Patatomic rocks the ‘nana

Pat, you can show this to your wife and tell her that this, this is what she missed on Saturday.

  • kristine

    Chewed Up food Self Portriat Thursday!

    I see a theme!

  • greenthumb

    Kristine has something there…it’s way better than Camel toe Tuesday.

    I’ll be posting a Chewed Food self portrait…anyone else with me?

  • Big Gay Sam

    Dude! Spit or swallow. That’s just sick and wrong.

  • kristine

    Camel Toe Tuesday! omg!! that is hysterical!

    Yeah, i’m all for chewed up food Thursday!!

    Green beans?

  • greenthumb

    Edamame Salad…mmmmmm

  • honestyrain

    the wife has got to be so proud this morning. my man, she’s saying. famous.

  • Cora’s Mommy

    Nice pics on flickr, Dooce. BTW,
    P-E-I is H-O-T

  • kalki

    Count me out on the chewed up food self-portrait, but in on Mammary Monday. Not sure why I have qualms about posting my see-food but no qualms about posting my boobs, but that’s just how it is.

  • 72feetabovesealevel

    Sorry Wendy, Forks (post 9) is still the armpit of the world. Look on the bright side at least you’re not in Aberdeen. For the uninformed, when someone tells you to, “Stick it where the sun don’t shine” the’re talking about Aberdeen.

  • Mrs.Strizzay

    Kristine, you and your new baby need to email me. Or IM me. Mkay

  • maricar

    I just saw the pics on flickr and am very very excited with glee? Is Leta sleeping in a Cosco Alpha Omega? That’s what my darling Malia sits in. I can’t wait to tell the hubby. Leta and Malia “may” have something in common?

  • rob

    this is my favorite website to read with my men’s club. I had a dream that Dooce’s husband and Leta helped me pick out a new cat!


  • Burdanilex

    Leta saying her name when she is upset totally tugs at my heart! DO NOT WANT KIDS (must repeat constantly after a story about Leta)

  • http://james jp

    That’s just gross man. Poor spotty Letta. I got pox when I was 13. Can you imagine how mortified I was getting the calamine rub down from my mother while my dad gave comentary on how I had chicken pox on my chicken pox?

  • TexaRican

    Kristine, I feel your pain. My first “adult” purchase was a new bed and mattress. I had NO idea of the prices (I mean, what the hell are these things stuffed with?). She still tells the story of how I cried when it was delivered.

  • http://james jp

    Sorry, hit t twice. Leta

  • Katie-be-bored-at-work

    I know how you feel, Striz. My arms ache from pushing my kid on the swing the other day. How sad is that when the only workout I get is pushing a 3 year old on a swing? I feel like I lifted weights or something. I am pathetic.

  • Bucky Four-Eyes

    The whole Leta mumbling “Leego” when she’s upset is, in fact, precious as all get-out, maybe even cuter than a basket of calicos.

    But you know what Leta story really grabbed my heartstrings and pulled ‘em outta tune the most?
    It was in the Month Ten newsletter:

    The part where Heather writes to Leta:
    “Like how you love books and their pages and say, “GO GO GO,” as you turn them.”

    I almost died a thousand deaths from cuteness when I read that. Still my fave Leta newsletter moment.

  • kristine

    It was so scary bringing my D70 home!
    I was THIS close to getting the digital Rebel, but holding the Nikon you can just FEEL the difference.

    I had a waterbed through THREE pregnancys. I finally went and bought a real bed 5 years ago.

  • Circus Kelli

    Burdanilex: I have three kids. The first is a virtual angel, the last is usually pretty laid back — but that second one — woo. She’s a doozy… did I mention she’s two years old?

  • kristine

    One thing the D70 can’t capture (or at least I don’t THINK it can) is the sound of my two little girls (6 and 8) in the backseat singing along with Stevie Nicks’ “Landslide”.

  • Circus Kelli

    Kristine #207: I had a waterbed through three pregnancies as well. I only got stuck in it once, though while pregnant. Luckily for me, Hubby started a wave on the other side. The ensuing “tsu-mommy” gave me the lift I needed to get my huge ass pregnant self outta the waterbed…

  • kristine

    tsu-mommy!! That’s classic!

    I got stuck in that thing on a daily basis. I would have to crawl to the end of the bed and do a backwards slide out of it.

    LOL-I just saw the POST button and the DORK logo at the bottom of the page and my eyes played tricks on me and I thought the POST button said DORK.

  • greenthumb


    I’m curious about the D70 and how it shoots. I have tremors and it’s the most frustrating thing when your trying to take a digital picture. My olympus c-z50 takes great pictures, but it’s small and I have difficulty keeping it steady. Add to that, there is usually the delay of the image being captured digitally that I usually get the blurries from.

    Does the D70 handle like a regular 35mm?

  • Mrs.Strizzay

    I am not a fan of waterbeds. I hate to be rolling around and sploshing all night.

