Austin Chucklett

Yesterday in an email from Shana (hi! Shana) Chuck was compared to Austin Scarlett from “Project Runway.” I’d say Chuck is a dead ringer.

  • Bruno

    I haven’t read the other posts – looks like people be arguin’. I had an asshole doctor. I couldn’t leave her because it’s tricky to get doctors where I am. Just because someone went to medical school doesn’t mean they aren’t arseholes. I am certain you have every right to be annoyed. It sucks what you and Leta had to (and have to) go through, it double sucks when medical professionals refuse to be empathetic.

  • moose

    KBBAW – I’ll join you with that bourbon, but I’d take a little ice with mine. Aaaah.


  • heidillydoo

    I remember seeing the pink lipstick as a kid, and my sister and I used to run away screaming “ewwwwwww put that thing away!”

  • greenthumb

    If I may…newbie here…sorry. But I think the important thing to keep in mind is that no one on any level of real normal behavior would ever discount the pain and suffering of any child, any adult or even for some of us our beloved four legged companions.

    My heart breaks when I hear of a child who struggles with ailments. I have children in my life who suffer developmentally and I ache for them, but then they do the most amazing things and I’m reminded of the fact that what we see is only one side of the picture.

    Our reactions to our pain is simply that, and when others hear of our pain or loss, the empathy comes shining thru in multiple ways, as witnessed on this blog.

    Daddy Jones, I wish that you hadn’t said those things. I understand from whence it came, but it’s wrong to think that H.B. would ever discount your feelings with your child, she deserves the same from us. This is her forum, not yours.

    Life is hard enough for so many, just remember to encourage one another more.

    Peace out!

  • nancy

    Oh yes, Chuck has the high-glamour couture look DOWN. hopefully, when he next return from pooping in the back yard, he’ll sweep in in a faaaaabulous cape and Napoleon hat. I mean, it’s not really quite warm enough in Utah for the emo glasses and seersucker yet, is it?

  • Sherri

    Mojo — HA!

    Now I’ve got this song in my head:

    My hat it has three corners
    Three corners has my hat
    And had it not three corners
    It would not be my hat

  • Kristina

    Trisha-no, people don’t have to read everything from the past before they comment. However, I think that if someone read something they didn’t get, they could go to the drop down box thingy, click and Leta, and figure it out. And if squish is right about dewi not even being a newcomer, then he/she/it already knows about the touchy Leta /autism subject and needs to shut up. If squish is wrong, I’m sorry I lashed out at you, dewi.

  • Ern

    I have noticed that as Dooce gets more comments, mine seem to get less. Maybe everyone is out catching up on their other favorite blogs? That is what I have been doing during this little lull.

  • spoonleg

    Is that how they say hello in WHOREVILLE, bucky?

  • Squirl

    I agree with Bucky. That was a good one, Tiffany. We all have a sad story to tell, but that’s for our own personal blogs. Give Nicolaus a hug for all of us!
    Keep telling your stories, Heather. This is your site, your stories. Down with the trolls.

  • Ern

    *Ern puts up her feet and whistles into the emptiness, hearing the echo bounce off the censored photo and return to her*

  • spoonleg

    First of all, the retarded don’t rule the night. They don’t rule it. Nobody does. And they don’t run in packs. While they may not be as strong as apes, don’t lock eyes with them. It puts them on edge. -Wilford Brimley

  • Bucky Four-Eyes

    Tiffany — you’re waaaay cooler than Mouse makes you out to be. :)
    And not nearly so “min and bishy”

  • Ern

    This is the quietest afternoon around here in awhile!

  • Katrina

    Circus Kelli, I didn’t know we had circle spits here. I knew there were orgies, but not circle spits.

  • Squish

    Henry, I think the point you and I disagree on is who this “dewi” person actually is. In my opinion, “Dewi” is djniemyer, pete, dweebisis, deb, debisis, and a host of other nicknames. Based on writig styles, I’m pretty sure “Dewi” is not a newcomer. If she is, then I sincerely apologize. However, I stand by my theory that she is not a newcomer. =)

    I’d love to keep talking, but I gotta go pick up my daughter!


    It’s friday.

  • Closet Metro

    What, is this like those teaser porn sites that you have to subscribe before the black dot goes away? Where do I put in my credit card number?

  • henry

    squish –

    am with you on the hangover. but come on, the comment just said “i’m not sure about the autism thing, here’s my experience” which is exactly the same template that people use to back up Heather when they want to agree with her.

    the second paragraph was completely sympathetic! “your pediatrician sounds like an ogre, that sucks”.

    just because someone hasn’t been here long enough to know the touchiness of the autism subject, the problem that heather has with unsolicited advice et al doesn’t mean that they were deliberately trying to start a ruck.

  • Dang Cold..


  • Southern Fried Girl

    I was in the same boat – Dooce would not load on my computer and I almost dug out some work to do but then I just started reading other internet articles. Cured that problem right quick.

    Happy Chuck Friday!!!!!

  • tIffany

    What I’d like to know (even though I’m late to the discussion) is: What level of pain is good enough that we don’t have to suck it up? If my child is crying because he has a high fever or a minor medical problem, the parents of kids with serious medical problems say suck it up. Have you ever been to I’ve seen commenters over there telling people that Rob should be grateful for his daughter’ brain condition because at leat she’s alive, unlike their child. And I’m sure there are blogs out there where infertile people are telling parents who are mourning their dead child – “Suck it up – at least you were able to have a child in the first place.” So who is right? Should all of those people suck it up? Where is the line where it’s okay for a parent to allow themselves to feel pain on any level? OF COURSE it’s not all the same, I don’t think Heather was trying to say that the pain of watching them take blood was equal to, say, watching a child endure cancer treatment. We are all blessed for lack of a better word and we could all be in worse pain. That doesn’t make our current pain fun, or something we can and should ignore.

