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Once this guy tried to pick me up with, “Hey, I’m from Hoboken. Where you from?”

It’s that time of year again in Utah, time for the Sundance Film Festival and for all your friends who got the hell outta here to return to the Holy Land and party with you again. Tis this number one excuse to return to Utah, I tell you, right behind snowboarding and all the great [...]

And then there’s lots of work to be done

Sometimes our TiVo captures old episodes of “Saturday Night Live” and we’ll always check out who was the musical guest and fast forward to the good parts. Last week TiVo recorded an episode of SNL with a leather-pants clad Eddy Grant as the musical guest, and after a few reggae chords he ripped into, “Electric [...]

Family portrait

Thank you, Emily, for putting down the puppies long enough to take this photo.