Here in this photo she is wearing pink, so please stop sending me email telling me that I don’t dress her in pink enough

  • LadyBug

    I’ve been away for a few hours, and I almost missed all the fun!
    Catching up:

    First, I’ve wondered about the Dyson vacuums too; and I think I have a little crush on the Dyson guy…I think it may be the accent.

    Second, *Amber* — Please don’t think I’m criticizing, ’cause I’m totally NOT, but your typo, “I used to dress my dog in pretty pink *boys*…I can’t stop giggling at the image that conjures up. Teehee

    God bless,

  • Eric

    I too am a geek with a Dyson. They rock, though Mookie never got fleas since we moved to the Frozen Tundra.

  • Sue From Ohio

    If anyone ever tried to take my Dyson away, I would suck them up and NEVER dump the canister…

    Yes, I think my Dyson ROCKS THAT MUCH!!!

    (it may sound a bit strange but I actually ‘enjoy’ vaccuuming now…)

  • Carolyn

    The only time anyone I knew got a tick it was from UTAH! Well, we noticed the huge bloated thing in Utah on our way back from the Tetons, but I still blame Utah. Those things are beyong disgusting.

    Fleas, too, are disgusting. I was sitting down to a cup of decaf and a cookie or two when I read the latest entry. I laughed so hard I was crying. I kept trying to take a sip of coffee, then I read more and laughed so hard I couldn’t drink,

    That’s how good you are Heather. You can keep me from drinking coffee.

  • moose

    *dressing the dog in little pink boys?!*

    Yep, Amber, even though you probably meant something else, it’s a hilarious image.

    And Goose, you nailed it…

  • Roons

    From personal experience: Spot On Flea treatment is excellent–1 drop for 3 months! (on your dog/ cat not sure about husbands though) and no, vacuuming lice off your daughter’s head will not work.

  • Shiz

    Speaking of vacuum systems, does anyone have a Rainbow? A friend of mine has one, and I’ve seen the demo. Amazing little machine.

    I am a dork.

  • Carol

    Goose – you are so right.

    GirlA – I love them chaps!

    Amanda B. – Hey sistah!

    As an aside…This whole Scott Peterson thing is really bumming me out. Not that he got the death penalty, but that it is so f**king sad. The whole bit.

  • Shiz


    “But you can also use it to gently clean the family dog or cat, gently removing dust, dirt and loose pet hair.”

    They even recommend it!

  • Carol

    Ahhhh… then I refresh and I’m taken back to a sweet little baby in the mirror and GOOD family lives (mine included) and it makes it better. Sorry to be a buzz-kill. I’m done.

  • kath

    Wealhtheow, if you ever do put a little girl in a shirt that says I HAVE LABIA, I’ll bet most people will think it’s a disease.

  • Sheryl

    Troll the ancient Yuletide *Carol*

  • Carol

    Fa la la la la…la la la LAAAAAA!!! : )

  • Carol

    See, Sheryl (and Dooce community)? You just made me laugh after a sad, sad day. Thanks.

  • Sheryl

    Ok, so I am older than you. ancient may have been an exaggeration.
    Beeeg whuppp. ;)

  • Carol

    Oh, we’re not ancient. We’re just BEGINNING!! Hubby’s gonna come out and say, “you’re on AGAIN?!”

  • sherry

    Too cute!

    And really, what is up with children and deoderant? I have to keep mine on top of a bookshelf or else she’ll take it and run off with it, leaving it who knows where.

    (Also, according to poison control, it isn’t toxic if they lick it. Don’t ask me why I know this.)

  • Carol

    sherry – it’s GOOD that you know that. and the poison control number… by heart.

    BTW, talking about deodorant… have y’all tried Secret Glacier something or other? It smell so good!!

  • twisteduterus

    fleas the little tattle tales

    when I was in high school, my room used to be in the basement

    one summer it became flea infested (gross)

    that is how my parents found out I was sneeking the dog into my room at night

    so much for being a sneeky kid

  • Invisible Gel, Glacier Mist

    Secret Platinum Protection Antiperspirant & Deodorant

  • So Very Anonymous

    Aww, she’s just beautiful, dooce! I have to admit that at first I thought that was a baby-sized beer bottle. Yeah, I know that’s a little twisted. Wait till she’s really talking up a storm, so she can start to mortify you in full sentences in public. My daughter made up her own name for deodorant when she was 2 or 3–she called it “nipple polish”. I swear I never uttered those words to her, I have no idea how she came up with it. But I’m thinking that it might have something to do with the fact that if she was in the room when I was getting dressed, I’d instinctively turn away to put on a bra and deodorant. She must have figured I was doing something really intriguing. I am so not putting my name on this post.

