Already starting to feel the pain and it was only 9:45 in the morning

  • RazDreams

    perhaps if there wasn’t all-day F5′ing, then there wouldn’t be 850+ comments. but that’s besides the point…the daily photo page isn’t about the daily photo anymore. that’s my point. it’s about chatting with each other. kinda like what “chatrooms” and “newsgroups” are for. i’m just sayin’. there’s a difference, so why not take it elsewhere? ‘cuz you don’t want to…that’s far. just my not-so-humble-opinion. peace.

  • U.B.

    Wow, I pretend to work for an hour and the site has migrated from the U.K. to creationism vs. darwinism!

    I think that poking a little bit of fun at the idiosyncracies of the religion that’s crammed into you as a child is a long way from ripping on Jesus. I’m a recovering mormon myself and find great humor (humour, if any of you Brits are still on) at some of the ingrained practices. Hell, I had ‘jesus wants me for a sun*BEAM* screaming in my head yesterday.

    Can we all just get along?

  • Jo

    U.B. do you know why brits find it so funny that u call the butt a fanny?

  • Jo

    We did, only it isn’t settling where I live- Manchester, England. Boo!!

  • cathi

    once again i have been sucked into the vortex of the potd comments… my head is spinning with monkeys, vaginas, fanny packs, poo, and religion. good times

  • Torrie

    I heart Bucky and Katie

  • Jason

    …thanks for that visual.

  • Jo

    Kiki where abouts r u in Europe?

  • Dang Cold..

    you gotta point their strizzypoo. see comments that have funny nick names like strizzypoo are amusing also. just like comments about that pic

  • Bucky Four-Eyes

    Wow, I go out for a smoke, and suddenly I’m bee-yoo-ti-ful?

    Damn, I should smoke more often.
    Thanks, y’all!

    (bats eyelashes in a grotesque imitation of femininity)

  • minxlj

    We’ll help you with the losing weight Matt – send all your Cadbury goodies to us :-D

  • Kiki

    From Finland! :) And today we have a sunny, but very cold day. As I heard rest of Europe had huge amout of snow yesterday also.

  • Dang Cold..

    chat room? nonesense!! I am comment 962

  • StarGazer

    Is there anything safe anymore, that doesn’t really mean POOP, ass, vagina, or PENIS!?!

    Because have we talked about euphemisms for penis yet?

  • Jo

    Fingers suck!! why would you miss out on more choclate but sticking a great stick of biscuit down the middle when it could be filled with MORE CHOCOLATE??

  • Kiki

    Cool, Heather is getting up early these days.
    Good for us from Europe! USA is still sleeping… :)

  • Mrs.Strizzay

    Raz…are you cranky today? Normally your all into the chat.

    *hugs raz*

  • StarGazer

    wait! wait! wait!

    With all this ____ = vagina talk today, is there something more to the “up my alley” saying, too?

  • U.B.

    My Dad always called it a fanny.

    Butt, it’s always been an ass to me.

  • Jo

    wow i’m only 10th!

  • that-andrea

    *gasp* do I smell snark?

  • Susie

    Hey, Ern! Amen, sister. And that’s for a couple of comments back, before the poop and the brass balls.

  • Jo

    But you call the bum-bag a fanny- pack dont you!!

  • Jo

    hello everybody!

  • RazDreams

    hmmm, thanks, henryk_, for the clarification. amazing how i seemed to have missed that. you know, given how dooce herself never actually renamed it to “The Offical Defacto Chat Room,” i’m just a’kickin’ myself for not having worked that all out in my little head yet. silly me, thinkin’ she put that picture up here for us to actually *talk* about! amazing.

  • Gooooder

    yeah that’s happened before. especially if you eat CORN. well, i guess corn has little to do with that, but i suppose you could have like half corn filled and half otherwise. ahahaha.

  • Jason

    Man, I miss the days when Dooce herself would pop in a comment or two.

  • Kiki

    Hope there won’t be too many posts from Dooce without the ALL CAPS. Love them!

  • U.B.

    WTF? You want 1000 comments about one photo??

    I have found the conversation today to be highly amusing in content and scope.

    It *is* a nice pic of Heather looking cold and not-yet-sold on snowboarding. But, I wouldn’t go hating on the comments for not focusing on it.

  • kendra

    Of France?? Huh?

  • Home Detention Lady


    Maybe next week you can compete in Taa-Taa Thursday’s with me and Spoonleg via your self-portrait. I dare ya. Haha.

  • minxlj

    Ohhhhhkay now I’m getting freaked out…there’s normally 100 comments by now! LOL. Oh well I can sit here and talk to my little self all day…

    BTW hi Heather! I love how you’ve conquered snowboarding. You never give up, way to go!! I don’t fall on my butt so much now, and I’ve only had the one hospital trip, so maybe I’ll master it one day ;-)

  • Mrs.Strizzay

    Raz if there were 850 comments by about the photo 400 would be the same. What fun is that?

  • Katie-be-bored-at-work

    YEAH!!! We are back to POOP talk! Now this is right up my alley… uh, that sounded wrong, didn’t it?

  • Fascinating Fanny

    They really need to do research to determine that chocolate helps with PMS? I thought I already did that research.

    Actually, it’s me, Susie, I just like the alliteration in Jo’s comment.

  • hippiechic

    WOOHOO!!! First post and within the top 10!! You look wicked mean in this picture Heather…in a sexy kind of way.

  • that-andrea

    Michelle, we’ll probably be over 1000 before you fall asleep!

  • wondering

    StarGazer – that’s totally fair. i really am not trying to Bible bash. i know it may seem otherwise, but when anybody believes strongly in something, it’s hard not to come off as pushy. you just have to understand also that i am just trying to stay true to that which i believe in.
    i’m steppin’ off, yo.

  • Matt in London

    Lol – just the biscuits tho – not the chocolate bars :-(

  • Karen

    I like how the google ads associated your word pain with tampons.

  • Henryk_

    Raz, in case you havn’t worked it out yet, this has become a defacto chat room!

  • Ern

    Do you ever get a poop that is from two different meals, hence, half may be KABOOM green and the other half dark brown with carrot bits?

  • minxlj


    You just got yourself a new best friend ;-) xx


    GOSH I’M 5TH!

  • Mrs.Strizzay

    smack my bitch up

  • Susie

    Thank you, Mrs. S. My daughter received a lot of “dress-ups” for Christmas from Santa’s “ho ho ho” collection; the kickass shoes are from there. We tend to dress up monkeys and slow-moving dogs around here on snowy days.

  • Jo

    Its true, Nestles chocolate is amost as bad as Hershys, but we should all be against buying it for moral reasons anyway.

  • hannah

    wow, where are all the commenters? i thought i was going to be way down.
    and i think i get that look on ym face everytime i realise i’m doing something utterly stupid.

  • Beth

    Dude, this is nuts. Side note, and on topic, cool picture and I am so jealous, I want to snowboard!!

  • Ern

    The comments are coming fast and furious! I get behind just typing my own.

    If your brass balls are freezing off, I’ll send you some warm California sun via the www.


    Did ya get it?