View from Danger Park

  • Circus Kelli

    So, tell me ’cause I’m completely serious here. What is the OVERALL advantage to being a part of a sorority/fraternity? I’m not talking about parties and what not…

    I don’t mean to offend… I really want to know.

  • Carol

    Just Wanted-
    Pi Beta Phi was the sorority – don’t know the name of the magazine.

    But each sorority is different at each college. For example, I think Pi Phi’s are pretty typical in Texas. They aren’t typical where I went.

  • Carol

    CK – the advantage is you get to hang out with your buddies (just like here). we all had other interests and friends, but it’s a place to check in with people you like (just like here).
    but you do lots of fun things together (we had a lot of open parties (other sororities invited), we had Friday lunch – you’d go to the house, eat a free meal, and laugh about the drunken stories fromt he night before. Also,if you lived off campus, it was a place to hang out in between classes. And we volunteered, too.

  • Kittie

    while Im at it lets go over all the terms used for girl on girl action…we got the bumping kitties, rubbing the clams and kissing the man in the canoe…but some more of my favorites are…

    Taco Dancing

    Parting the Pink Sea

    Tending to my Secret Garden

    Labia Round-up

  • ella’s ma

    I walked into the office yesterday to find my daughter standing IN the cat litter box with a handful of cat food.

  • Fish

    Where’s that notepad …

    *Fish furiously taking notes*

  • Dianna

    My Brandon (who BTW is 1 day younger than your gorgeous Leta)loves the dag food more than his own. I am constantly trying to pry it out of his hands!

  • closet metro

    Amanda B. – “occasional drunken carpet munching” doesn’t make me a lesbian, does it?

    Fish – metadata. Ha! Funny fishie.

    MG#2 – I’m checking the weather forcast to see when it’ll be 50 degrees. It’s 0 degrees here, which, given my social standing, is NO FUCKING cold.

    Kittie – go on…

  • Visvoice

    I loved to eat our dog’s Liva Snaps as a toddler. Unamused, my mother called the pediatrician wondering if it would cause brain tumors in the future… they’re perfectly safe… and if I remember correctly, quite yummy.

  • JulieT

    The blue hue is awesome.

    As far as I know, there’s nothing in a dog biscuit that would hurt a baby.

    Now if you’d accidentally given Chuck the POP TART, now, he would really have appreciated that.

  • Girl.A

    My favorite is cooking cucumbers.

    a date with Rosie, basting the meat, beaver wrestling, buffin the muffins, butter the potatos, sew buttonholes, trim the kitty, churn the cream, clap clits, clit bits, clitorize, cook cucumbers, copy Georgia O’Keefe, deep dishing, digitizing, dip your fingers in the honey pot, do laps, enjoy a little southern comfort, enter no man’s land, explore the deep south, fan the furnace, feed the fish, feed the other mouth, finger dancing, flick the switch, flip the bean, flip through the pages, flying manual (hands), fly on automatic (vibrator), four-lip whistling, fuzzy fun

  • mrs. george #2

    Carol, you can rush all of me really hard ANY TIME. I’m not a lesbian… just really cool like that.

    Pi Phi, eh? Yeah they’re everywhere here in texas. Wow I have a lot of stories about those pi phi skanks at MY college.

    50 degrees is really cold around here. ‘Specially for those girls’ muffs without muff-muffs on.

  • MrsDoF

    That is a welcome picture this morning! The Illinois prairie has 2″ of snow with it still coming down so hard that I can barely make out the house across the street. Thank You!
    for Just Wanted–sorority may be your day job, but I sure hope you have some creative outlet when you get home. Crocheting works for me.
    Fish–my Chemistry tutor in college was from Lon Gisland and that is how he pronounced it. He was quite popular with the girls, what with the accent and all. I was already spoken for, but with his help, I did manage a B in Chemistry.

  • beachgal

    One should also be careful during feeding time, when multitasking and trying to give the dog a pill, to not mistakenly try to stuff the pill in the baby’s mouth and the baby food in the dog’s mouth.

    And my husband and I have BOTH done this. We caught each other right before, thank god.

  • lisey

    Dooce, great photo, I’m impressed with your talent. I could take the same photo and it wouldn’t look 1% as good.
    I’m excitedly waiting to wake up tomorrow, it will be Chuck Friday!!!

  • ashik

    One should also be careful, in the event that one receives evil hatemail to stop oneself from telling about it to one’s brilliant husband, because one’s brilliant husband may, in retaliation release his genius on said evil person, thereby crashing their website/computer/dishwater/troll cave.

  • Circus Kelli

    GirlA — That’s great. Wait until I tell Hubby about this… then again, maybe he’s already heard all those phrases… Heh, now there will be two Doocers in our house…

    Closet Metro — I had to explain shitmist to him after he read your comment on my blog… :)

  • jules

    when i was in high school, i as a big band nerd in the drumline. I dont’ know how it got started, but somehow dogbones we brought into the life of the drumline. before every competition, our instructor would walk around with his box of milkbones and give us all our dog biscuits that we’d promptly eat. Hasn’t killed me yet. (:3

  • Laurie

    Ah the days of danger park.

    We have a danger park as well. Or as its known to our bunny “the living room”

    Great pic as always

  • MP

    I can’t e-mail from work. This is too funny to wait to share. I was just now reading,14024,1389925,00.html. “There’s this: Last year, Delta Airlines flight attendant Heather Armstrong was sacked when managers found photos of her in her uniform on her website. A word has even been coined for the act of losing your job as a result of something written in your blog: “dooced”, named after Dooce, Ms Armstrong’s site.” I didn’t know Dooce was a flight attendant. ahahahahahaaaaa Fact checkers, ha!

