemore. It’s weird – but I feel as though I now know Heather. Her wit and engauging rhetoric are insanly addictive. Needless to say, I now have something to while away the hours while trying to look busy…

  • Mir

    Jonny Jr. is clearly thinking “Lies, all lies. I was a perfect angel at Chili’s and do you SEE how she MANUFACTURES things to complain about? I am so patient.” What a dollface. ;)

  • Cristina

    Hospitaliano, my ass…but Chili’s southwest eggrolls are so yummy. We actually dont have one in NYC and the first place we go when we visit fiance’s parents is Chilis!!

  • Boom

    So I heard that Chili’s is being bought by Outback and soon Chili’s will be no more.

    Sad, I know.

  • lara

    cristina, i think there’s a chili’s in times square. it’s in the same building as the amc 25.

  • HG

    My oldest daughter is my husband’s clone too. The second one is all me though.

  • jenB

    i would take breadsticks over chips any day. :-)

  • Tammy

    She has such a serious little face. Does she take her playing as seriously as she takes her screaming and tantrums? She’ll either grow up to be a poet or a drama queen :)

  • D

    She is just too yummy!

  • DeAnn

    Wow! She does look so very much like him.

    I’m surprised you can see it, because I often find parents can see resemblances between one of them and their child.

  • Heather

    She’s adorable Heather. All I can say about the whole throwing tantrums at Chilis fiasco, is Cheerios. Lindsay, my 9 month old, will sit there quite happily if I just spill out some Cheerios on the table in front of her. Just a thought. I definitely feel you on the “way to early for tantrums” thing.

  • faith

    Jon, in a frock.

    No way around it.

  • Lori

    She is beautiful, and those eyes? Good Lawd!

  • Susie

    Unsolicited restaurant/baby advice: when our daughter was Leta’s age and for some time beyond, she had a little-girl size “purse,” (which she called the “puss” as soon as she was old enough to request it) and in it we kept little “playset” figures — the Disney princesses, Pooh and friends, plastic “Little Bear” characters, all the tiny plastic rubber folks that she enjoyed. And this was the restaurant puss; the only time she saw the puss or the figures inside was in a high chair at a restaurant. That kept it novel enough and interesting enough to keep her well entertained at restaurants. Don’t give up!

  • haley

    oh, i just want to smoosh her cheeks!

  • George

    I think she’s the cutest baby in the whole family…. because she didn’t receive that huge madison/boone head… and she’s just really cute.

  • Beverly

    I ate once at the Chili’s in Sandy, Utah, and what I wouldn’t give to do it again, conservatives, tantrum-throwing cutie pies and all. The biggest thing wrong with Sweden, in my opinion, is the marked lack of Chili’s restaurants.