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Strong as he can be

GEORGE! has been staying with us for the past two days as he needed a break from The Oppressive Provo Environment, and I needed the company. For all you doubters and hatahs out there, you should know that GEORGE! is indeed quite awesome. Do you want to know just how awesome he is? DO YOU? [...]

Alas, yet another Ceramic Abomination, this time: Baby Jesus!

Waiting for someone to sing me his song

I am so thankful for four whole days of Jon not having to go to work. I never did a proper Thanksgiving post where I tell you what I’m thankful for, and it’s pretty obvious that I am blessed with a beautiful family, a great (at least most of the time) dog (except for today [...]

Family first

Of all the scandalous and improper and immoral and INSANE things that have gone on in my extended and immediate families — and trust me, THERE HAVE BEEN A LOT OF SUCH THINGS, these people are Southern and clinically deranged — that MY WEBSITE is the one thing my family points to as being the [...]

Methinks someone had too much cornbread stuffing and passed out

Here we are as in olden days

This will be Leta’s first Christmas and, really, the first that we celebrate in our own house as last year we were engaged in the calamity otherwise known as The Armstrong Kitchen Remodeling Disaster. So we went looking for a Christmas tree today. And we looked and looked. FOR OVER AN HOUR. In a state [...]

Behold The Festive Ceramic Pig, Gatekeeper at the Doors of Hell

How to Charm Me

When I give you a strange look because YOU ARE USING THE BABY’S COMB TO BRUSH YOUR BEARD, explain, “What? It’s the perfect size.”

Ain’t gonna happen

We just watched some video that we have shot over the last 10 months, and I find it unbearable to listen to myself speak. If Leta gets her language skills from me her accent will make her sound as if she grew up in a double-wide and has no teeth.

The Kids