    The thing is, Heather’s post was something that a lot of mothers can relate to, not because they all need to suck it up but because being a parent is all about losing perspective.

    Speaking of which, my two year old is walking around this second singing All Together Now. MY GOD He is SINGING a BEATLES song. Big fucking deal, right? Thousands of people sing those songs every day. But this is MY kid and watching him do it makes my heart explode. Should I get a grip and stop feeling everything so much? Fuck you if you think so. One! Two! Three! Four – can I have a little more?

  • U.B.

    CK — this is what I’m talkin’ about. How’m I supposed to keep my naughty self out of the gutter with you talkin’ about hard and mouth and…well, bow chicka bow bow indeed!

    BTW, the music in Kill Bill could be from a 70′s porno.

  • Katie-be-bored-at-work

    Chuck reminds me of those Renaissance paintings of the robust nude women – the ones that lay on their side with a forlorn look on their face. While they are naked, they are very regal and discreet. Chuck is definitely regal.

  • Squish

    Henry…”well intentioned” my ass!

    pardon my foul language folks. I have a hangover.

  • Ern

    Dooce: Who needs conventional porn? Just try us!

  • spoonleg

    What I’d like to know is, why are there retarded people in school with my daughter? -Sarah Blank

  • Starbucks

    Yea. What Henry said. At least the coffee part.

  • Circus Kelli

    UB: I don’t know what you’re talkin about… I was just talkin about chocolates… *wink*

  • Biggest Apple

    That is a great shot of Sir Chuck. After all the scandal of his widely publicized affair with Camilla, I knew it would only be a matter of time before the tabloids were knocking on his door.

  • trisha

    do new people really need to read everything heather has written before commenting? really?

  • Katie-be-bored-at-work

    I hear the porn music again!

  • August95

    Chuck looks like he is enjoying the sun, at least more than having his pic taken. Happy Friday

  • henry

    yeah, dewi, YEAH. shame on you for writing a polite, well-intentioned if ill-advised message on this site. THIS is how newcomers are welcomed. That ‘unsolicited advice’ – seek out medical professionals. How COULD you?

    please, people. grab some coffee.

  • Danika

    Where is mouse?? What is Chuck friday with a comment from mouse????

  • Dazed & Confuzed

    “Hmmm – why does your finger smell like *his* ass?” – Jerri Blank

  • Bucky Four-Eyes

    How’s about we take all this back to anal sex. You know — something everyone can agree on!

  • Danika

    Oops that should have been withOUT a comment from mouse

  • ap

    Was it your Mormon ISP that censored Chuck’s doggy penis or was it your good taste??

  • Bucky Four-Eyes

    Striz, you can beat me up and steal my boyfriends anytime!

  • Ern

    Mid-afternoon lull?

  • Susan

    Oh, Chuck, it’s nothing we haven’t seen here before. Happy Chuck Friday.

  • Daddy Jones

    Perhaps I am jaded.

    I never would tell anyone to say “suck it up” to their child mid-inoculation — that was never my point. My point was to HEATHER, not babies or kids when they are being hurt. Of course Heather should offer the most sympathy humanly possible to Leta no matter what she’s going through.

    It’s Heather who I suggested should get some perspective. I mean, it’s not the end of the world FOR HEATHER. Leta would have thought it’s the most terrible thing ever, she’s a toddler, they don’t have any scope of how bad it could be.

    And it’s my opinion that someone’s “personal journal” doesn’t invite comments and discussion. Personal journals aren’t read by thousands of people. If you’re on the evening news, national newspapers, national radio, and have advertisements — it’s no longer personal.

    Heather has opened her life up for observation here. I observed something and thought differently.

    Everything that I said was meant compassionately. I find it hard to believe that people miss sarcasm here, of ALL PLACES! A “good old fashioned 1940s slap in the face” from me would look more like a cup of coffee and a serious talk.

    I’ve been reading dooce since she got fired. She went away, came back and became a parent. I’m a parent. I understand much of what she’s going through. Her blog (and the countless other mommy/daddy blogs) that discuss parenting and children, I think, are what make child rearing today different than even just a few years ago.

    I don’t ever mean any ill-will towards Heather or her faithful readers. I was inspired to comment based on my own experiences and on what I read here. I believe that’s what it’s all about. If it’s not, then the comments should disappear forever.

  • Katie-be-bored-at-work

    Its frightening for Chuck that Austin looks so much like him.

  • Katie-be-bored-at-work

    Ah, the memories of the lipstick. My friend and I were 11 years old, playing with Barbies in her basement, when her decrepit hound dog sprawled out in front of me. I knew what it was, but it was the first time I had ever seen any form of male anatomy. I started thinking that maybe human men’s weiners looked like that, all red and pointy. I know better now, of course, but I guess the human male anatomy doesn’t look much prettier, really.

  • Mrs.Strizzay

    I agree squish. Dewi you sound like a douche bag. Send all your unsolicited advice to http://www.suckanut.biiiatch

  • Ern

    It always comes back to penis (dog or otherwise) talk here, doesn’t it!? That’s why I keep checkin’ back in!


  • bethymae

    I can almost hear the deep doggy sigh.

  • Squish

    I think “dewi” is the troll with the 30 other nicknames. I recognize her prissy ass writing style.

  • moose