Go West, young man

  • http://eli-mae.blogspot.com/ bethy-mae

    I just ate me some fried chicken now I gotta call Uncle Bill. hehehe.

  • http://reformedstrippersanon.blogspot.com JessicaRabbit

    Naaaa Tonya Harding is a female boxer now, and Im betting her spelling wasn’t too good to begin with. After a few punches to the noodle, woooo that girls going to be purty!

  • Muffy

    Susannah, I’m sorry. I feel so self-centered. I just went into my own little world where only my opinions exist. No, I missed it. But I’ll keep an eye out for it.

  • http://randomandodd.blogspot.com kristine

    wait, before I go…
    anybody have any information on Yahoo 360?
    Any invites? I’d like to see what it does. It’s not flickr I know that.

  • http://paintingchef.blogspot.com/ Susannah

    Muffy you nut, what in the world are you apologizing for? Others that are great… “Ruby in Paradise”; “Employee of the Month” and “Curse of the Jade Scorpion” (LOOOOVE Woody Allem movies)

  • http://waveofmodulation.typepad.com La Pixiatrix

    Gorgeous photo, Dooce.

    The quality of all your Utah sky pics – they are so aqua blue. The blue in Beantown seems darker and more of a cornflower blue. It always gets me to stare and wonder at that aqua color, such a warm blue… even the haze (atmospheric perspective) on the mountains is the same tone. It’s beautiful.

  • http://www.terrisfight.org/index2.html RazDreams


    …and he refused to let her parents be with her during the last hour or so before she died. what a scary man.

  • Muffy

    SFG: Another good come back for “Fuck You”
    Just say, with a dirty look, “You’d fall in love, and I’d fall asleep”

    BTW> Just got home and found my man on the can wiping his ass. 47 1/2 days

    And another thing…Am I missing something with all the Hate Katie messages??? It’s all very reminiscent of when I had a personal ad on AOL. I received over FIVE THOUSAND (Thats a 5 with three zeros) and at least a third were basically hate mails from guys who had NO CHANCE with me. And I guess I had a successful ad. My man answered (with proper grammar, spelling and punctuation as per ad specifications) and here we are… Oh and many if not all of the men who were nasty were also balding, divorced with kids (i specified NO Divorcee’s with kids – my own personal preference) and couldnt spell to save their lives.
    How do you like me now?

  • http://www.snickrsnack.blogspot.com Katie-be-bored-at-work

    Muffy I almost crapped myself laughing so hard when I read the comment about the Burger King fresh bacon cheddar ranch bullshit. That commercial irks me no end. And I thought that was the dude from Hootie! That bizzatch at the end that says “Come and get it” really deserves a fist in the eye. Is it supposed to be some sort of Hee Haw knockoff?

  • http://ryanharne.com RyanH

    By the time I get home, it would take hours for me to find out what any of these posts are referring to – hundreds of they reproduce over the course of my day. So I never have anything to add onto a thread, so to speak.

    In that case, I will just say: Good evening ::bows::

  • http://kassipinkdot.blogspot.com/ Kassi

    Down with peeps. I like my sugar ultra processed and mixed with fat, so that I can fool myself that what I am eating won’t kill me or put me into a coma.
    I’ll stick with the reeses eggs…mmmm..peanut butter.

  • http://annejelynn.blogspot.com/ Annejelynn

    I just spewed partially chewed apple chucks allll over my monitor having just read this one from SFG…

    southern fried girl said at 03:48PM, 03.31.2005:


    Next time someone says you suck, say what I say. “Damn right I do, that is why I have a man. Cause I am goooooooooooood.” They never know what to say and it shuts them right up. Love the look of horror.

  • http://kassipinkdot.blogspot.com/ Kassi

    That Burger King commercial S.C.R.E.A.M.S. “Look at me, I am wearing a purple satin cowboy outfit because I. Need. Money.”

    *i think the bizzatch at the end is carmen electra…not sure though.

  • adam

    WOW. Someone really dislikes Katie. Lots of someones. Surprised? Not really. She does go on, no?

  • Muffy

    Another annoying commercial ad campaign. The whole McDonald’s “Bada Ba ba baaaa” “Bada Ba ba baaaa”.
    I like to go INTO Mickey Sleeze, order my food Meg Ryan style, and then just stand there and go “Bada ba ba ba, Bada ba ba ba, bada ba ba ba, bada ba ba ba.” Pisses off the workers to no end. Im sure they spit in my food, but it’s Mickey Sleeze. What’s the difference?

