The Master and his little Grasshopper

  • JulieT

    Crying again. Happy month 13, Leta!!!

  • http://james jp

    plowin’ the field

  • Jill Ross

    Hi Heather,
    I was just wondering if you plan on having any more children?

  • Mrs.Strizzay

    mowing the lawn

  • karinka

    when you show these pictures, it makes me miss utah so much. i love the greatest snow on earth!

  • http://james jp

    dumpster diving

  • Gordon

    Can I just say because of this website that I am now a scarred, yet wiser, man because I actually asked my wife why dogs needs to have their annal sacs cleaned, why do dogs have annal sacs in the first place, do our horses have such an organ, and will they have to be cleaned?

  • Mrs.Strizzay

    eew clean that cooch! blech

  • The Mighty Jimbo

    honest to god regualr access to this website is one of the few things i miss about america.

    that and veggie tacos from wahoos.

    argentine food blows for us hippy, veggie bastards.

    i find an internet cafe with veggie tacos i swear i may never leave.

  • texbecks

    part the meat curtains.

  • Jennifer in Kansas City

    First let me say that it is obvious Dooce, Inc. has amazing computer systems and technologies at her disposal, and I am certain the Pic o’ the Day is now automated by a computer, not Heather & Jon getting up at 3 a.m. to satisfy the Eastern Bloc Doocers’ need to BE NUMBER ONE in the comments.
    Then, let me say that the 13-month newsletter made me BARK with laughter (Leta, flattened out on the carpet: my god, I have days at work that look EXACTLY like that!) and then my eyes welled with tears at the love you have for your child and the honest way you write about it. We’re not having kids, and reading your narratives give me a glimpse of what it’s like. I know I’m not alone when I say this: Thank you for sharing your life so honestly & openly. And the pictures are awesome. For instance, I just got excited that tomorrow is Friday? because that means? CHUCK!

  • http://james jp

    doing the taco tango

  • Cristin

    Hiya Jimbo! You are missed man!
    I have to say I am loving the penguin pics you have up. Oh yeah, and all of the other ones too.

    Hope you are having a blast even without the fish tacos!

  • Dang Cold..

    the horizontal cha-cha

  • greenthumb


    it’s see food self portrait thursday…did you forget? ;-)

  • Girl.A

    Shuckin the oyster

  • 01234

    That kid is sooooo cute! And happy! For no reason! What a joy, eh?

    And now she’s entered her teens and is learning to hump, bump, and get into all sorts of things that she’s not s’pozed ta. You now know the point at which it all started. You may as well work with it now that you know. Tango and salsa lessons, cryptography and lock-picking, make sure she’s ready for Prince Coco Shimmy when he shows up.

  • texbecks

    man standing in the canoe

  • August95

    Happy 13 Leta, what a doll.

  • cat

    Uh-oh, here we go…

  • Peter Hentges

    Busy, busy at work for me this week means less time to spend with all you fabulous doocelings. I’m stealing a few moments away from well-deserved sleep to plug (which has the great class to feature yours truly today), to awww at the pictures of Leta and accompanying letter on her year and a twelfth and grin nearly as foolishly as the folks in that picture up there at the silliness here in comment-land. Keep up the good works! (And remember, only 20 more comments before the mandatory poop tangent!)

  • http://james jp

    damn tex, where you been?!?!

  • Torrie

    Jimbo, you’re a veggie? And I thought it wasn’t possible to love you any more than I already did…

  • texbecks

    i know, i know. i came back amidst the talk of salsa. after my last comment i’m afraid to tell where i’ve been.

  • Curious

    How come my computer shows that 1st comment was posted at like 3 in the nite? I am in central time zone. Can dooce set the settings so that comments open at 3 in the nite although she might have posted earlier or does it have to do with screwed time clocks of the computer? Just curious.

  • http://james jp

    mattress mambo

  • Bucky Four-Eyes

    Greenthumb — damn, always a day late and a mouthful of food short.

    Maybe that’s my lunch in the bag?

  • LadyBug

    no time to catch up on comments. typing with one hand, baby in the other.

    dooce, i can so totally remember eating out when my girls were babies and spent the whole meal auditioning for role of birth control poster child. and now the boy’s come along, and i have that to look forward to all over again. and by “look forward to”, i of course mean, “please kill me now.” we’re already leaving behind a trail of cheerios everywhere we go, and i know it only gets worse.

    but i also know it eventually gets better. that eventually kids can sit through a meal without leaving a disaster behind worthy of the red cross. and sometimes they can even eat a meal without having to stop to go potty.

    yes, they grow and change so fast. but some of those changes? are really nice.

  • Mrs.Strizzay

    I think, and I could be wrong here, that she posted the pic at 3 am her time.

  • greenthumb

    bumpin’ uglies

  • Bucky Four-Eyes

    Striz — bingo. The times shown here are mountain time zone.

    What I want to know is: where’s the mountin’ time zone? ‘Cause I wanna be *there*

  • http://james jp

    girl a love the cum spray guy!

  • Girl From Ipanema

    *Amazing* letter to Leta, Heather…you make me want to write a newsletter to my own children when I have them someday…

  • http://james jp

    taming the shrew

  • Lisa

    You guys are just the cutest couple!

  • Christine

    See, now… *that* would make a great t-shirt.

    “Just too cute to shoot.”

    And on the back it could say,

    “Deal with it, punks.”


  • Trance

    That’s a kickass picture. Now I want to see the second one where the person taking it fell down the hill and you guys are all freaking out like, “NOOOOOO!!!!”

  • victoria

    “a vengeful raccoon that’s just too cute to shoot” is the best description of a toddler ever.

  • Mush

    This month’s newsletter is so wonderful. I loved the ending – so gorgeious and loving and letting go and it almost makes me understand what motherlove must feel like. I’ll say what everyone says: you’re *so* funny, you’re *such* a good writer.

    I love reading your blog, woman.

  • lawbrat

    You guys are all SICK!!!! no wonder I love this site :-)

  • red

    Katie-BBAW –

    i am 5’11, too. YAY for tall girls!

    where do you buy your jeans/pants?

  • cat

    “Too cute to shoot.” Oooooh, definite potential!

  • Trance

    Red and Katie BBAW, I am also a 5’11″ amazon. Old Navy has awesome tall sized jeans.

  • cat

    Look, I’m 400! Suck it suck it suck it suck it…
    Sorry. I just like saying “suck it.”

  • Effie

    I love this photo of the two of you–it should be framed–and reading about your wonderful little Leta in your newsletter always makes me misty-eyed (and right now it seems to be making my ovaries hurt–time to talk my hubby into having kids….)
    Thank you for having such a wonderful blog–it makes my day just to read it and see your photos!

  • Spurious Plum

    This is nastiness. I love it.

    Anyone who wants a carneasada recipie let me know and I’ll email ya. My emails on the blog.

    Bust A Nut, ya’ll.

  • Mrs.Strizzay

    BFE, its in the mountians. MMKAY

    I am all eastern here baby. I wanna go to the beach.

  • lawbrat

    My oldest is going away to camp next week…when he was a toddler, I’d BEG my parents to PLEASE take this….vengeful racoon…for the day. Now, I dont want him to leave for a whole week. Things change so much when their older. You realize it does go by fast. Before the age of 4 or so, it couldnt go by fast enough…now, JUST.STOP.GROWING.UP.

  • Leah

    Man, when I saw that thumbnail I thought it was a Red Vine. Sigh. We don’t have those here in the East.

  • Amanda B.

    Dooce- You are so funny. Racoons are skirry!