Mountain with windchime

  • juli

    I actually have something to say about the picture. I like the composition very much.

    What happens to your readership on Sundays? Only the godless heathens come out to play *me first*?

  • becky

    very nice. each time you post a nice, scenic picture, it makes me want to pick up my camera.

    this picture makes me miss living near the mountains.

    while it’s beautiful, i have a feeling it’s still not going to get you to the temple. damn. keep trying!

  • Lisa

    Great pic. I’m new to this site and i think its fucking awesome, so nice to see I’m not the only Mom out there that curses! And as I was a single mom to my daughter for the first year of her life , I appreciate seeing all the single mom comments on here.(I am happy to say no longer a single mom cause I got married!)

  • kate

    Heather: I don’t know if you were kidding about wanting to see the temple (the very inside — of course anyone can see the outside), here is a printable recommend. I know you may not have your own. Anymore. :)

    (I wanted to post this on the temple photo page, but comments have closed there.)

  • Fran

    Are there many African-Americans in Utah? I’d like to blend in when I visit. Your pictures make me want to fly out there tomorrow.

  • Kari

    That, that right there. That’s beauty.

  • LauraD

    Not many Fran… I had a friend from “out there” in Utah. She was 21 before she actually ‘talked’ to a black person.

  • kim

    now this is seriously an amazing shot. and i’m not even a big mountain-fan. happy nikolaus!

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  • George


  • Sarah


  • Sarah

    Aaaaand 100

  • Nikki

    How to survive single motherdom: Have at least one friend you can count on to call anytime about anything. And learn how to find the humor in all things.

  • Danielle

    Carol? come out of hiding…
    (or was this the girls’ weekend in NY? I’m feeling too lazy to find the comment)

    *LadyBug* I got a big kick out of your comment (to me) yesterday that suggested I go to see the doctor. I smiled over it for quite a while.
    I think my husband thinks I’m going batty… hehehe

    So _many_ of you say witty, funny stuff that really keeps me laughing. *thanks*

  • beachgal

    How beautiful. Amazing…just amazing.

    And the single motherhood thing? I been doing it for 10 days now while hubby is out of town. Thank goodness he’ll be home this afternoon. I’m losing my mind.

  • Sarah

    I’ve been doing the single mother thing from the beginning, almost 9 years ago.
    You know how I did it? I lived with my parents, that’s how!! There is the benefit of having the kid go off to the dad’s every other weekend, too…that is a pretty sweet benefit, as much as I love my kid. ;-)
    Can’t wait to read the next newsletter…they are so beautiful. Glad Jon survived his weekend with the guys and is back home with you, Leta, and Chuck

  • Sarah

    P.S.—my daughter and I lived with my parents until she was 6, then we moved to an apartment nearby, now we have our very own house. Life is good.

  • Savannah

    Doesn’t lucky number 107 win the toaster oven?

    that was for you, Aaron. :-)

  • dave

    As a single dad (every other week, the rest of the time I’m just single. and lonely. sob.) there is no answer to how do you do it. You just do. It’s not as if you have a lot of choices. You take care of your kid(s) and they take care of you.

    As a Minnesoooohtan who hasn’t seen real mountains in ten years, thanks for the beautiful picture.

  • Carol

    Danielle – Geez, thanks for asking. It was the girls’ weekend in NYC, but I’m also in hiding.

    Oh wait. Shit.

    : )

  • domino


  • Aliesha

    That is a really cool photo!

  • domino

    aw, poop. first…


  • Do

    Nice pic
    No montly newsletter to Leta?

  • GMM

    Where is that? Pretty. I am from Ontario, where there is a serious lack of mountains!

  • Do

    Just wondering
    The being first thing, is it American?
    I really don’t get it…
    Is there a price involved maybe?

  • Eric

    Number 6. Woohoo! In Minnesota, we miss mountains too. Can you have some sent over in time for [the holiday that dare not be mentioned]?

  • domino

    Do, I’m English :)

    Mind, I’m normally number 236 or something!

