Beautiful Blonde Outlet

I don’t know who this woman is. But she was dressed as an outlet, and her husband was dressed as a plug. And I really liked her smile.

  • Fish

    Katy: Digitally camerally challenged.

  • cheeryohs

    i am still puzzled at the “no tea or coffee” thing, so i did a little googling and found this, which was interesting and laughable…

    “Hi-I’ve been trying to find this out for a long time and hopefully you can help. I’m actually related to Bringham Young (as is 1/2 of Utah) but back in the 80′s my dad came home from work and said now the mormons can drink Coke because they have bought stock in Coke (or Pepsi). My girlfriend was mormon and her family still is. They all drink coke like there is no tomorrow, but look down at me because I drink Tea. I was just trying to find out why it is ok to drink coke and why can’t they drink tea (which is much better for you than coke) Thanks for your help-Eric”


    It will never make any sense. First off, not all Mormons will drink Coke, but most do. The “law” that drives them is the 89th section of the Doctrine and Covenants which says you can’t have “hot drinks.”

    Well, that usually is interpreted to mean coffee and tea. But what about hot chocolate? They consume great amounts of that.

    And can you drink coffee if it is cold?

    Or could you not drink Coke if it were heated?

    So, like all leagalists, they are left to fret over what “they think it all means.”

    Hope that helps. Jim

  • Katy

    Fish –
    Can you draw me a picture?

  • Amanda B.

    You’re all just floundering around the issue. They probably dressed up like that just for the halibut.

  • Fish

    This is getting a little weird, Katy.

  • I’m number one!

    Enough with the first comment obsession, people! You’re never first when you say you are. (Except for Sven, of course.) But I get a little giggle thinking about the reaction of the “I’m first” person when they see that no, they were not number one after all. It can really mess up your day, huh? :P

  • patti

    Yikes, DM, after you mentioned the Buffy “Hush” episode, I can’t help looking at the picture in that way!

  • Kelly

    On the topic of crazy business names, we have a chain of convenience stores called “Kum and Go”. Once, my husband stopped by one in Iowa on a debate trip with a bunch of his high school students, and one of them joined the Kum and Go Milk Club. Much hilarity ensued.

  • Amy

    That is a great costume idea. Very clever.

    Also, I am so relieved to learn that I am not the only happily married 30-ish woman who is absolutely in love with Norm and Tommy! My wonderful handyman husband (who built me the house of my dreams this summer) thinks I’m some sort of freak when I watch TOH.

  • Angie

    Oooh, I’ve just noticed (I’m using Mozilla for a change) that everyone has a little number next to their name. I don’t get that when I use Explorer.

  • Amanda B.

    Open source baby! Linux 4evah

  • Katy

    Okay Fish. I’ll stop stalking you. I thought I might get a little nibble on my line but I guess these waters are barren.

  • the niffer

    Re: Buffy – Hush – me too Patti! Now I’m not only freaked out for the rest of the day, but the Buffy-longing has started up again. I think I’ll need to watch a re-run tonight.

  • Danika

    She does remind me of the Gentlemen too!!! Also like the niffer the Buffy-longing has started up again here too. *sigh*

  • Erin

    I too miss her.
    Buffy that is.
    Thanks God for the space channel.

  • christy

    Like Meg, I also thought the referral to “blonde outlet” was about a place to get second-quality blondes at low, low prices. Or a blonde outlet as an emotional exercise – like letting your blonde out in the way you release tension or anger.

    Maybe I should try to be a little more literal.

    As an aside – after watching the I Heart Huckabees preview, I have decided that Dooce and Naomi Watts were separated at birth.

    Now back to your regularly scheduled commentary.

  • JuJuBee

    She’s so purdy.

  • The Mighty Jimbo

    i don’t know what this says about me, but after reading your title i studied the picture thinking, “hmmm, she looks way more nordstrom than outlet to me.”

    fuck, i just GOTTA get out of OC.

  • DoulaBrooke

    Sheryl- I have a picture of that Bunghole liquor store in MA from 8 years ago while driving through town….I couldn’t believe my eyes so I HAD to take a photo! How funny!

  • Super Turtle Girl

    Whoa. Racy.

    When you said she was dressed as an outlet I first thought you were cruelly ridiculing a victim of Mall American.

  • sarcastic journalist

    Hey! That’s me! I was a…um….socket? for Halloween!

  • Sue From Ohio

    The Pixies *ROCK* I am soooo jealous…

    Does Dooce Do the Pixies?

    You people are just just the punniest damn people I’ve ever ‘met’…um, read…uh, whatever…

  • Sue from Ohio

    Nice ‘Greatest American Hero’ theme song there…what are you a Christopher Cross fan, too?!?!?! Such an eclecic choice of music man…you’re cool! hehe

  • anne

    As an aside – because there seem to be a lot of those on this here comments page – does anyone else read Dooce’s comment page for its entertainment factor? Or am I alone here? I get all kinds of things from reading the comments – everything from getting to read other interesting and well-written blogs to gagging over sycophantery (is that a word?) to agreeing with my fellow commenters. It’s an exercise in online people-watching.


