Mountain with windchime

  • Wendy

    Very pretty! And thank you and your fab husband for having an RSS feed. Now you appear magically on my start page. Wheee!

  • Colleen from NJ

    You’re right. The photo reminds me of the Sandias. I wasn’t always from NJ… did a stint in NM. Boy, do we ever miss the west. Especially when we see shots like today’s.

    Oh man, I miss the west. The West is the best.

  • Chris from Ohio

    If you squint real crazy-like, you can see a Mars Rover bouncing along the horizon…

  • jennifer

    Awsome pic, those mountians are incredible.

  • Philipp

    I got nothing to say.

  • Julie

    You know the conversation yesterday about it’s not the camera, it’s the person taking the pictures…well, I think it’s also not the dooce effect that makes these pictures great, it’s still the person taking the pictures. I take a ton of pics and found Heather’s explanation of the Dooce Effect and tried it out on a bunch of my photos last night – from faces to landscapes, to objects – and none of mine even came close to comparing to hers.

    If you want to try it Bekah, just google “Dooce Effect” and one of the first that pop up is from Heather.

  • Beth

    Beeyootiful. I love the colors!

  • TracyDee

    It looks cold…. icy cold.

  • Alena

    Gorgeous photo.

  • Danielle

    In addition to categories A, B, and C, there needs to be the following:

    D. a request for something

    So, today I’m doing D.
    I second the motion put forth by Mrs. Stray (#24 at 8:23); we’ve definitely got to see some of these Santas.

    By the way, doesn’t checking the photo update feel a bit like checking your stocking for presents during December? or was my family the only one that put little things in stockings on the days during Advent (candy, stickers, simple stuff)? It was always a big thrill to notice the lump or feel something that crackled before we headed off to school. This is a bit how I feel looking for new pics or blog posts. treats!

  • cee

    Oooh! I love it!

  • carmie

    denver, eh?

    hellooooooo jon! (echo echo)

    do you think he heard me?

  • jenn

    beautiful picture. makes me want to move to Utah and live in a cabin in the woods.

  • christy

    I live in central Illinois – also known as the asshole of the midwest. When we go over a bump in the road my two year old says “whee – a hill!”. It’s so sad. How I long to see something even remotely mountain like. Here we’ve got all the conservative republicanism of Utah, but without the scenery.

  • Martha

    Some of those windchimes look like little people.

  • lulu cornichon

    Asshole of the Midwest, huh?

    I used to live in The Armpit of Massachusetts, which I thought was the best geographical designation ever, until I heard someone refer to Florida as “America’s Wang”

    So what’s Utah, I wonder?

    The Cabbagey Boobs of The West?

  • Mrs.Stray

    Danielle ~~~

    It was SO past 8 am when I posted that, eastern time anyway. I didn’t get UP until well after 10 am. Not sure what time that is in SLC.

    I mean , I fantasize what it would like to post all early …but that’s about as far as I go. Getting up early sucks. I trained this babe of mine to get up at 8 am, nurse, and promptly fall back asleep until 10. Shit, my husband even brings her in. All I have to do is pop out a boob and go back to dreamland.

    Frankly, I know Dooce will be here when *I* get up. She is dependable like that.

    Bet you wanted to know all that huh.

  • moose

    …and again with more cow bell!

  • eeyore-na

    What a beautiful picture! Do you have a “far away” focus feature? Whenever I try something like this, it always focuses on the foreground item no matter how hard I try to get it to STOP IT! This camera has it in for me.

  • Dayna

    I just had to comment to say that NO ONE ever understand when I say ‘span time’ and I love that you do it, too!

  • LadyBug

    *Danielle* – “It was always a big thrill to notice the lump or feel something that crackled”
    Seriously, girl, you should have that checked out with your doctor.

    Lovely photo as always, Dooce!


  • Eric

    — Mom, who gave you that Santa?

  • Jenny

    I think that effect is called the “50-year-old postcard filter.” It’s in there, I swear!

    p.s. – My best friend that I’veknown since we were 7 had her first baby like, 5 hours ago! BABIES ARE AWESOME!

  • paula

    Cool pic. always a good one!

  • paula

    Cool pic. always a good one.

  • Bruce

    Cool pic. always a good one!

  • Karen Rani

    Cool pic. Always a good one!

    sorry. I couldn’t help myself.

    Love ya!

  • ali

    cool pic. always a good one!

    /impossible to resist!

  • Beth

    cool pic. always a good one!

    My God, I just jumped on a bandwagon. Forgive me.

    PS Those windchimes totally remind me of cowbells now.

  • Colleen from NJ

    i won’t say it. i won’t say it. i won’t say it.

  • me

    I have to agree. I have no idea how single parents do it. Especially those that get little support for their children and work full time to make sure the bills are paid. My hat is off to them. Perhaps we could all dig a little deeper this holiday season and give to a local charity benefiting low income families? I think I will.

  • Psycho Kitty

    Well, here’s how *I* do it–I watch the Egg Song until the pain goes away…

    Oh, and vodka.

  • Hadley

    I would totally hire you to professionally take pictures of my kids for Christmas photos. You are truly amazing!

  • grinch

    Stop counting off like schoolgirls lining up for free candy.
    “I’m first!”
    “Yay, I’m 6th!”
    Who gives a rat’s ass?

  • DooceFan


  • lulu cornichon

    Here, have a rat’s ass! It’s on me!

  • Sheryl

    Grinch, Much ado about nothing.

    Road Rage much?

  • Lushlife

    This is what I imagine a cold planet Mars might look like.

  • Aaron

    I’m almost certain I’m 77th. Yay! (?)

  • Mari

    That’s beautiful.

  • Alli

    Most every picture is like a little preview for my trip out there in January. Can’t wait!

  • ellyn

    you are fab and i love this sight! Thank you for sharing your life!

  • Venus Man Trap

    Me thinks someone’s heart is two sizes too small.

  • A N N A

    grinch, i thought you were funny. i’m totally sick of the “whoo, i’m first!” crap. sheryl, i have no issues with road rage, before you ask. ;)


    leta’s in double-digits! yay! happy 10 months, oh most coveted and adored child of the blurbodoocery. :)

  • Savannah

    I hear that 83 is kind of a slut, and no one likes her much. oh, wait…

  • Aaron

    Savannah– Oh the irony. Hehe

  • Sheryl

    Savannah, I thought the sluts *were* the popular girls. ;)

    (Anna, I love the way you type your name in all caps with spaces, admiring the visual and audio, symmetry.)

  • honestyrain

    with regard to single moms – i say it all the time, these women, these remarkable women who parent their kids on their own (and sometimes single dads) inspire a sense of awe and wonder in me because i do not see myself surviving the weekend of single parenthood. there needs to be far greater social regard for parenting in general and especially for the single moms out there.

    let’s hear it for the single moms.

  • wendee

    I also think single moms are amazing!! I have no idea how they do it.

    Dooce your pictures of the Utah landscape are amazing!

  • Jenniffer

    Wait. When did you go to Tibet?