SLC silhouette

  • jordan

    I thought I should take advantage of this rare opportunity (being in the top 100 comments), to thank you for being you. Your blog has helped me develop a better since of humor about my mental health and poop. And for that I am forever grateful :D

  • Bucky Four-Eyes

    Heather — you wrote “monkey butler”

    Huh huh huh

    (Amanda B is soooo gonna fire me again for that one. Or honk my boobs.)

  • cohesash

    why on earth are you still up?

  • pea

    OMG you people have me making horrible noises trying not to laugh here at work! A room full of people trying to take tests for jobs and I’m snorting and giggling – nice and professional-like. LMFAO

  • no name slob

    Very cool–looks like a movie still. Million Dollar Dooce.

  • MyChelle

    okay – embarassing moment:

    Fishing/Camping trip to a BEAUTIFUL lake in early April…some years ago. I brought for my drinking pleasure a new liquer called “99 Bananas,” so named due to its high alcohol (99 proof or 49.5% by volume) content and its taste. OOOHHHH I loved me some bananas that night! So I consumed about 85 of the available 99 bananas with slices of lime as chaser (yummy)…but I only remember about 40 of the bananas.

    I remember waking in the middle of the night, having urinated all over myself and the air mattress & my boyfriend shouting, THAT’s DISGUSTING – GET OUT OF HERE (meaning the tent). After that, nothing…til I woke up naked, with sticky hair (I thought I had vomited in my sleep – ugh!) and reeking of nasty…pee.

    Everyone watched me haul everything out of the tent and drag it down to the shore to wash it off…and even worse:

    from one person after another (and there were about 75 people on this trip, ranging from good friends to acquaintences to friends-of-friends-to complete strangers:

    “I didn’t know you had that many tattoos!” (Only ONE of FOUR is visible in my bathing suit – and to see all four – BIRTHDAY SUIT REQUIRED!)

    From three different people – “XXX (boyfriend) sure was ticked at you last night…if he had done that to me, I would dump his sorry ass…” (Done WHAT??? I Couldn’t Remember Anything Dump-Worthy! When I said, excuse me? one woman told me that XXX had taken the bottle of 99 bananas and poured the last 14 bananas all over my hair.)

    “MyChelle, don’t take this the wrong way, but you really should see someone about your problem…”

    Um, embarrassing – yeah. And to this day, I am not sure how I got naked and how everyone (yes, everyone) saw me that way…You think I woulda been about 18 at the time, but I got a late liquor start – this was only 2 years ago…I was 29 at the time, but apparently had not yet grown into any common sense. So last year at this annual event, the same crowd was kind enough to gift me with bottles of 99 Apples and 99 Cherries to see if they had the same impact on me.

    Top that!

  • Kiki

    We have a sunny day also!

  • Mamaramma

    Hello – I tried to post earlier and couldn’t get through: ” MeREDith! I love your story – hilarious – you should get it copywritten before someone makes a lot of money off of it!” But reading the last post- I hope those other fruits did not have the same effect on you. So, did you dump him?

  • sweetney

    looks as though a game of tetris got dropped into the middle of some sort of virtual reality driving game.

  • saralynnmo

    Oh, god. These stories are great. You poor people. I hope everyone has recovered from their respective mortification.

  • Sarah in the Azores

    lovely, lovely

  • Kate

    So now Leta has chicken pox? I hated chicken pox. I am still telling on you. Does ANYONE have God’s cell phone number? I will pay money for it.

  • Kiki

    Sweetney, you should be an art critic :)

  • greenthumb

    I don’t know mamaramma, with a name like ‘XXX’, might have to consider keepin him.

    So DID you dump him??? LOL!!!

  • Heatheranne

    Do you take your camera everywhere you go? I do that because I’m afraid the one time I don’t, I’ll miss something cool.

  • Mamaramma

    greenthumb – see, I interpreted the XXX to be a kind of blight on his character – or like the sign of a doofus: you know how they always put XXX over cartoon character’s eyes when there’s nothing going on behind them?

