First Secty

  • Graffitti reader

    Peace and love, p and l, p’n'l, penal, penile…HA HA!

  • Dazed & Confuzed

    Nice, Me Now. Kinda like going by the chocolate kiosk in the mall and saying “Go, Diva!”

  • Susannah

    Jeff!! There a an elf Service gas station down the street from my house too. For 6 months now I’ve only been getting gas there just because I want to see those damn elves and they are never there…

  • Me Now

    My friend walking past graffiti in high school:

    Why would anyone write ‘Pen Is?’ Pen is what?

  • Jeff

    Kinda like the post office down the street offering “ELF SERVICE.” I keep looking for little tiny postmen in pointy hats.

  • elizabetht

    first off.. i’ve been lurking for a while, and i love the site.. you have an amazing way with words and leta is absolutely adorable.

    we have a dinky little strip mall near where i went to school called “Middlesex mall” and for the four years i was in college, the sign read “M sex” which led us to shout, “mmmm sex” every time we passed it.

  • Peace n Love

    Im lucky enough to drive a “Ford Festi”, thanks to vandals ripping off the “va”…and go those VA TOFU hippies, way cool maaan! Pass the joint…

  • Gooooder

    Seems like businesses would want to fix the broken neon lights as soon as possible.

    Otherwise you end up with TOP & HOP or HARMACY or EGMAN’S.

    You guys don’t have the Wegman’s do you? It is such a glorious grocery store!

  • Dazed & Confuzed

    We had a neighbor who had a 70′s ugly-ass brown Datsun truck. He painted the D and the N the same color as the truck and wrote “Gahzuntite” underneath. Quite clever.

  • Shop Ho

    ..well at least it wasnt the signs’ first R that was missing…Im sure we’d all be against use of “fist security”

    make love, not war duuuuude

  • Shlee

    Butternut: too funny!

  • bushra

    make that a mad, bad following. i read all the comments from yesterday this morning, and i’m glad to share a love of with all those who kicked Holly’s ass.

  • Jason

    Just to point this out…there were 55 comments when I loaded this page, and in the time it took me to type this and post it…what number am I? Dooce, you have a mad following!

  • julie

    The KFC in my hometown once posted a sign advertising a “Bucket of wings for Super Bowel.” Mmm mmm.

  • Vanessa

    Mmmm… Nothing like wings to make you “go.”

  • bobby


  • lulu cornichon

    The Pep Boys near my house is now “Pepys”. I bet all the college kids get a good chuckle out of that one.

    And Buici! That’s hilarious! I once saw a huge old truck that instead of “FORD” across the tailgate, had “TOFU”, with just a few small changes. Good old Virginia hippies. Country enough to drive a giant truck, hippie enough to bring on the soy.

  • Shazza

    most of those aforementioned criminals become quivering messes at the sight of her chocolate weilding finger aimed right at them! DUH!

  • Butternut

    Two things:

    Shlee — in my grandmother’s hometown of Prentiss, Mississippi, there really is a family restaurant called the “Kuntry Kitchen.” And, sadly, no letters are missing from the sign.

    Everyone — I teach third grade, and every single morning after the opening bell rings, my kids dash into the room, just in case they can be the ones to call FIRST! when others arrive. It’s all very much like the comments section on Dooce. I have a little inside chuckle every day at 8:55.

  • beachgal

    Looks kinda eerie, the words just seem to be floating. Of course, we KNOW they are on a building, but you can’t see it!

    Neat shot, Dooce.

  • Dazed & Confuzed

    My bad, LadyBug. And I forgot to mention she stops unarmed criminals with a stern “mamma” look.

  • Sue From Ohio

    That’s funny. We had a tire place here that was missing the ‘e’ so I would always say, ‘Look, it’s the “TUR” store’ and my husband would get mad because practically everyone that lives in my town has an accent…

  • Shlee

    One of the grocery stores where I live is called County Market. For a week, the “O” was out, spelling out a name of a market that I don’t think I’d like to visit.

    I think that when a burnt out letter makes a distasteful word, they’re usually pretty quick to replace it. We had a good laugh everytime we drove past it though. Good times. (man i need to move to a bigger city)

  • LadyBug

    Bucky Four-Eyes – You crack me up.