  • Danika

    I too read the comments for the same reason Anne.

  • Katy

    Im not the only one with “Fish Fever!”

  • Erin

    I’m with you Anne.
    If you want to be an online voyeur check this guy out – I love this site!

  • Amanda B.

    Congrats on the wee one, Fish and Fish’s baby momma!

    Everyone feel free to engage in free-form fertility dance for the Brumfields.

  • Bruce

    If you don’t know who that woman is, then how do you know that’s her husband?

  • Melanie S

    To the smarty that was making fun of me for posting that I was posting first….

    When your day starts off like this:

    you can get excited about whatever you want! : P back at you!

    Anne, I read all of the comments and have found new blogs, great deals and learned a lot too. I wish all blogs were this great.

  • Chris From Ohio

    Fellow Ohioan Sue: Did you check The Pixies out when they played here? I caught them at the Columbus show.

  • wix

    that is a nice smile. you know, i’m seeing a pattern of nice-looking people in salt lake city. maybe it’s just y’all’s friends or their friends, or the people you choose to photograph, but they all look friendly and pleasant. did you know that utah has the highest rate of volunteerism in the country?

  • shy


    o man, “black-speak”?!

    1)Not all black people speak that way (see Eminem and Micheal Rappaport) and 2) Ebonics is not what was referenced above – Ebonics is a mutation of West and Niger-Congo African Language Systems, not necessarily what you referred to as “black speak” or “urban slang”.

    Not attacking just educating.
    Keepin’ it real, fo shizzle.

  • Fish

    Sue from Ohio: no. We Wisconsinites are much more into the House of Pain’s “Jump Around” than we are into Kriss Kross’s “Jump.”

    I was always having accidents from wearing my snowsuit backwards, anyway.

  • Fish

    I thought it was “sha-zizzle.”

  • shy

    fo shizzle fish-izzle!
    and I’m out dis beeyotch.


  • -leslie.-

    I have no idea how the term “baby daddy” got into this comment thread, but I do want to make a public service announcement on behalf of my friend Stef, who is a lawyer:


    Apparently, when some women fill out forms at their intake sessions, they list their relationship to the other party as “baby daddy.”

    I can’t decide if “baby daddy” is becoming more acceptable and the legal system should embrace it, or if it’s just klassy with a capital K. :)

  • come on

    christy – maybe naomi watts crossed with elizabeth hurley?

  • Sheryl

    I am very confused about why anyone would take the “baby daddy” comments so seriously??

    Do you honestly feel those comments were intended to be “legally binding” or that they would “validate” some reader’s suspicion that “baby daddy” is a legal relationship?

    Or am I just missing something here?

    Are we going to also offer disclaimers that people can’t *really* be electrical sockets, too?

  • Amanda B.

    That would be my fault. Annnnd baby daddy can be legal if said baby daddy is married to the baby in question’s mamma.

    The most wonderful thing happened to my husband and I the other night.

    These kids had a blowout in front of our house, and asked to use our phone to call for help.

    Kid: “Yo, can I use yo phone I done wrecked my ker.”

    Me: “Sure, no problem”

    Kid: “Tankyou”

    Me: “Do you need a jack?”

    Kid: “Naw man, I ain’t got no tire you know.”

    Me: “Oh, ok.”

    Kid on phone now: “Hello Mommy. Can you come pick me up please, I had a blow out. Ok thankyou.”

    Me: “Did you get a ride then?”

    Kid: “Yeah, you know. Thanks and shit.” scratches crotch.

    I love that damn kid.

  • buckmulligan

    Wix: Utah was settled by Northern European immigrants (who were Mormon converts). And there has historically been very little immigration of people with Italian or African or Eastern-European heritage, as there has been in more urban settings. So you get blond hair, blue eyes, fair skin, and the milk-fed body tone. Everything our culture has dictated to be beautiful. (I prefer a little color in life myself.)

  • buckmulligan

    Oh, and the few non-blonde women there feel they have to compete with the many real ones, exacerbating the problem.

  • Fish

    Four Non-Blondes. Now THAT was a great band.

  • Tracy

    Fish – and here I thought you must live in SoCal, because there’s a gas station/deli in Del Mar called Pump and Munch too… Maybe there’s a chain of them? Hard to imagine. Also amusing is the liquor store in La Jolla called Liquor Box.

    Amanda B – You (U?) crack my shit up. Keep it real, sista!

  • another heather

    she has a caroline rhea-esque smile. at least from the looks of the photo.

  • Jess

    TOH gossip for you: I heard that Tom Silva is a total diva. (Say it isn’t so!)

    I love when all the TOH dorks stand around the table and try to guess what the weird gadget is that they’ve found.

  • Carol

    In Beaver Creek, CO there’s
    “Beaver Liquors”

  • Fish


    I LOVE IT!


    In Oakland, CA there was a store called “Linolium Dicks” and a another all time favorite “Superior Erections”!

  • shelli