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Did you know that you can go five whole days without showering? All you need is some deodorant, a ponytail holder, and some mascara and NO ONE WILL EVER KNOW. (okay, so everyone will know, but at least you can’t be accused of not putting forth the effort)

Go, Dog! Go!

Our friends Pat and Rebecca gave Leta a series of Dr. Seuss books that are small and made of thick and durable cardboard so she can bite them without destroying them. These books are awesome on so many levels, and I hate that phrase, “on so many levels,” because too many people looking for The [...]

All of this came out of my boobs

We were cleaning out the freezer last week and discovered all this breastmilk I had pumped and stored. Sadly, they were all WAY expired, and we had to throw them out, but my God, will you look at all that? MY BOOBS DID THAT. Also, this picture features the Dooce Effect because I wanted to [...]