    Dazed & Confuzed – “…and deflects bullets with her bracelets!”
    Now that’s just silly. You _know_ she deflects those bullets with that big, beautiful geek watch of hers!

    Cool pic, Dooce.

  • fox

    but my *all time favorite* lights-out sign was the ratty gas station next to one of my college apartment complexes.

    For a coupla days, I lived next to a VILLAGE PANTY. :o )

  • Jaia

    But what is that little white flying speck in the background? Hmmm?

    Well, it wouldn’t be so weird having aliens in Salt Lake. We’ve already got Mormons here.

  • Shazza

    its already well into Wednesday Miss Germany, get with the times girlfriend *snaps fingers and pouts*

    just messing with ya. Looks like the red parts are the devils horns on a black face, his three pronged tail the lampost.

    go figure but not sure if I’D be hiring any security services from these people…

  • shaunacat

    kim – stop making us jealous about your workday being almost over! ;o)

    I love the look of the lights on the dark background of this picture. Of course I do prefer pictures of the family, but this is pretty too!

  • closet metro

    Dazed & Bucky – LOL

  • Z

    -laugh- another excellent photo.

    Is there some sort of prize for being first? Because the first comment is ALWAYS super-lame, consisting of someone asking if they’re first to post.

  • Kimberly

    Poor Dooce can’t win. Post pics of Leta and she’s ‘self absorbed,’ post cool pics of other things and people and people post saying they want pics of Leta.

    See, I LOVE this pic…especially the font on the building. You don’t see much of that font anymore, unless it’s on the front page of a newspaper. Plus it’s pretty ironic that a word like “Security” can’t be relied upon to be lit all the time…Hee!

  • m

    In Morgantown, WV, the Hotel Morgan would run into the same problem with outages- it would spell Hot Organ instead. So that’s how most people referred to it.

  • Amanda B.

    Hotpants- you gave up one of the most powerful weapons in a single dudes arsenal? The Hooptie aka. Luv Mobile. You have much to learn Grasshopper.

    Girl A.- BP returning to normal. You *are* a sexy bitch.

  • Colleen from NJ

    Holy smokes, fox, that is brilliant!

  • Michelle Brady

    That reminds me of the signs churches put out around here that say
    “CH CH– what’s missing? U R!”

    Interesting coincidence that the letters U and R are actually missing. So is I, but there aren’t any cool church signs that make use of a missing I.

    Hmm. It’s early. I’ll think on that.

  • Colleen from NJ

    It looks like a message from Satan:
    only his followers understand the code. So WHO HERE KNOWS WHAT IT MEANS? HMMMM? SPEAK UP.

  • fox

    What’s missing from secty?

    UR. (I, too)

  • Southern Fried Girl

    Very beautiful pic but does not beat chocolate covered Leta!!!

  • red

    we had a huge sign here during the holidays, and it read “season’s gretigs” :)

  • kim

    “super stop and ho” — that’s funny.

  • Girl.A

    oooooo, Babay, I am secty.

    That picture makes me feel like a seccccccty seccccccty beeeyotch.

    And a little insecure.

  • URI

    Bwah ha ha hahaahaa, you’ll neever cutch me Batman! I shtole ze letters that make up moy name, da?

    World Domination awaits!!

    Love, URI “NEbodies fool”

  • Scott

    I had a 1984 Buick LeSabre in college (party wagon) and part of the “k” fell off making it look like an “I”. So we called it the “Buici: Imported Italian Luxury Mobile”. I loved that land boat! I was like riding in a Laz-E-Boy on wheels.

  • anonymous

    The most memorable sign with lights out that I’ve seen was a Super Stop and Shop that read: Super Stop and Ho. Eek.

  • Dazed & Confuzed

    I love Bucky Four-Eyes

  • Bucky Four-Eyes

    As Fat Bastard would say, “Ah’m deeeead secty!”

  • Kaiasmom

    Great Pic!!! I agreee it looks liek the words are just floating in the sky. i don’t think it’s a lightpole or we’d be able to see it, because it’d be on….

  • kim

    jeah, what’s up with that font?

    also – good morning america. only two more hours of work for me here in germany and then tuesday’s over. HA!

  • Chris S

    Red means bad weather

  • Kristi

    Reminds me of College, there was a Cardinal OT L in the city.