It’s alive!

In the winter we rarely go in or out of the front door because we have no hallway at the front of the house. We always use the back door so that we don’t track mud or snow onto the hardwood floors. Unfortunately, this means that I forget about everything on the porch including these festive Halloween pumpkins. Jon was tasked with disposing of these rotting horrors but not before I could take a picture.

  • Not that I ever watch TV

    Not MTV — A&E Biography… ;)

    Maybe Law and Order will have an episode “based on” the whole thing! (Not an L&O:SVU, though, I’m thinking more like a L&O:Criminal Intent.)

  • Wicked H

    Very impressive – ABC WORLD NEWS????

    You go girl!!!!!

    Oh, and breathe in, breathe out….

  • LadyBug

    Oh, shoot! Dooce, I forgot to mention how ADORABLE Leta was on your segment. Sounds weird, but it was just neat (yeah, I said “neat”…I TOLD you I was a dork) to see the “live” Leta, not just the “still-life-photo” Leta. And was she holding a frog? I couldn’t really tell. Guess I’d better go watch it again.

    Anyhow — I’m repeating myself now, but my brain is fried — to sum up: Leta was super-cute, you were beautiful and fantastic, and Jon was awesome for helping you hold everything together. Oh, and Chuck was cute for freaking out at all the commotion. (Sure, we didn’t get to see him, but come on, we KNOW he was cute.)

    Okay. Off to bed now…

    God bless,

  • Jessica

    Just so you know, has updated:

    Coming Up on WNT
    Could blogging cause you to lose your job?

  • Evil Stepmother

    Oh, ew. To the pumpkins, not the interview. That rules.

    My husband and MIL do a “punkin chunkin” every year, to see who gets furthest. This year we let the nephews go as well. So our pumpkins never last long.

    Those pumpkins look like a snowman with gangrene.

  • Tu

    sweetney, Katy: make sure you have the Divx codec installed ( ), and that you have an MP3 codec installed. Windows XP should already have an MP3 codec installed, and I assume Mac OSX does as well.

    If not, well, I can always re-encode it as MPEG or something.

  • Chad

    That looks disgustingly familiar. Oh yeah, my front porch, every December or so.

  • Shiz

    Amanda B., I thought having sex standing up led to dancing?

    Dancing: The ultimate sin.

  • Cathi

    Raz – Search Yahoo! shopping for pet monkey. I’ve seen 2 live ones (not counting sea monkeys). One is $4000, and the other is $1950.

  • U.B.

    Kimberly — that’s supposed to be ‘the *liberal* mainstream media. You’re obviously not watching enough Fox…

    Gotta LOVE that Dork! I can’t wait to watch this evening and see if I can pick out the dorkiness in action.

  • ella’s ma

    Rotting, not ratting.

  • Anna

    Just for the heck of it, I’ll make it 708. And I MISSED THE SEGMENT! Someone shoot me.

  • Relentless Christian Amber

    What is next, Dooce?

    I’m kind of waiting for the day we find a story about you on MTV.

  • sweetney

    little-known fact about those tiny, ornamental pumpkins: they make their own gravy!

  • Katy

    Tu, I only got audio. Is there video?

  • Kimberly

    Dang cold has a good point. The mainstream media (am I allowed to say that w/o this getting political) consistantly tries to paint blogs and bloggers as trival and self-absorbed. Mainly because they’re threatened. I’ll be interested to see it, but am pessimistic.

  • ella’s ma

    That is truly a disgusting picture. The pumpkins in front of my house started to look like that and I disposed of them quickly. Not because I really cared what they looked like, but because they were about 4 times bigger than those and I did not want myself or anyone living in my house to have to lift a 20 pound ball of ratting pumpkin.

  • LadyBug

    I considered buying Amanda B. her much-sought-after monkey, but I KNOW she’d name the damn thing WEINER. And I just. can’t. be. a part of that.

  • jess

    I’m SO trying to watch the piece tonight. I really hope they don’t do some negative spin on it like they did with your momma article. That’s so mean. Also: my prediction is that you’ll be on Oprah in the coming future. And if anyone else has predicted that, my apologies – I rarely actually read all the comments!

  • Katie-be-bored-at-work

    Lisa, you have such a wonderful heart to keep your little Halloween friends cozy and warm in scarves and hats!

  • kelc_in_OZ

    Audio & Video worked for me. You might need to download a codec from

  • Gooooder

    wish i could watch my tv


  • Kymba

    Holy crap, and I felt bad about Xmas lights still on the front porch…DOOOD, thx for lift! But alas, I guess this is what I can look forward to when le babette arrives…

  • sweetney

    TU: wha? umm, monkey confused. no worky for monkey.

    sigh. sorry for clogging up the comments, guys.