  • Dv8or025

    Nice picture indeed! Happy Blogiversary! And wishing you some more ecstatic snowboarding fun, just like after the previous nightly picture-posting! ;-)

  • Mamaramma

    I guess we’ll never know.

  • Lisa S

    Hey! You turned the comments off on Friday!

    You make me want to head to Utah!

  • MyChelle

    Mamaramma -

    I did not dump him – my best girlfriend (also witness to the entire evening and that particular exchange and a recovering alcoholic (18 years and counting)) assured me that he was exasperated and literally pushed to his limit, ie he was not EVIL and ABUSIVE, I WAS the EVIL one at the time. She also will not reveal the details of naked part of the story (which I have blacked out apparently to protect myself from my own memories), except to say that XXX had gotten me out of the pee-soaked clothes and I decided I still wanted to party. Hmmmm. I won’t press for answers on that one! Good girlfriend I have…and no, she doesn’t think I am an alcoholic, either. I learned my lesson!

    XXX is to protect the innocent – I know my sis and cousin read dooce occasionally and I wouldn’t want them to connect me to he by his unusual name…there are enough michelles in the world (and on this board) that I figure they’d overlook the post as something SO OUT OF CHARACTER for me…and if they do…I know their respective most embarassing moments to spill.

    All – have a good night – I’m off to a business dinner and a single glass (not bottle) of wine.


  • Lisa S

    I forgot to say happy vd day!

  • Biggest Apple

    Far be it for me to tell a mother she’s deciphering her child’s language incorrectly – but hell I’ll do it anyway. Every indication from that story is that she is in fact saying “Let’s Go!”. Smart cookie.

  • Misha

    Woo! Top 20!

    I went and saw Interpol last night, they were awesome and played ‘Not Even Jail’ :)

  • Susie

    Loved the Leego post. I think she’s just lovin’ her name. And she’s owning her power, by invoking her own name when she wants to make something happen. But that’s just me.

  • al

    top 50

  • Holy Schmidt


    When my son was learning to speak, he called my sisters “P.P.” and “Beepah”. You can imagine the hours of sheer hell we had to listen to when he saw a picture of one of them or when it was one of the only words he could remember!

  • anja

    dooce, I have never wanted to go snowboarding, and you’ve made me dream about it at night. I’ll blame you if I suddenly have an expenxive snowboarding habit (I live in a country with very little snow and no hills at all)!

  • AndreaBT

    OK, so I really want to do this blog thing now. I want to jump on this blog-bandwagon that Heather has started. Where can I do one for free where I can also post photos? Is that possible? I know a teeny bit about HTML, but not much.

  • spoonleg


  • Graygirl

    AndreaBT: I am on eblogger….just click on my name and then click on e-blog icon for info…..I didn’t set it up, but it seems pretty easy.

  • spoonleg

    Hey Misha, how was the show?? They were in Houston Thursday night at a VERY SMALL venue, sold out in less than twenty minutes. I tried to get legit tickets, and when that didn’t work I tried to get counterfeit tickets produced by a graphic designer friend. Too bad they didn’t work, SON OF A BITCH.

    The point is, I hate you for getting into their show you dirty, dirty skank. :)

  • cathi

    Burdanilex, please tell me you’re not from Maryland and around 22 years old now… A math teacher I worked with had an 8th grader who would sit on her foot and rock back and forth during class. Everyone knew what she was doing.

  • TexaRican

    Spoonleg, I feel your pain – I tried to get tix too. Why oh WHY did they play at f*&king NUMBERS of all places!!!

    And add me to the scholastic procrastinators club…I’m up studying for an exam I have at 11:30 today!

    Happy Monday all. :)

  • Dr. Johnny Fever

    My daughter, whose name is Julia, calls herself Jeejah, which sounds conspicuously like Boobah. I’m telling you, those little fuckers are taking over.

