The camera took this picture by itself, I just stood there

  • Strizzf-ingblah


  • Mark Johnson

    niffer lol

  • Strizzf-ingblah

    Danni, would you hate me if I said my 11 month old was still asleep?

  • Spurious Plum

    Striz – He’s both.

  • the niffer

    Good one Susie! But wait, I thought you were grossed out and leaving. Just had to stick around, didn’t you Closet Picker?

  • Susie

    Bucky, is your tattoo on your majestic ass?

  • Dr. Johnny Fever

    Michael Jackson has some ugly ass pajamas. We have a table cloth made of that same material — which we now use as a drop cloth when the kids have the stomach flu.

  • Emily in China

    Does that happen often you think? Autographs. I mean.. I guess as lame as it sounds I’d at least want a picture with her. But I already feel horrible for logging on (does anyone call it that anymore?) every day just to read about the life of someone I have never (and will most likely never)met. So maybe I’d just put my tail between my legs and scurry off down the road.

  • Anita

    That is a stunning picture.

    Absolutley amazing. You could sell that and I would buy it as a print. (imagine doing some warhol-esque treatments to it).

    really! Is it a cake or a wall???


  • Strizzf-ingblah

    Micheal Jackson is a goul

  • Susie

    CK, that’s funny. She’ll change her blog to read, “My people take photos every day with a Nikon D70.”

  • Tara

    AHHHH so jealous of your photography skills! I fear if I get the D70 I won’t be able to use it and my pictures will still suck, and thats a waste of $1300. Let’s face it, folks. I’m no Dooce.

  • Strizzf-ingblah

    And for the record I totally resisted the temptation, and Kristines urgings, to post this as Matt Jacksons work #.

  • the niffer

    s’ok Mark. That was an obvious typeo. :)

  • Bucky Four-Eyes

    Striz, what we need in here is a Disco Explosion.

    Or maybe just some ass talk.

    Is it Tattoo Thursday?

  • Spurious Plum

    Lawbrat- And what’s up with 6 months of coldness per year in some parts of this country? Dammit, this is America!

  • Laurie

    Actually, my own personal picking has ceased since I discoverd Bjore strips. There is nothing more fascinating then seeing the gunk that gets stuck to that thing.

    That said, back to reading briefs on the role of statute of limitations on cultural property cases involving south america. hurrah.

  • Tara

    Hey, you know what kind of sucks for Leta?
    When it comes time for her to pick out a baby picture for high school yearbooks and whatnot, she’s going to have a hell of a time choosing. For me, there was about three good ones…not so tough. For Leta, there’s about 6 million. Good luck with that, honey.

  • Strizzf-ingblah

    Ok, so listen I doubt anyone recalls me mentioning this before, but I seem to be on some kind of calling list for Christians against gay marriage. They are trying to get a bill passed to ban it, and of course throw things like ant child molestation and such in there so people will pass it.

    So whatever, whenever they call I act all stupid or call them republicans (hey, they Cheney girl is a LESBIAN, and you voted for them!! To which they say *that* is not the issue)

    SOOOO, now I have their # on caller ID and actually called them back and played stupid for 3 minutes….”whos on first?”.

    If you should feel the need to tell some Christians who probably watch lesbian pron when their wives are out playing bridge feel free to call 800-394-2611.

    Unless of course your anti-gay. Well, then you can suck it. I say live and let live sons a bitches.

    But I am against all child molestation.

  • Mark Johnson

    Matta=Matt . . . blew the punchline

  • Ramon

    Danni: I agree. But then again, with a 22-months-old trying to convince me at 5 AM that the day has started….

  • Henryk_

    sweet dreamz!

  • Torrie

    Niffer, will do. I’m desperate- it smells like a fish store in here.

  • Brigitte

    woo! seventy…somethingth

  • Spurious Plum

    Greenthumb- LA got all your rain. I was getting my hair cut at Xmas and the salon blacked out and flooded during a thunderstorm. It was freaky, since there’s only been 3 thunderstorms in the history of Los Angeles.

    Lawbrat- I feel you, Pittsburgh was 22 today. Blech.

