Day of Destruction

Even though her bithday isn’t until Thursday, we had to arrange things to accommodate the relatives, you know. It was a blast. Wait until you see what I smeared on her head.

(P.S. Jon took this photo because I was in the background somewhere silently freaking out.)

  • AlbionJessica

    Congrats on turning one, Leta! You’re halfway to the terrible twos now!

  • Kaiasmom

    Happy first birthday Leta!!!

  • mc

    Ok, am dying for the husband figure to come home from the gym (he’s crazy) and bring the Sunday papers with him. The Style section is pretty much the pinnacle of western civilization, right?? Not even Paris Hilton achieved *that* by her first birthday. (not that Leta of course will turn out anything like Paris…)

  • Zorbs

    Am I the only one who thinks that candle looks more phallic than the average candle? Oh and happy birthday Leta!

  • Badger

    Aw! Happy birthday, big girl!

  • chickenflicken

    Happy Birthday To You!
    You live in a Zoo!
    You look like a Monkey,
    And you smell like one TOO!

    (that was from my kids to Queen Leta)

    Good idea taking the clothes off, Heather, I didn’t figure that one out til my third child – the first two were twins, so leaving them dressed to destroy their cakes really just counts as one dumb move, right?

  • girlpunch

    Happy Birthday Leta! This is my Dooce birthday! I became a Dooce reader right around this time last year.

  • R

    Happy Birthday!

  • Amie

    Happy birthday fabulous child!

    I openned my copy of the NYT today and thought, “what a cute kid…she looked kinda familiar…HOLY CRAP THAT’S LETA!”

    A goodish article but highly misleading headline. They give you the idea that it’s all about these self-absorbed parents neglecting their children to navel-gaze in their blogs, but the articles actually about coping with parenthood using the blog as a tool. Dooce, you come off great, aand thanks for a year of making me feel not so alone.

  • Honey Bunny

    YAY! Happy Birthday Leta!!

  • Ninotchka

    Awww, Happy early Birthday Leta! She’s absolutely adorable.

  • Chris

    Happy (early) Birthday, Leta! Congrats for making it this far, Dooce and Blurb! (My kids get that same candle.)

  • Library Girl

    Happy Big 1 Miss Leta!!!

  • maxigumee

    Happy Birthday to you! Happy Birthday to you! Happy Birthday and you’re also on the front cover of the New York Times Sunday Style Section and your photo is huge, Happy Birthday to you! :D

  • HFS

    Can’t wait to see the “AFTER” photo!!

    Happy Birthday, Leta!!

  • Charmaine

    Happy Birthday Leta!

  • anneka

    i can remember pacing around like a relative waiting for her to be born. i cant believe it’s been almost a year. thanks for sharing your family with us.

    happy early birthday, leta!!

  • stacey

    Ya know, I started reading dooce JUST before the baby was born – at work, we were all checking the site for updates. When you posted the 11-month open letter to Leta, I realized it would soon be a year.. Wow. I’ve read this site EVERY DAY for a year and I still look forward to it every morning.

    Thank you thank you thank you – and may Leta have a super chocolate-covered first birthday.

  • jules

    what an amazing year for your family! Congratulations!

    Have a great birthday week Leta!

    P.S. – don’t forget Chuck… i’m sure he wouldn’t mind a piece of cake…

  • pinksugar

    A whole year already! she’s almost a little girl now, not a baby! I hope she gets lots of exciting things like boohbah videos(agreed that show is the SCARIEST thing, and those toys are PORNOGRAPHIC!!)and clothing and the best bit is when she gets to rip all the paper off and play in it! happy birthday to Leta, she’s so gorgeous!

  • coskel

    Sarah said at 07:44AM, 01.30.2005:
    Leta: “Are you people done singing yet? Because I’m about to destroy this thing”

    what she said..LOL

  • Laura C.

    The pic of Leta in the Times is adorable.

    Happy pre-birthday to her!

  • sweetney

    and many happy returns, leta!

    congrats to all yous armstrongs again on the stunning NYT spectacular. i woke up this morning, opened the paper, and looked upon the face of dear leta. it was kind of a remarkable moment.

    so happy for you all, for all you have to be happy about. xo.

  • Sarah

    Leta: “Are you people done singing yet? Because I’m about to destroy this thing”

    I cannot wait to see the pictures of the aftermath!!

  • shy

    what a good idea! eating first birthday cake totally nekkid! :) we should do this for our daughter… i’m totally anticipating the hands in the cake scenerio.


  • Ronda

    Mmmmm… cake!

    Happy birthday Leta!

    She is soooo adorable!

  • OkieT

    Happy birthday, gorgeous girl! I’ve enjoyed watching you grow. And thanks, Dooce, for sharing your lovely life with the world. I can identify with so much of what you’ve gone through, and it helps to see someone else work through it at the same time. You’re my hero!

  • heidi

    Hooray! Happy birthday party day to Leta!

  • Jackie

    I just caught the New York Times and you and Leta fill the entire space above the fold! Its as exciting as seeing a picture of my old friends. Thanks for your smart and witty blog, I read it every day.

  • kEma

    (even though in advance)

  • Shelli

    Wow – time DOES fly! What a big girl you are…

    Happy Birthday dear red headded beautiful one! From all of your wacky on-line fans.

    Shelli from NYC

  • Beth

    Wow, a year has passed already! Thanks for sharing it with us, and Happy Birthday, Leta!

  • kEma

    HAPPY BIRTH DAY pumpkinnnn
    We all love you

    KIsses you the cake babyyy

  • Laurie

    Go Leta GO!

    Happy first birthday cutie!!

  • Bucky Four-Eyes

    You know, I wound up just like this at my last birthday party, but strangely, no one thought it was the least bit cute.

    Happy almost-birthday Leta! You’re almost ready for that there piano (izzat what that is?).

  • Jennifer

    Happy Birthday Super Star!!

  • sarah p

    Next year I’m totally going topless for my birthday! Happy birthday!

  • pao

    happy birthday leta! ^_^

  • mr nice guy

    her b-day is feb 3? MY b-day is feb 3. and it’s equally traumatic this year … turning 30. my freaking out won’t be so silent.

  • Diana

    Aw, happy early birthday Leta! That cake looks yummy.

  • Sonia

    Ah, the Naked Frosting Orgy. A childhood ritual I’m pleased to see you’re upholding. That’s pure awesome.

  • smacks

    Happy Birthday, Honey!

  • Becky

    The look of pure love and trust on her face is something you’ll want to remember when she’s a teen and decides she knows more than you do. This photo can become your desktop b/g to remind you how important you were ‘way back then.’ I hope you know it now!

  • closet metro

    happy birthday too you!
    happy birthday too you!
    happy birthday dear Leta!
    happy birthday too you!

  • Blair

    Happy Birthday Sweat cheeks!

  • Julie

    Happy Birthday Leta!!!

  • Amy

    Happy Birthday, Leta-poo!

  • Brooke


  • Becky

    Sweeeeet cheeks. :>D

  • Charles

    Happy birthday!