  • Carol

    Glacier Mist – That’s it!! So you know the olfactory bliss too!

    Nipple Polish – hilarious!

    My son came up with “Booger Juice” – his nose is always running.

  • Gia on Guam

    Chainmail Chaps! LOL

  • Super Turtle Girl

    Leta, you are very pretty…pink is not foofy when you are a baby. I read in Baby Vogue that pink is the new brown which was the old black. White was the old, old black until black became brown…which is now pink.

    In other words, pink is cool.

  • Sheryl

    Gia, ouch – those might chafe a bit!

  • Carol

    OMG!! Chaimail Chaps! I JUST bought those for my husband for Christmas. They sure do make the package look large.

  • Sheryl

    And I bet if you, umm, make him jiggle his ass, it sounds like jingle bells.

  • Carol

    Sheryl – LMAO!!

    I’m gonna make him jump rope around the living room is what!

  • song

    shiz – finally someone agrees with me on the whiole head to toe black for babies. all you people giving me funny looks stop right now. It’s better than pink.

    and whoa to the idea of 1000 online mother-in-laws, that sentance scared the crap outta me.

    Dooce – Leta is gorgeous and this photo is amazing in it’s composition. I can’t believe how grown up she is (am I the only person that thought the deoderant was actually hair removal cream?) But yeah, enough pink, more lime green.

  • song

    oh and I really can’t believe how many peopel vacuum their dogs. I thought my mum like invented that.

  • mouse

    Uh. My. Gadd.

    Shuck – forgitt watt I til yew B4. Gu ahid andd bit thim.

  • Carol

    New for Christmas… the Lap Pillow….

    (hopefully I did the link correctly… I’m a computer idiot)

  • chickenHead

    I’m it!

  • Sheryl

    Yeah, it worked. Yikes. Japanese culture is a trip.

    Look at this one from
    supposed to be flesh and underwear painted on clothes but it is a hoax

  • Allison

    cutie Leta

  • Carol

    Please, Santa… I’ve been a good girl (OK, I’ve opened too many wine bottles, but whatever) and I really REALLY want the skirt from Japan with the awesome ass and almosted-wedged panties in back. Please? Just to shock the hell out of my in-laws. You can watch from the North Pole. It’ll be great.

    Oh, and World Peace. Thanks.

  • kEma


    I never wore pink, either but that doesnt make me less femine now ;)

  • Fish

    *Fish walks into room, sees open bottles of nipple polish, discarded chainmail chaps, and morbid black-clad babies, and promptly turns around and leaves*

  • Allison

    wow…now i know how it feels to be up there!!!!

  • Fish

    There’s a counterpart for the lap pillow for the ladies: a disembodied male arm that you can wrap around you.

  • pd

    baaahhhh… so cute! :)

  • Carol

    OK, Mother Fish. Come back. Just ‘cuz you have a kid now, don’t get all (insert good and intellectual and funny word here) on us.

  • Tabbie

    oooo hygenic, is she old enough to dye her hair already?

  • Sheryl

    …to go wipe Everett’s sweet but nasty bottom system

  • Sarah

    That child really can be preoccupied with any object.

  • Fish

    I believe the word is “uppity.”

    Just you wait, ladies, or I’ll post a pic of the diaper rash that ate manhattan. and THEN you’ll be sorry.

  • ginger

    twins! double the fun! ;)

  • Amber

    Oh Ladybug,

    Now that I read that, I just crack up. Pretty pink boys? ahhaaaha. I meant *bows*, but I am sure ya understood that. :)

    I crack me up sometimes. Thanks for pointing out that. whew. It’s been a long day.

  • Cheryl

    Leta: Mommy, I don’t think grandma would approve of this non-avon hairspray and deodarant. How is she supposed to stay on top of her game?

  • Sherly (aka Sheryl)

    Hey, who you callin a LADY??