  • Mark Johnson

    the picture:

    Matt Jackson’s brain . . .

    Matta Jackson’s brain on a word processor . . . any questions?

  • danni

    I had to wake up my 11-month old this morning at 7.30
    Is that enough to hate me, strizzf?

  • seannarae

    me and the loverly anna honeymooned down there on your little island and found it to be quite smashing. everything about australia seemed to suit us yummy. granted, it might have been our love for each other frothing about and colouring the environment. but i still think the people we met & the places we drank in NSW and Victoria were the best in the world.

    And i’ll brook no argument on this subject. Ok, maybe a little.


  • the niffer

    Not sure about that CK. “Her people” had his tongue tied around another dog’s penis at the time.

  • Stephene

    Canberra, Australia.

    AND I watched the Amazing Race, also and nearly lost it when dude hate to eat his vomit. But, watching Jonathan and Victoria make me want to dry heave all the more.

    Hmmmmm…. I think it’s a brick wall.

  • Merdog

    Graygirl, I don’t drink everyday so that I can fully appreciate it when I do. So now I’m hammered and am going to sleep it off…

  • Circus Kelli

    Hayes #147 – Heather is FAMOUS. She can’t just walk around taking pictures herself anymore. Someone might spot her, and want their picture taken by her, then with her, then comes the autograph hounding thing…

    Perhaps she just had “her people” do it.

  • jillian

    i am very upset about this snow. i am going to boston to pick up my boyfriend who has been gone for ten weeks. i really hope the weather is good and that his flight makes it safely. for ten weeks i have been dreaming about meeting him at the airport. i really hope this gets to happen.

  • lawbrat

    I want spring…Im going through withdrawl. More snow today. I want flowers, sunshine, and WARM. Im not asking for more than 55 degrees at this point. Just 55. Is that asking too much? It is currently 27 with a windchill of 18.

  • Susie

    I’m outtie. Ya’ll are just gross. Next thing you know, Bucky’ll be back passing out icecubes. BLECH!

  • Ramon

    Jillian: snow Friday and Saturday I heard… like we didn’t get enough in the last month.

  • greenthumb

    Lawbrat, come to Seattle, spring has sprung here…if a bit early. Contrary to old beliefs, we’re actually in a drought. Where’s all the rain????

  • the niffer

    Quick Torrie! Make one out of tissue paper and cardboard like we did in elementary school!

  • Susie

    Well, get it started, Strizz. Crazy it up a bit. I tried with Paul, but he was too sad to play.

  • Manda

    I know this is a picture of orange bricks, but it still makes me really want some cheese.

  • the niffer

    Good idea Nathan. Sorry for the gross fest.

    Lawbrat, I would totally laugh. You’re a good mom.

  • Strizzf-ingblah

    Huh? The normalacy (which is probably spelled wrong) of these conversations is scary.

  • seannarae

    the hunter valley kicks ass. so much better then the valleys we have up here in northern california. nicer people, less of them, more hinterland dirt roads, 6-foot roos. Oh, and you have an equally kick-ass city by the bay just a few clicks south.

    you’re lucky to live where you do henryk.

  • Torrie

    Niffer, BOTH OF MY CAMERAS ARE BROKEN. I am dying.

  • danni

    I think there should be a law that forbids people to get out of bed before 9.00am
    When my boss asked me how I was doing this morning I answered that I’d be doing much better if he hadn’t make me come to work this early
    But then again, my work doesn’t really involve doing something usefull

  • Henryk_

    Ihave been to California. I liked the place, but, Sydney is H O M E ! :-) )

  • Torrie

    Another thing that made me think of you guys…
    My dogs anal sacs are leaking.

    They need to be expressed.

    Bucky, can I borrow the rolling pin?

  • Ramon

    Danni: it’s 7:08 AM… we’re 6 hours earlier than western Europe… time to get up and do something useful :)

  • lawbrat

    I’ve never been to California. I live in Cold ass snowy Michigan. Will the cold ever end?

  • Nathan Logan

    And by “getty”, I mean “getting”…