You turn it like THIS to focus, dude

Jon showing our friend Shan (Sydney’s fiancé) how to work the Nikon D70 at dinner Friday night. I think I know what Shan is getting as a wedding present! SHHHHHH!

  • DM

    You know what I’m hoping for? That this guy or one of his friends actually reads and comes across his picture and realizes what an idiot he is. That would be funny.

    Love the red. Very becoming.

  • cat

    I know, this is two posts ago, but it must be said: Good lord, dooce, why wouldn’t you go to Sundance? For the love of God, why? WHY?! There were pictures to be taken! Parties to crash! Paris Hilton to mock! If you are going to be hit on by random young men in bars, better Peter Sarsgaard, Julian McMahon, even little Frodo, than Hoboken Kid. Gosh!

  • red

    shogun’s?? that’s one of my favorite restaurants! you look great in red. :)

  • GSV Micturition to Windward

    Re: #182

    Reminds me of my favourite Paris Hilton joke: she just proves you don’t have to be poor to be white trash.

  • kEma

    IF i have to i will get married too! JUST gimme the camera!

  • cat

    Hee. Like the H.O.P.E. crew picketing Paris’ book signing with signs that said, “Prose before Ho’s!” and “You can’t Buy Brain Cells!”

  • beachgal

    Just got caught up on posts and pictures from the weekend. I really like this shot. You look great, Dooce, really really great.
    Man I wish I could be that skinny AND tall….instead I’m short and chunky.

    Loved the photos from the weekend, as well…. I really need to start using my home computer to check dooce on the weekends.

  • Mare

    Ohhh, Paris. A love to hate relationship, agreed?

  • Cathi

    It looked like you were bound to have thousands of pictures of the “give me that camera pose”; but whodathunk they wouldn’t all be of Leta?

  • U.B.

    Anyone see the South Park episode about Paris H? It was entitled, “Stupid Spoiled Whore” — which I thought summed the subject up nicely.

  • Up To My Asshole in Snow in Boston

    Please share more of your photography know-how with us (beyond how to focus). Are you an “automatic” user or do you actually manually set all that crap?

  • Shyyt

    I wish I was a spoiled whore. Beats being a plain old whore. (I am not a whore BTW, but if I was rich and skinny I just might become one is all I’m saying)

  • AAP


  • Cristin

    oh yeah. Paris is unabashedly sruh-heeeeming to be hated. lol

  • Chris From Ohio

    Jon: “I’m crushing your head! I’m crushing your head!”

  • Girl.A

    Am I too late to hit on Marti??

    “I may not be Fred Flinstone, but I can sure make your bed rock!”

  • Fish

    Good GOD, Heather, why have you never told us about Jon’s grotesquely gargantuan hand before? Does gigantism run in his family?

    I suppose such large hands have their uses, tho …

  • Nick

    I think your husband is hot. And you’re hot too. But. Yeah. You’re a lucky woman…

  • erika

    hehe, nice mood lighting shot. I don’t know how you did it. Still getting used to my Canon Digital Rebel.

  • GSV Micturition to Windward

    Re: #185.

    “Ohhh, Paris. A love to hate relationship, agreed?”

    Despise? Sure.
    Pity ? Definitely.
    Contempt ? You betcha.
    Hate ? Absolutely not.

    Every once in a while something like this comes up and it occurs to me to really think about “hate” – and I realize how fortunate I am that there is no one I hate in the true meaning of that word.

    Please – somebody shoot me next time I get all gooey like that.

  • Danielle

    Your fist is clenched like you are really trying to restrain yourself from jumping up and snatching the camera out of Shan’s hands and just
    Doing It Yourself.

    You have a bit of that (I will stay calm, I will stay calm) look about you.

  • Marti

    I’m blushing.

  • http://Okie Melanie/OKie

    Heather you look great in this pic…. are you at Showgun??? Amen

  • GSV Micturition to Windward

    Hey, Marti – I’d hit on you too if I knew whether or not you are female. Its just that after cynicism, homophobia is my best attribute. :-)

  • Alex

    For a second there, I thought Dooce was sporting the Chachi-bandana-on-the-thigh-look.

