• http://harlowandtheboys.blogspot.com/ greenthumb

    blogger adoption project…LMAOF

  • http://www.jenireno.blogspot.com/ JeniLReno

    Granted, I haven’t read through all the comments yet, but why is Stevie wrapped in frigging pink?

  • http://maddenvision.typepad.com/maddenroundtheland/ mrtl

    LMAOF? what’s that?

  • http://www.podlistener.com kieran

    Now that just makes me want to run out and knock some girl up!

  • http://harlowandtheboys.blogspot.com/ greenthumb

    mrtl: Laughing My Ass Off

  • Heidi

    How adorable…

    Congratulations on the Bloggies, Dooce!

  • http://uhohnowlook.blogspot.com Susie

    hey! leave my gay dyslexic brother alone!

  • http://www.thejulietfiles.com/dailypicture/ JulieT

    Everytime I see a newborn I feel like I all of a sudden REMEMBER how tiny they are. So I guess even after I’m a mom I will still forget the littleness. Soooooo sweet.

  • http://uhohnowlook.blogspot.com Susie

    Keep the cox out of the box!
    Watch out for the fox with cox!

  • http://www.betterdayscrafts.com that-andrea

    Congratulations on the Bloggies, Dooce.com! Love!

  • http://uhohnowlook.blogspot.com Susie

    yea, thru the blogger adoption project

  • Kendra at the Lakehead

    coskel: thanks for playing DCD. God how I adore Lisa Gerrard’s voice.

    You on every Tuesday at 10??

  • http://maddenvision.typepad.com/maddenroundtheland/ mrtl

    Are you saying you and greenthumb are sibs?

  • Nutter

    Babies, GEORGE!!, Bloggies–it doesn’t get much better than that! Congratulations on your well-deserved awards!!!!!

  • http://harlowandtheboys.blogspot.com/ greenthumb

    white cocks, red cocks, one, two blue cocks

  • http://www.simsanity.com Kait

    Seriously, how glad am I that someone whose blog is a genuine joy to read wins big at the bloggies. Go on Mizz Armstrong, with your bad self.

  • http://maddenvision.typepad.com/maddenroundtheland/ mrtl

    I would not eat them in a box.
    I would not eat them with a fox.

  • http://spelunk.blogspot.com spoonleg

    I want to steal that baby.

  • http://uhohnowlook.blogspot.com Susie

    mrtl, my little brother, greenie, does the same thing!

  • http://www.sweetney.com sweetney

    those cheeks look like they could use a good gnawing…

  • http://bucky4eyes.blogspot.com Bucky Four-Eyes

    I was kept away from y’all’s lovely company by soap operas and pasta. No tellin’ which one will give me gas.

  • http://www.monocerdo.com MonoCerdo

    How can you not remember the tadpole days?! That little frog was about as big as the cracker package she destroyed yesterday.

  • http://maddenvision.typepad.com/maddenroundtheland/ mrtl

    Susie, could be. My daughter says cock instead of sock. We could make it work.

  • http://barbie2be.blogspot.com barbie2be

    there is nothing as beautiful as a sleeping newborn. :)

  • http://uhohnowlook.blogspot.com Susie

    What are we doing now? Nursery rhymes?

  • http://randomandodd.blogspot.com kristine

    Yes, Leta was that small.
    All of our little babies were.

    I pulled out a picture of Kara when she was like a month old. She turns 12 next week.

    Where did the last 12 years go?

  • http://harlowandtheboys.blogspot.com/ greenthumb

    Big cocks, little cock, long thin skinny cocks, big fat hairy ones stick.

  • daveeee

    cute woot #100?

  • http://bucky4eyes.blogspot.com Bucky Four-Eyes

    I’ll bet I’m too late for the cocks and ball sacks, ain’t I?

  • http://www.wanderingeyre.blogspot.com Michelle

    Congrats on the Bloggies Heather B. Armstrong. You bring laughter to my days.

  • Tanya

    Good news on the wins. Couldn’t have happened to a more deserving person.

  • http://randomandodd.blogspot.com kristine

    Oh yes there is, a sleeping toddler. Nothing more beautiful than nap time for a screaming 3 year old.

  • http://ryanharne.com RyanH

    I’ve always wondered what babies think when they have their eyes closed and someone is taking a picture of them. Or maybe they’re not thinking. And maybe, right before we die, every instance of infatile-camera-capture flashes before us in some wonderful instant.

    Wait. No, I never actually thought of that before.

  • http://www.ninotchkabeavers.com Ninotchka

    Congratulations Heather, you totally deserve it!

  • http://almostlucid.com Almost Lucid (Brad)

    Are Mormons taking over the world, starting with Utah? Why is this not on the news?

    Oh, and I will NOT razz you about how some manly men spend more time at home alone with their kids than the mommy. Nope, not me. Because I know you kid. And I know you know the world doesn’t work that way. ;)

  • http://kimba-bremen.com/wordpress kim

    sooo cute. baby-fever.. oh and before i forget: congrats on all the awards. looks like there’s gonna have to be some shopping done soon. you WAY deserve it!

  • http://www.dadgonemad.com Dr. Johnny Fever

    Do you think GEORGE!’s little lady friend knows how funny we all think it would be if she were to yell out “GEORGE!” during their round of Hide-The-Salami?

  • Andrea in Canada

    love newborns! she’s so sweet and precious.

    now off to catch up and read dooce…it’s been a couple of days and feeling out of the loop!

  • http://spelunk.blogspot.com spoonleg

    fucking 60′s night on Idol. BOOOOORING!

  • http://talkingtoad.blogspot.com/ TulsaOkie

    Beautiful Baby!! I love babies!!

    I agree, my children where never that small.. One came out at 9lbs 3oz and the other 9lbs 1oz. Never that small.

  • http://www.mamalife.blogspot.com Lisa

    I know… my girl is 11 months old… she was 5 lb. 11 oz. when she was born and at work I am blessed to hold babies every day. Today I held a 6 lb. baby and marvelled at how tiny and light it was and wondered how it was my little wonder has gotten so big so fast!

  • http://nonpromqueen.com Stacey

    I can’t remember mine being that small, and it’s only been 7 months.

    Makes me want to cry.

  • AndreaBT

    Nilbo, just look at the picture at the top of the page. If that doesn’t take you back in time, nothing will!

  • http://www.dreaminginreality.com Becka

    had a friend in Uni named Stevie,her full name was Stephanie…

    Beautiful baby. I love cute little baby noses :)

    Congrats on the bloggies! And I do believe I’m going to try that horrifically yummy sounding graham cracker treat today…

  • http://www.lonestarproductions.com jmarkj

    Congrats on the bloggie awards Heather! Well deserved.

  • http://bucky4eyes.blogspot.com Bucky Four-Eyes

    It’s always a good day when someone uses the word “uterus” in a comment.
    That’s my favorite book of the Bible: Uteronomy.

  • AndreaBT

    i didn’t want all of that in bold, but ok, whatever…

  • http://gipsysmusings.com amber

    One of my friends recently had her little girl, and we took some of Elizabeth’s old toys and such over to her. When I got to hold the baby, I was amazed when she said that she was about 3 pounds heavier than Elizabeth was when she was born.

  • http://truthsandhalftruths.typepad.com Nilbo

    God, I can’t even remember what it was like to have babies. My girls are 24 and 20.

  • g-dawg

    I’m confused about the gender of Stevie as well. Stevie sounds like a boys name, but Stevie is clearly in pink.