These are just a few of the best comments ever:

Dr. Johnny Fever said at 06:46PM, 02.16.2005:
Why don’t you post a pic of your ugly-ass self, badweebisis, and let us see how much you actually resemble a squirt of food poisoning diarrhea at the business end of some 10-year-old BVDs?

Trance said at 06:46PM, 02.16.2005:
Dooce needs to have a Tard Of The Day award.
For that special troll who means so much.

Bucky Four-Eyes said at 06:47PM, 02.16.2005:
I’ll hang a drool cup on my helmet. Then nobody gets hurt, nobody gets soiled.
Everyone’s a winner!


Thanks, you guys. I owe you all.