Well Portland Oregon and sloe gin fizz, if that ain’t love then tell me what is

  • Henryk_

    Yes Kalki, yes yes yes. You need all the exercise you can get!

  • Libraryhill

    Scrumptious Beardless!!!

  • http://desperateworkingmommas.blogspot.com/ cat

    Nu-freaking-uh!! Say it ain’t so!

  • Cheryl

    Jon is one of those men who look beautiful at all times. How I wish I had one of those.

  • http://www.lineweaver.org/klog kalki

    That’s right, Henryk. And sex is the only exercise I get on vacation because (say it with me Cat) I’m LAZY.

  • Laura

    the result of your AP phone interview last week, perhaps?


    (sorry for the long url)

  • http://desperateworkingmommas.blogspot.com/ cat

    Um, that was in reference to the Rolos, not the freaky main room sex fun. Or the excercise, or whatever…

  • dänika

    H-O-T. You’re one luuucky woman, Heather.

  • http://desperateworkingmommas.blogspot.com/ cat

    Ooooh, and how about naked charades?! That’s definitely anti-victorian AND could be VERY amusing. Before the sex.

  • http://alleyesonjenny.com Jenny

    What a hottie. That makes up for that creepy hair pic for sure!

  • Henryk_

    Cat, it wasnt all that bad….it was only half a worm. Not as though it was a WHOLE worm!

  • http://redhappens.com red

    WOW, he’s so handsome. i love the beard look, but a nice clean shaven man is always sexy.

  • http://brokenbindings.blogspot.com Cristin

    In just under three weeks, my morning wake-up call will be the porter on the cruise ship knocking on my door to deliver hot, fresh coffee and croissants. Why go to breakfast in the dining room when they’ll bring it for free?

    OMG I cannot wait! First real vacation in going on 5 years.

    I’ll bring back some of the pillow chocolates for y’all

  • http://holyschmidt.blogspot.com Melanie S.

    You’re husband is so hot. Not as hot as Mr. Holyschmidt, but he’s hot.

    He looks great with the fresh lawn mowing.

  • http://desperateworkingmommas.blogspot.com/ cat

    I’m not listening, I’m not listening…

  • http://harlowandtheboys.blogspot.com/ greenthumb

    Check out the Utah Hottie…well done.

  • Henryk_

    OK Kalki…WE ARE L A Z Y and proud of it!!!!

  • http://badgermeetsworld.blogspot.com Badger

    See, again, I’m getting Kevin Spacey here. Which is not a bad thing at all.

    My DH is not allowed to shave his beard, ever. He is scary without it. And they’re not scratchy when they’ve grown out a little.

  • http://www.lineweaver.org/klog kalki

    AMEN, Cristin. When my husband and I cruised for our honeymoon, we ate every blasted breakfast in robes on our verandah. Ah, bliss…

  • http://www.digitalcatharsis.com el jimbo ponderoso

    hola. i´m in uruguay.

    now there´s a sentence i never thought i would write.

    i just had to remove a beard too. i´m betting jon had clippers and didn´t have to use two mach 3 blades and the scissors of a leatherman.

    heh. if i was really mighty i would just have used the leatherman.

  • http://www.lineweaver.org/klog kalki

    Yes, but sadly I’m only lazy on vacation. The rest of the time I work my ass off, thus earning my lazy-ass vacations.

  • Don’t bogart that

    What could he be thinking about? Appleonia? When Doves Fly? 1999?

  • Henryk_

    Oh Kat….you kinky kiddo!!!

  • p-hawk

    I remember one comment about Jon ages ago which sparked a debate as to whether or not he looked like Luke from the Gilmore Girls. Well, in this shot he looks more like Jackson. Just saying.

  • http://desperateworkingmommas.blogspot.com/ cat

    Cristin, just be careful of the toxic plume. I hear it’s real bad this time of year.

  • http://laurengirl.blogspot.com Jennifer

    The beardless wonder!! Looks nice!