  • http://annejelynn.blogspot.com/ Annejelynn

    I just mistakenly read this one as a “breath of fresh POTATO” ????

    # CanadianAmy said at 08:04AM, 03.31.2005:

    A breath of fresh photo.

    Good luck coskel!

  • http://squirllabouttown.blogspot.com squirll

    lets not do anymore terri talk. peeps are all good. so is uncle bill. im a sucker for those cute little chicks that are made out of pipe cleaners… so cute..

  • http://www.digitalcatharsis.com The Mighty Jimbo

    ya know, i’m reading through these posts and i’m increasingly convinced that most of you are totally insane.

    not a criticism, mind you. it’s an endearing kind of insanity. like trekkies. this is way better than daytime tv.

    i’m just waiting for one of you to organize a meet and greet room at the luxor for doocecon 05.

  • http://eli-mae.blogspot.com/ bethy-mae

    As for poor Teri, it is a sad sad situation that noone has the complete facts on. At least she can finally get some peace, as well as her family and her husband. I don’t know if there was any foul play, but I’m sure if there was, Michael will get his. It’s called Karma.

  • http://lawbrat.com lawbrat

    breaths of potatoes….that could be a new trend

  • southern fried girl

    Muffy, you are a fuckin riot.

    Kassi, it is not Carmen Electra. I want to say Brooke something or other. Or skinny ho. Your preference.

    Just ate the fried chicken and waffle fries lunch. I am now in a food coma and can literally hear my arteries clogging. Damn it was good though.

  • http://someadventure.blogspot.com/ Girl.A

    *YAY LETA*

    And I guess I have not missed anything by not reading comments. Same old crallywhap.

    You guys realize that everything you say is being saved in searchable archives for “web eternity”, right?

    You are leaving a legacy. Does it reflect who you are and how you want to be remembered?


  • http://bucky4eyes.blogspot.com Bucky Four-Eyes

    Said it before, will say it again:

    Bagels, kegels…

    Either way, there’s gonna be cream cheese.

    But we’ll leave the lox right out of it.

  • Sabrina

    katie, et al, why do you find it so hard to believe that it couldn’t be more than one person making the negative comments? Not everybody loves everybody. With so many different people leaving comments it is reasonable to assume that you annoy more than just one random person. Do you get what I’m saying. I hope I don’t get called bad names now.

  • Muffy

    You know, I still havent gotten a response to my Haiku Tunnel query. And there is a RANCHWAGON footlong at stake here. KBBAW, you KNOW that I am totally taking you out for one when you come back to the “valley with a heart” in June. We’ll get some “curb service” baby. And i totally stand by that.

  • http://annejelynn.blogspot.com/ Annejelynn

    about the annoying Burger King commercial discussed earlier today…it is the Hootie Blowfish guy and the chick at the end is Brooke Burke

  • http://www.snickrsnack.blogspot.com Katie-be-bored-at-work

    LMFAO, Muffy. My 3 1/2 year old, when he was about 2, would sit in his carseat going “Da Da, Donna’s!” I was like “Who the shit is Donna? And why is he singing about her?” After about two months of this, I realized what he was saying when a McDonald’s commercial came on and he starting singing “Da da, Donna’s!” He was doing the ba da da da da!” but McDonald’s sounded like Donna’s. He would sing it every time he saw the golden arches. Now he sings it perfectly. In tune and everything. Sometimes it makes me wanna scream, but it is SO cute.

  • http://annejelynn.blogspot.com/ Annejelynn

    oh! Girl.A – you leave already?

  • http://www.snickrsnack.blogspot.com Katie-be-bored-at-work

    Hells yeah, Muffy! We will totally have to get together. I haven’t had Ranchwagon food in eons. I grew up on that stuff. I remember thinking the trays they stick on your window were the COOLEST things.

  • Beverly-N-Twins

    Look you crazy person with the multiple personalities…leave Katie ALONE!

  • http://paintingchef.blogspot.com/ Susannah

    Its Brooke Burke in those Burger King commercials. She used to do that “Wild On” show on E! I think. And yeah, she’s REALLY irritating in that commercial.

