• http://www.pretendingsantiy.com pretendingsanity

    Oh, George!! Oh, George!! How SAD!! How could you leave Chuck… and all the rest of those there Armstrongs?

  • Kristen

    I’m in Texas too! Texas has many fine learning institutions and I politely demand to know which one gets GEORGE!

  • http://deann.blogspot.com DeAnn

    You post many many cute pictures, but this is the cutest one I’ve ever seen. EVER.

  • http://deann.blogspot.com DeAnn

    I’ve also go to say that, as part of this “the Internet” of which you speak, we do very much miss George already.

    Come back GEORGE!!

  • Wynn

    Good luck with the new school GEORGE! Here’s hoping you’re in Austin, because that is a cool town to go to school in…

    Please be careful though, the people in Texas can’t drive for shit. They’re nice, but they will kill you with their cars without thinking or blinking…

  • http://www.thejulietfiles.com JulieT

    We’ll just have to get GEORGE! a good digital camera so he can send pictures on the websaht.

    Good luck, GEORGE! And good for you for bailing on BYU!

  • mrs. george #2

    I am in Texas, George. Come see me if you need some good sexin’. And I am a reputable driver too, beotch.

  • http://jbru.livejournal.com Peter Hentges


    We’ll miss ya’, buddy! Visit often!

  • http://dooce.com fiona


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    baby bedhead is the best.

  • Danielle

    Regarding imposter commenters:

    You know Amber, (8:14pm) I had thought that those previous comments didn’t sound like the right tone or writing style for you (i.e. didn’t sound like something you would write)…. but then I thought, well maybe there is a side of you we’ve never seen. I’m glad to know that wasn’t the case.

    The tone made me think of the Debbie/Rey person or some angry teenager.

    I think it has happened a couple of times. If the “real” person checks often enough (like Mary in Sacremento at 7:16pm), the “real” person can clear up the issue. But overall, it is far too easy to use someone’s name and URL to put up a false post. It is rather aggravating, I think.

    Someone posted as Danielle on Blurbomat on the stage-diving issue, and it wasn’t me. It _definitley_ wasn’t something I would say. And it also wasn’t Alaska Danielle. The imposter comments tend to be brief, use slang and like I said, remind me of the tone of an angry teenager.

  • http://evil-stepmother.blogspot.com Evil Stepmother

    Aw, Amber, I guess you didn’t really second my nomination. I’m guessing she seconded it, which was probably supposed to take the fun out of it, but just underscores the attention-seeking aspects of her behavior. And with that, I am officially removing my attention ::hangs head in shame for feeding a troll::

  • http://homepage.mac.com/christykilgorehadley/Menu6.html christy

    Good luck to you George and much love and groove in your life in Texas. We will miss seeing you featured here at Dooce.

    But Texas?! I guess you gotta ween yourself off those conservative states slowly, huh? I hope he is going to live in Austin at least. ;^)

  • Bob


    Time to close the book on this one.


  • charlotte

    texas is the best state EVER and we’re glad to have GEORGE! where in texas??????? it’s quite a large state because it has to hold all that awesomeness.

  • http://dirtyfloorsandfilthyjokes.blogspot.com/ closet metrosexual

    Two hundred and first!

  • http://writeonmegs.blogspot.com Megan

    Sweet – George is in the same time zone as me. The stalking plan is all coming together… ;)

  • http://www.livejournal.com/~whimoffate Chessy

    As a member of the “Welcome to Texas” friendly bandwagon, I want to say, “Hi!” to George.

    Oh, and Lena and Chuck are friggin’ adorable.

  • Stacy

    Did anyone else read the title “Oh my darlin’GEORGE!” , scan down to the picture without reading and thinking that he was on a respirator and read the closing “GEORGE! We will all miss you so dearly.” and freak the fuck out? Cause I did, and I almost cried. You don’t even want to know how I do on Rorschach tests…

  • http://www.gigglinguniverse.blogspot.com Em

    Oh yeah!!! We in Texas welcome you!!!

  • charlotte

    um, here in texas, we say “HOWDY”

  • alyssa

    too cute

  • http://www.dooce.com R

    SOOO cute!

  • becaru

    Long-suffering Chuck! What a good dog!

  • http://www.dooce.com Zak

    not that I have anything witty or insightful to say. but wow! First!

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  • http://www.dooce.com Zak


  • lisa

    very cute… i love that bedspread!

  • MLE


  • RazDreams


  • http://nonstandardized.com/pao2/ pao

    aww, what a cute picture. ^_^ happy new year, heather!

  • http://www.sugarpants.net Candice

    Baby bed-head is the best.

    Thanks, Dooce, for all the laughs and other awesomeness this year.

  • http://occupant.org/anna lulu cornichon

    Wow. Chuck is a patient, patient dog. And Leta is beautiful.

    And I’m starting to suspect you’re dressing her *only* in pink these days just to mess with The Way-Too Concerned Internet.

  • http://alleyesonjenny.com Jenny

    I am amazed (and completely envious) at how quickly her hair grows. This coming from someone who didn’t grow hair until she was 2. Whose mother used to tape, yes TAPE, bows on her head so that strangers would know that I was indeed a girl.

    But, no, I don’t have a complex …

  • http://gingerbeck.blogspot.com ginger

    I love the wild morning hair.

    Good dog, Chuck.

    What did Leta get for Christmas? She’s already got the coolest parents and the best dog EVER.

  • Matt

    What a marvelous dog! Hope you had a wonderful holiday…

  • http://www.pissybritches.blogspot.com Stephanie

    Very cute pic! Poor Chuck!

  • http://alleyesonjenny.com Jenny

    Also, there is nothing cuter than pudgy baby hands.

  • http://www.manicgurl.com Cammie

    Zak… Never count your chickens before they’re hatched.

  • http://ladybug4791.tripod.com/ladybug/ LadyBug

    “Lemme see that nose, Chuck. Here, smell this……Did you know that smells _just like_ Mommy’s farts?”

    Adorable picture.

  • http://www.sadandbeautiful.typepad.com Sarah

    Great picture…torturing-I mean *lovingly playing*–with dogs is the BEST.

    I cannot believe the fucked-up emails you receive, and the comment catastrophe that followed yesterday. Some people will do anything for attention. ;-)

    Happy New Year to you and yours…I’m off to England where I’ll celebrate is FIRST!!!! AHAHAHAHAAA!

  • http://www.lindseyandray.com/blog.html Lindsey

    Leta: “Look Here Chuck!” “I’m The BOSS!” “Look Here!!!”

  • Erin

    Go Leta Go! So darling!

  • http://www.mycircuslife.com Circus Kelli

    Hee hee… what a great picture! Cute little Leta, po po Chuck. What a great pair they make, though!

    I hope your Christmas was a Merry one, Dooce!

  • http://www.starprops.com/estrada.jpg Amanda B.

    That is too adorable. I suspect Chuck loves his baby Leta.

  • http://bucky4eyes.blogspot.com Bucky Four-Eyes

    Looks like Leta is using Chuck’s snout as a hand-vac. Not a crumb will be missed.

  • http://www.isabelwearsthepants.typepad.com Terri

    Dooce! What?! You left her on the bed ALL BY HERSELF? Oh dear, I can just see the hate mail now…

  • http://througlife.blogspot.com kEma

    Leta, I love when you torture that dog! Its just too cute to be true! ANd by the way I tell you these games with the dog resemble what you should apply to your boss in years to come. GO, LETA, GO!

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    Wow… dog’s life…

    Take a look over my dogy… on URL:



  • Sarah

    What a great dog.