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These are just a few of the best comments ever: Dr. Johnny Fever said at 06:46PM, 02.16.2005: Why don’t you post a pic of your ugly-ass self, badweebisis, and let us see how much you actually resemble a squirt of food poisoning diarrhea at the business end of some 10-year-old BVDs? Trance said at 06:46PM, [...]

What a way to make a living

I guess I would describe Leta’s crawling like this: crab with missing appendage attempts to circle room backwards. Her crawl is not the traditional crawl, the one where the person crawling can actually see where they are going. It’s one of the ugliest things I have ever seen especially when she gets to the yoga [...]

I cannot wait to tell my therapist

Monday morning when I woke up and checked my email I was shocked to see the name of one of my mother’s eight siblings in my inbox, D. Boone. It read: “Heather, this is your uncle D. I happened to be in Dallas last week and George told me about your web site. [GEORGE HAS [...]

Self portrait Wednesday is in da house

Where is your self portrait, yo? According to Amanda B. (oh, and Mihow!) y’all need to bring it.