  • kristine


    this camera is HUGE. It just looks small in Heather’s hands because she has long fingers ;)

    It’s super steady and when you hit that button…ohhh the sound of the click is orgasmic! It catches what you are taking a picture of the split second you hit that button. (it better for what I paid for it!)

    I have a bunch of 35′s and this is BETTER than all of them together. I also have about 6 digital cameras and I would hand over every camera I have ever owned for this one.

    It still scares the shit out of me though.

  • lawbrat

    Thank you Katie and IRS. I really like tax and corporations. My concentration is international law, so I want to practice in a mix of all three. I just applied to my schools LLM program for tax….Im a glutton for punishment.

    I love Everybody poops!! Although, like Dooce, I have issues with pooping. Maybe thats why I like corporations and tax….Im anal retentive

  • greenthumb

    better take out insurance on that beautch.

    sounds like it’s the shit. thanks for the consumer review. :o )

  • kristine

    I know, it will be covered under my homeowner’s insurance.

    SHIT, I own a home! When did I get all growed up?

    Did I mention I now drive a minivan? I’m an ADULT NOW!

  • Mrs.Strizzay

    LMAo Kristine, your kicking Shaun out of bed tonight aren’t you? hehehehehe

    Im going to the Y in a bit. Wonder if the crappy weather will keep people away? HA doubt it.

  • Burdanilex

    Circus Kelli #208 ~ I have a niece that is nearly three and while she stole my heart (which I don’t think even my own kids would get from her) she can be a holy terror. I still worship the ground she walks on and it nearly makes me cry EVERY time she says my name… but the holy terror moments are a definite counter to the urge to have one of my own.

    However when Heather describes Leta and I think of my niece I totally need to chant the I don’t want kids thing because that combination makes me want to run out into the street yelling. SOMEONE GET ME PREGNANT NOW!!

  • Mamaramma

    Greenthumb, kristine – Ever since I discovered Dooce (thank you NY Times), I’ve been dying for that D70. It’s way out of our budget now, but I think I’m going to start a little savings account for it. It must make memories seem prettier!

  • heidillydoo

    I miss Leta …

  • greenthumb

    I used to have a recurring dream of where I was a single dad. It was the same dream every time and it used to make me crazy.

    I wanted to be a dad for a long time, but now I realize that it’s not going to happen for some obvious reasons. Not that it’s impossible, but it’s not realistic now. That’s why I have Harlow, she’s my child now. She’s on my blog under Saturday Sniff Fest.

  • Mrs.Strizzay

    Mamarama, you can get them used at a pretty good price

  • Mamaramma

    greenthumb – by your handle, you’re obviously a very nurturing guy. I think you would make a wonderful dad!

  • Mamaramma

    Mrs. Strizzay – I looked on ebay and they were still pretty expensive – or they only sold them in parts. Do you know where else I could look for some used ones?

  • kristine

    I miss Leta too.


    Anyone know how the “BUTTS FOR BUTTERFLIES” is coming along?

  • kristine

    I didn’t see any used ones.
    Trust me, I looked. The ones I did find…I figured for a couple hundred more (oh god did I say that?) I could get the waranty (i spelled that wrong huh?)

  • greenthumb

    Thanks Mamaramma…I appreciate that…and that’s why I spoil my lil’Pooper to death. She gets all my parental love.

  • Burdanilex

    Greenthumb ~ I would LOVE to get a dog. I can’t though because I am not home often enough. I have two jobs and plenty of friends to hang out with when not working.

  • Circus Kelli

    Burdanilex: I should also add that our little two-year-old terror can be the sweetest little kid on the planet sometimes, and she has the greatest facial expressions and mannerisms. There’s no doubt I love that kid (and the other two) so much it hurts. I could *so* do without the terrible twos, though.
    Ugh. Maybe they should hand out fast-acting valium or prozac or something at the two-year checkup…

  • Burdanilex

    Circus Kelli ~ Sounds like your little two year old is a lot like my niece. The greatest facial expressions and mannerisms. When she sings and dances my heart melts the way it did when she was born. LOL

  • Mrs.Strizzay has used ones for like 800 I guess you might as well save a bit longer and get a new one right.

  • fullofit

    Where is lita? No chicken pox photos?

  • Mamaramma

    Burdanilex –
    Maybe if you want a dog, but can’t have one yourself, you could visit Mouse at He is in need of a lot of love, and he only bites if you withhold treats. He is 1 real good boy dog!

  • Mrs.Strizzay

    Ugh heather…HUH?
    Squeezing the dogs anal glands?

    Erm Okay

  • Mamaramma

    Mrs. Strizz – Thanks for looking into it. Yeah, I think I may be dreaming the impossible dream right now. I’ll have to baby step my way there.

  • Mamaramma

    What poor intern at the Vet has that job?

  • Burdanilex

    Mamaramma ~ I have been visiting Mouses site. I LOVE when he posts! Definitely 1 gud dog