  • Shiz

    Hilarious, MP!

  • Becca

    Dooce, you know, with all of your followers, you are in a way, a mafia boss. If you get hatemail, all you have to do is summon your forces.

    I love the picture, btw, the mountains are beautiful.

  • Cammie

    Nobody ever accused me of being a negligent parent except for DSS and they’ll be here on Tuesday due to one of my concerned readers who believed I’d slap my son like a bitch in a bar. Honestly Heather, I don’t know how you get away with it :P

  •,14024,1389925,00.html 01234

    “you are in a way, a mafia boss. If you get hatemail, all you have to do is summon your forces.”

    A bit/ch like Elton John then?

  • Karen

    This is a great article and worth the read – maybe even worth following up with an e-mail to GWB.

  •,14024,1389925,00.html 01234

    “Delta Airlines flight attendant Heather Armstrong” Fan-fucking-tastic! So, Heather, where were you flying, and why haven’t you told us about it? Bad girl!

    This one is great: “We haven’t even got a policy,” a Royal Mail spokesman said. “It’s not something we’re particularly concerned about.” Reminds me of the Ma Bell attitude (We don’t care. We don’t have to.) But with a twist: We don’t care. Our reputation can’t get any worse.

  • espressoblogiste

    I wish the photo was BIGGER!!!

  • Zaz

    *Feels compelled*

    Dog biscuits aren’t bad at all. Good source of protein, low sugar and (according to my grandfather who worked for Nabisco) made with the same exacting standards as people cookies.

    Dooce has probably started a new trend – people feeding their babies dog biscuits as a healthy snack alternative.

  • Taylor

    That scenery is ALMOST better than Giselle Bundchen’s breasts.

  • Dara

    wow! i like that! feeding Leta dog biscuits AGAIN??? lmao!

  • DeAnn

    I never knew Utah was so BLUE!

  • Shiz

    Heather B. Armstrong: Making Utah look good since 2001.

  • moose

    add to the list: diving for the pearl… always thought that was so picturesque.

    Could this be the unemployed flight attendant?

  • Mrs.Strizzay

    01234 said at 12:23PM, 01.13.2005:
    >>>“Delta Airlines flight attendant Heather Armstrong” Fan-fucking-tastic! So, Heather, where were you flying, and why haven’t you told us about it? Bad girl!<<<

    Why do all her work posts (that I have read) talk about her being in an office,cubicle farts,paper work and what have you. Planes don’t have offices or cubicles, unless that is attendant speak for the toilet.

  • BGS

    “Could this be the unemployed flight attendant?

    Yep that’s her. She’s the one that came up with the Blogger Bill of Rights.

  • RazDreams

    i honest-to-goodness was wonderin’ about a “dooce intervention program” as well. the other night i dreamt something about the daily photo page, and it occurred over and over and over again, like a record skipping. i’ve detected a pattern, so i pace myself (sometimes)…she posts the photo in the morning, and then shortly thereafter she posts a “thinking” or “how to annoy me” or something. then…NOTHING…for hours. sometimes, sometimes, there might be another little tidbit during the day. but i have to wait ALLLLLLL the way until she finishes watching oprah or something until she posts a daily post. methinks i’m addicted. but i’m *trieding* to get it down to three or four hits a day.

    DA = Dooce Anonymous. HELP ME. ;-)

  • song

    why must you always have rolling big sky clouds? and that blue? Australian skies are flat whorish things in comparison dammit. Happy days Dooce.

  • RazDreams

    errr…that’s “i’m *trying* to get it down to three or four hits a day…” (okay, so i’m not there quite yet.)

  • Anonymom

    I look forward to each photo. Thanks!

  • Nina

    My friend gave my 10-month-old homemade teething biscuits that are in the shape of dog bones. I love the stares we get in public whenever I pull one of those out of the diaper bag. ;)

  • Tracy

    Late contribution to the list:

    awakening the sleeping bat

  • shelli

    what’ with the telletubby pole in the picture?

  • victoria

    “Cooking the cucumber”?


    How, I mean, where, um, what is “cucumber” supposed to correspond to?

    God I’ve led a sheltered life. I had never heard of ANY of these phrases before.

  • JessicaRabbit

    Dog biscuits are just fine for you, it’s when you start acting like a dog that you have to be concerned. My younger brother used to take the dog treats and hide in the closet to eat them, my mom didn’t think it was a big deal until the next door neighbor lady came over to tell her that my brother was out in the back yard, so my mom went outside to find my 3 year old brother squatting and taking a nice healthy dump in the yard. Seems he had been sneaking out the side door of the house for quite some time during his potty training to poop with the doggie. Maybe it would not of been quite so bad, but at the time we were living in a trailer park and that sort of thing tends to get around. Lucky for my brother we moved before he got to much older, I’m thinking he would of had a hard time with the ladies with that reputation going around.

  • Shiz

    Wait a second; there are people who visit FIVE TIMES A DAY OR FEWER? Seriously? Why would they do that?

  • Belladonna

    Oooo – pretty, but that’s an odd-looking tree in the foreground there…
    PS – the dog biscuit is probably more nutritious than the cereal anyway, and certainly better for those budding teeth – wait until she starts gnawing on everything in sight. Soon everything you own will be cutely dimpled by baby teeth… no, really, it’s just a new texture pattern. :)

  • beachgal

    Visit? I load the page first thing in the morning and just refresh all day. I never leave!

  • andrea

    Same here, beachgal!

  • Colleen from NJ

    kittie: “kissing the man in the canoe”:

    i can’t stop shaking with held-back laughter and snorting.

  • becky

    OMG, people. y’all are insane. seriously. ;)

    heather and jon must be rolling in the floor at the carpet munching & canoe comments. i am.