  • The Mighty Jimbo

    i met a snowboarding guide in puerto natales a couple weeks ago. he has spent six seasons here in south america teaching snowboarding. claims daily chest high powder and lift tickts that cost about the same as movie in LA. between the two of you i am starting to miss skipping winter this year. really, really considering coming back in july with a snowboard.

  • Amanda B.

    I love Leego. She is funny, especially the fact that she whimpers her name when she’s upset. That’s just too cute.

    Bucky- Honk Honk.

  • Danielle

    I’m having a brain funk and can’t remember any truly embarassing moments (so I didn’t want to put this on the main page), but I am writing to wish you a happy blog birthday.


  • Hootie

    Manda B, I only wanna be with you oo oooooooooooooooh!

  • wherethewild

    hey my first time too and I’m under 50!

  • Pissy Britches

    I am jealous. Do you know I took a pic of the Nashville skyline and only like 1 little building seemed to poke up. You guys have more than we do and it snows there all the time. WTF?

  • Aimee

    Looks like someone spilled a little water on your water color sky. Very pretty.

  • amberlyn

    dooce and i are like, tight, man. we are N SYNC, and i mean that in the gay (but i love them, especially justin) way.


    BECAUSE! in my post, from like three days ago, i used the “leggo my eggo” phrase!

    creative, comedic genius!

    not really.

    i’m so bored.

  • The Rancher

    Embarassing Moment:

    I went to a corporate event held at Universal Studios. Part of the event included having professional makeup artists do fantastic and gruesome things to our faces – you know, scars, popped eyes, blood, and such.

    Well one guy had a fantastic job done and his face was truly gruesome, horrible scars and complete disfigurement. I said “holy cow! that’s the most gruesome face here!”

    It wasn’t makeup. The poor guy was, in-fact, horribly disfigured.

    What a heel I am.

  • Ms. Belle

    OK, it’s late – but I just thought of one!

    It was a few years ago, I was in a crowded neighborhood southside Chicago bar (not the highest class joing) and as I was coming out of the bathroom, a guy kept shouting at me “hey lady!”…I thought he was just trying to hit on me so I ignored him, despite several attempts on his part to get my attention. When I got back to my table, he actually walked up to me and said, “I just wanted to let you know that you have toilet paper stuck to your shoe”

    Sure enough, attached to my right stilleto heel was a 8 foot long sheet of toilet paper.

    And then, the realization that this guy didn’t really want me…he was just being nice.

    I felt like such a bitch.

  • Sarah M

    Salt Lake City looks so small compared to smelly old Sydney where i’m currently living.

    So. Tiny.

    And a happy Blog Birthday ofcourse. It’s hard to believe has been around a full 4 years. I hope there will be many, many more

    YES SPOON! I’m having Leta withdrawel myself. I’m craving the cuteness.

    Please bring out your gorgeous daughter Heather! (where ever you have her currently stashed!)

    Sarah x

  • annie

    tis tiny!

  • Audra

    That’s gorgeous. I take pics of the Nashville skyline all the time. I am in love with big cities!

  • Stacy

    Leta GO!!! You GO, girl! GO, Leta, GO! Leeeego!

    My daughter, whose name is Molly, used to say ‘Mah-ee go’ when she wanted to go somewhere. It came out ‘my ego’. Turned out to be an omen…

  • Kiki

    Embarassing moments…
    I had so many, let me pick the one about the first time I tried skiing. The teacher told us you can’t put your skies wrong on. Left/right no matter.
    Imagine his face when I asked him after 5 minutes trying, and he told me, I proved him wrong…
    I actually tryed to put the curly part to the back.

  • Cassie

    Ew, chicken pox!! Sorry Leta! I don’t know if it’s this way anymore, but when I was a kid they told my parents that if your kid doesn’t get a severe enough case, then they could get them again. Mine was very mild, so in theory, I could get them again.