  • Dr. Johnny Fever

    Back to Shogun, wondering if it says “Mensan” and “Womensan” on the bathroom doors? Or is it more like “Little Buccaneers” and “Little Lassies?”

  • gordon

    Jon: “So after taking 10000 pictures of the guy trying to pick my wife, I took my hand around his neck, snapped it like this, and then…”

  • GSV Micturition to Windward

    “Back to Shogun, wondering if it says “Mensan” and “Womensan” on the bathroom doors?”


    So in such a place all the smart people would use the Mensan room while all the others would use the … ummm … /other/ room ?

  • Heatheranne

    I love photos like that! They’re not posed with a fake plastered on smile.

  • H.E.R.

    Call me suspicious, but I think that kid knew who you were and totally wanted to get his 15 minutes of Internet fame. Congrats, Boy.


    closest i’ll probably ever be to one. YES

  • Shyyt

    AND he *is* GSV talking al like Oh no just cuz he talked to you….

  • Kittie

    dooce got a bit of the kate moss thing going dont you think?

  • GSV Micturition to Windward

    Re: #197

    Unlike you, I’m simply not yet so cold and cynical that I think that everytime a man talks to a woman it automatically means he’s hitting on her. You and “Dooce” obviously are like that and I feel sorry for both of you.

  • MinPinMomma

    Did you wear you shirt to match the napkins? Ha Ha!

  • Hads

    I kind of agree with H.E.R. I bet he just wanted a little shout out on At least, I hope that boy was not really THAT clueless.

  • megan

    That photo of that poor little Utah kid is hysterical!! Hot, scalding coffee just squirted out of my nose and all over my keyboard!! (Hmm… how am I going to explain this one to the tech guys when I beg for yet another keyboard…??)

  • Andrea in Canada

    Heather you are stunning in red. I loved the family photo of you yesterday, didn’t have a chance to comment but it was beautiful…especially the way you look at her. I know that look, I do it everyday with my two girls. And I agree with those who say Leta is a mini Jon!

  • Southern Fried Girl

    Heather, for someone who has given birth, you are TINY. I am a might bit jealous being that I have yet to have children and I would have to starve myself to death to even hope to be within 10 lbs of you. Woe is me. :(

    Cute pic though. Jon is a hottie.

  • DMSV-IV Tincture of Backwind


    Just had to clear my throat.

  • Home Detention Lady

    Nice work on coordinating the napkin with your shirt! Very visually stimulating.

  • dooce

    i don’t usually do this, but i do feel at this point I need to defend myself. plus, bourbon. you know.

    i was not under the impression that the BOY was picking me up. i really didn’t think he was. but FOUR people confirmed after the fact that THEY thought he was trying to pick me up, perhaps not very adeptly, but that he was. so the story was retold from that position.

    no need to feel “sorry for me” Jesus Christ. get a fucking grip. been slammed a bit, GSV? can’t take a hint? LONELY? give yourself a fucking handjob and get off my fucking website, you pitiful little fuck.

  • abbey

    does heather even read these comments?

  • Dr. Johnny Fever

    Yeah, motherfucker!

  • RazDreams

    the “shogun” sushi restaurant where i live has AWESOME food. hope it was just as good there.

    (is that your scarf on your lap, or does your sweater just happen to match the napkins?!)

  • Girl.A

    Dooce: yowza.
    Never thought I’d say this but damn you’re hot when you’re pissed :)

    Marti, there’s more where that came from, missy.

    [And I am not homosexual, more like ham-o-sexual, so no need for anyone to be homophobic of me...]

  • Ana

    I need friends like you.

  • Amanda B.

    Yeah! Damn right. I always want you to tell people to fuck off whey they are being mean!

    I was going to say “boorish twat..”.

  • al


  • Scott

    Oh Heather, my appreciation for you has just gone through the roof.