  • lulu cornichon

    If you’re not already getting kickbacks from Nikon and the Utah Travel Council (not to mention the Have More Babies lobby), you should look into it.

    Not to give you unsolicited advice or anything. I’m just sayin’. You make me want to have babies and take them to Utah on vacation.

  • Katerina

    So, if blog-reading is like watching a stage show, and comment hi-jacking akin to stage diving then being first is like being in the front row, right up close to the stage where you could possibly be noticed by the band.
    I think I get it now. :)

  • d

    beautiful! I love it when there’s something in the foreground and the main focus is something far away…just got back from London and so many of my pictures are like that.

  • Michelle

    Do – Yes I do think being first has to do with being American and highly competitive. It is also in some instances (like this one I think) more of a game than anything else.

    Heather – As always, amazing photo. Looking forward to the 10 month update. TEN MONTHS! All done one day at a time, as any mother will attest to I am sure.

  • ginger

    This picture makes me want to jump on a horse and ride off into the sunset!

  • Molly

    I LOOOOONG for a mountain view here in Wisconsin.. Ah yes miles and miles of Flatland we are blessed with here.
    Lovely photo. I notice that the background is grainy.. is that a dooce effect? or is it just the time of day?

  • the niffer

    Katerina – I think you’ve cracked the code!

    I’m just lovin the blue in the last two photos. I had no idea Utah was so beautiful. (To tell you the truth, I had no idea where Utah was…)

  • christilee777

    Thats so pretty. It snowed here last night and I just got in from taking pictures myself, I almost froze to death.

  • christilee777

    What sun *ginger*? It’s like the sun is dead. It’s fucking cold outside and snowing! I am only 67miles away from Los Angeles…This sucks.

  • kEma

    That looks much like Bulgaria. Dooce, are you sure its Utah?

    Anyway, The shot is still really inspiring and makes us mm

    (But I keep insisting thats Bulgarian mountain!).

  • Jme

    Some windchime! Oh, some mountains! :D

  • Desi

    Another awesome picture….

  • laura

    those mountains are beautiful. your photos of utah scenery are great. you could start selling them as postcards!! the way the mountains look in that photo reminds me of the old westerns (films) for some reason.

  • Karen

    Very pretty. Also, thanks for introducing me to Interpol! (I live under a rock and I don’t hear of such things before I “log on” to that new-fangled thing the “World Wide Web,” okay?)

  • Bekah

    I’d like to know if Dooce has dooce-effected these past two photos or not. And if they have been dooce-effected, please tell us *how*. :-)

  • Mrs.Stray

    heh I like your post. Please snap a pic of pothead Santa for us. My baby just turned 8 months old WAAAAAH. That little shit is going to be walking by Christmas. Help.Me.Now.

  • Melanie S

    Lulu – I’ve got baby fever too…we should know by next Friday if our “remedy” worked or not!

    Bekah – Go to Dooce’s FAQs. She gives you the link to the instructions on the photoshopping.

  • Sheryl

    I love this photo especially because it represents the light and flavor of the West. I grew up all over California, Oregon, Washington and Arizona. Ahhh, I miss the West, and *real mountains*.

    Katrina, I think you got it.

    I was thinking maybe we should have a multiple choice feedback form:
    A. I love your ____.
    B. I have a similar baby, family, dog story.
    C. Insert assinine but potentially funny comment.

    I think I am going to go with options A & C today.

  • Paula

    Lovely view. I would kill to wake up and see that every day. As for snow, its been too warm the last few days to snow here in good ole New England..but I hear its coming soon (maybe in time for Xmas).

  • foofer

    Thanks, Heather! These past couple of photos almost convince me that winter is wonderful. Stunning.

  • The Mighty Jimbo

    28? at 8 AM on sunday? jesus christ people, do you set your alarm to post here or just sit around madly clicking away at the reffresh button to stalk heather’s photos all day? cause really, i thought i was the only one.

  • Emily

    Jimbo. 8 am is only 8 am in one part of the world.