  • Henryk_


  • http://ilitafire.blogspot.com Jenniffer
  • Henryk_


  • http://www.statesman.com/hp/content/shared-gen/ap/High_Tech/Fired_for_Blogging.html MyChelle

    Dooce made it to my local paper…through AP, but still! click on name link. They didn’t include her URL, though they did that Delta flight attendant.

  • Henryk_

    crap….time to clock on. Byeeeeeeeee

  • Lori laughs alot

    Totally seeing Kevin Spacey but not Jason Lee.
    Beautiful nails, does Jon get manicures???

  • http://www.partimer.blogspot.com part-timer

    all this vacation talk is just…torture! but, hey, i’m glad someone gets to go on vacation.

  • http://www.podlistener.com kieran

    AWW i miss the beard! Bring the beard back1

  • http://www.mycircuslife.blogspot.com Circus Kelli

    Part-timer #357: Tell me about it. My boss is going to Hawaii in April. Hawaii. I’ll be here. In Illinois. I tell you, there just is no justice in the world.

  • http://thefathousewife.blogspot.com/ Mrs.Strizzay

    I think its hotter. Personally.

  • http://brokenbindings.blogspot.com Cristin

    heh heh , I’ll definitely be on the lookout for the plume!
    This time has to be better, tho. Last time (’96) we went in Hurricane season and hit 20 foot water swells. roller coaster. blech. Almost kissed the ground when we hit Bermuda

  • http://perfectpeacefarm.blogspot.com Gordon

    Jon: “God, shes hot!”

  • http://jesferris.blogspot.com jes

    susie, cat:

    yes, there was a worm. a tiny, gray worm squirming around on the top of my Rolo.

    it was SO nasty. then again, it was KMart. what could i really expect?

  • http://thefathousewife.blogspot.com/ Mrs.Strizzay

    Re# 5

    spunk = jizzum

    just saying….

  • http://desperateworkingmommas.blogspot.com/ cat

    Oh, that’s ten types of EW!

  • http://maddenvision.typepad.com/maddenroundtheland/ cathi

    Goodness, what a difference! Did you wake up this morning to the stranger in your bed and scream?

    I think what amazes me the most is, after being out in the elements, there’s NO difference in the color of his cheeks and his beard area.

  • http://jenieb.blogspot.com/ Jenie

    Ok…I know it’s bad to start stuff…but I’m really kinda ticked….This lady -http://www.motheroftwins.blogspot.com/…left a post on another bloggers comments saying:
    I started my own blog b/c I LOVE the way you write yours – making fun of people, spinning funny yarns, fiddling words in clever ways to get your messge and your wit out there. I really like to hear snarkiness and to the pointed-ness; I wish I had the guts to say it more.

    One of my secret blogs is one about how Dooce.com’s baby, Leta, is really…kind of…well…


    May we all just go there once and tell her to suck it??

  • aidan

    Did Jon pose for this photo?
    Please don’t tell me that, it will just be the saddest thing!

  • http://www.jellybelly-jj.com JJ

    I love it when you post Jon in that shirt. My husband has the same shirt and I tell him he’s “hot like Jon”.

  • http://eli-mae@diaryland.com bethy-mae

    Holy Cow! So that’s what he looks like. He cleans up nice don’t he? When I saw all that hair I thought you had shaved Chuck.

  • A Fan ~ Jinny

    Hi, Dooce. You were in my local newpaper today. Imagine my surprise when I caught the article about web logs and being fired because of them. Of course you were quoted.

  • http://thefathousewife.blogspot.com/ Mrs.Strizzay

    I’ve never had a slow gin fizz. Seems kinda wekly. But then again I like malibu…and lemon drops YUMMMMMM

  • http://maddenvision.typepad.com/maddenroundtheland/ cathi

    anyone want to come with me?

  • http://stepcorrect.journalspace.com stepcorrect

    Very handsome.

    Ugh, lets not talk about the flight attendant on my blog site, she’s killing our bandwith and milking the fame.

    Dooce is WAY better and much funnier!