  • http://james jamie

    I have been reading for several months now, and have to thank dooce, my big gulp of wine and ya’ll for saving my sanity!!

  • Amanda B.

    Oh man. There are going to a LOT of comments tommorow. Let’s take bets, I say at least 700 comments by midnight tommorow.

    If I win, *somebody* is buying me a monkey.

  • Cristin

    …she always wanted a monkey

  • meowlam

    All Hail the Queen Dork! I’m SO proud to be a Dooceling.

    Looking forward to the news tonight…and that’s not something I say on a regular basis. Hell, I NEVER say that!

  • tIffany

    Exactly Katie – I’d totally be more excited about the shape thing. My kid refused to even try to use the shape sorter properly at Leta’s age. He’d rip the dang top off and dump all the shapes in there really fast and look at me all proud like “Your way sucks. It is SO much easier this way.”

    And I was all dude come on – WE ARE NEVER going to get on the news at this rate.

  • copy_kitty


  • RazDreams

    You’re on the TV at 5:30pm my time, and I have to be at Church for Ash Wednesday at 6:00pm. I mustn’t worship other Gods (that’d be you) before Him, so I’ll have to tape you (I don’t have TiVo). You are *so* famous. I lasted about two whole hours without checking your site. I need a 12-step program to ween me off of this ADDICTION!!! ;-)

  • Katie-be-bored-at-work

    That sounds perfect Tiffany! I think Leta’s accomplishment is cause for much celebration (although I think Peter Jennings might frighten the average 1 year old. He frightens me).

  • RazDreams

    anyone know where i can acquire a monkey at this hour? methinks i owe amanda b. one since we’re just about to hit 700 posts – well before midnight tomorrow. plus, i wants my ronco electric food dehydrator. i’ll even take the spray-on hair as a booby prize (hehehe, i said “booby”).

  • Susana

    Little Dorkie foo foo
    hopping through the forest

    scooping up the dork-mice and
    dorking them on the head!

    hee hee hee

  • Lisa

    Not only is my pumpkin still rotting on my porch, but the decorations are still out there, too. I put a little hat on the bat and a scarf on the cat. It just felt right. And it’s not like I’m keeping it rotting in the kitchen or something. That luxury is reserved for the crockpot from 4 days ago. Yes, I have kids.

  • Jentle

    Tu, you’re my hero. :)

  • closet metro

    Adam – I remember that statue from Art History class. (Pretty much the only thing I remember from that class, it put me to sleep every day.)

  • that-andrea

    We got married last October and as part of our decorations we had these lovely centerpieces made from hollowed-out pumpkins. Lots of people took a centerpiece home, and we took 4 or 5. About a week later we started getting phone calls warning of nasty, squooshy, rotting pumpkin grossness. My friend noticed an odd smell as she passed through her dining room, realized it was coming from the centerpiece, and when she went to pick it up her fingers plunged right through the pumpkin skin and into rotting gooey smelly horribleness. My mom’s pumpkin melted into her buffet and took the finish off. Our pumpkins had fruit flies swarming around and I was only able to remove them from the house without incident because of the warnings I received from my poor unfortunate friends.

  • closet metro

    Yay, 703, Amanda B. gets a monkey!

  • Dang cold…

    Well you know my name is Dorkie
    And the things I draw come true
    Oh pictures, take me, take me , take me over
    Climb the ladder with you

    yup losing my mind alright…

  • Michelle

    oh wow ABC News
    look they are even promoing it..

    look under Coming up tonight

  • copy_kitty

    Damn. Only 698.

  • adam

    That pumpkin looks like an ancient fertitlity statue. It has breasts.

  • effie

    Really–what are dood balls made of? What do they taste of?

  • copy_kitty


    (I’m not a morning person, so I can only hope to be LAST!)

  • Danika

    You aren’t the only one Flippy. I constantly screw up when people watch me type. I’m sure they think wow so it looks and sounds like a fast typer but holy she SUCKS and the speed(sounds) are due to all the fuckups and backspacing.

  • Gooooder


    no maggots!

  • becky

    it sucks that THAT is all they had to say about you. you were much more interesting than the other chick (& i’m not just saying that – she was a freaking hooker!). sorry. anyway – i was hoping they’d do a better job on the story. they had nothing new to say & it was pretty boring. but that’s totally not your fault & i think it’s cool that you’re getting so much notoriety. it’s just obvious that the mainstream news still just doesn’t get the blogging culture and what a phenomenon it is. anyway, you done great, kiddo. i managed to catch the news just in time.

  • Kano

    So that is what it looks like when Dooce finally takes a crap!

  • Sen

    My pumpkin got swarmed with maggots within a week. But that’s North Carolina for you.