    Muffy, I’ve never heard of “Haiku Tunnel”, sorry.

  • Mojo

    This is my first posting on the website, and have been told all about Dooce.com and I must say, it is quite enjoyable. I mean, a website that puts “poop talk” up on a pedestal?? That’s freakin’ great. My fiancee’, Muffy, introduced me to this, and being that I torture her on almost a daily basis with my out of control, stinky, TP-mongering browneye, I figured I owed it to her to check this out. Kudos. My bung itches with much pleasure.

    May 18th is the big day for Muffy and I, and she has impeccable taste when it comes to books, movies, music and now, websites.

    I have to say, my distaste for the human race, i.e. the stupidity, idiocy, (call it what you will) and downright disrespect constantly shown by men and women of every color and social status has forced me to the internet to actually have meaningful conversations. I think I’d rather be living in a cave, selling jewelry by the roadside than deal with many people I deal with on a daily basis.

    But, then again, it’d be hard to have a heated toilet seat living in a hole like a hobbit.

    Anyway, great site, be good to each other, but, if you can’t, at least be creative, where you can leave someone thinking “What the fuck does THAT mean?!?”



  • http://www.missnexus.com nexy

    I thought all women could stop peeing midstream. I thought that this was our gift from God. After my Kegel exercises for the birth of my twins, this only made my talent better lol.

  • http://annejelynn.blogspot.com/ Annejelynn

    I guess I missed her…
    Girl.A, several weeks ago had made some very valuable, valid points, I thought, about dooce comments at the time…

    Made me rethink my own comments. I decided I wanna restrain myself, and avoid making severe judgements and to forego attacks made upon commenters who unfortunately choose to share their not-so-nice thoughts (I’m being nice here) from time to time. I just wanted to say THANKS TO GIRL.A for the much needed reality check. I’ve been (OF COURSE) visiting Dooce.com daily, but hadn’t been posting any comments in a while…felt bad a little and primarily, I’ve been too busy. Fun to have the chance to peruse the comments more thoroughly today, but a lil’ bummed to see some of the nasties flyin’ around.

  • http://www.snickrsnack.blogspot.com Katie-be-bored-at-work

    I was gonna say Brooke Burke, too. It really looks like her. She is annoying. It must be sad when you go from doing a show on “E”, which is bad enough, to doing Burger King commercials. But then again, my claim to fame is being on the Hatchee Milatchee show when I was 4. You know what that is, Muffy, being from NEPA.

  • http://reformedstrippersanon.blogspot.com JessicaRabbit

    I pretty much just skim comments and stop to read the sweet or funny ones and as soon as I see a sign of crabby I just go on to the next. Its too bad people have to get worked up and everything, Im not going to let it get me down, its just words on a screen, nothing anyone says here is really all that important in the grand scheme of things, including me.

    I just wanna be tarded.

  • Muffy

    HATCHEE FUCKING MILATCHIE GET THE FUCK OUT OF HERE!! I was on that too! Miss Judy is SUCH A BITCH! I heard her assistant used to use her car to buy weed.
    I was much more of a Magic Garden kid. You know…
    Its nice to say hello (hello) hello (hello)
    Its nice to say hello, hello and how are you.
    …And then you’d listen to see if they said your name when they sat on the swing. Carol and Paula from the Magic Garden. Now that was great children’s television. No wonder kids are on drugs at such an early age. Has anyone actually seen the crap on saturday morning cartoons? I mean CRAP! And then golf at like 11 a.m. That’s just wrong.

  • http://annejelynn.blogspot.com/ Annejelynn

    as for what Sarah said earlier, AMEN

    # Sarah said at 09:32AM, 03.31.2005:

    I think the comments about the Schiavo’s should cease and desist ASAP. None of us KNOW any of them, so presuming to know the details and what should happen or is happening is pointless.
    Don’t forget that the media will never tell you the full story. Ever.

  • http://www.eicherdesign.com/blog K E N N Y (blaqenedwyte blog)

    My dad was in the peanut gallery on Howdy Doody Show in the 50′s.

  • http://deliriousdisarray.modblog.com Ruth

    (in a calmer state of mind)

    We are all idiots for allowing the media to manipulate us so easily. No one would even know Terri’s name if the gop hadn’t decided to make it the issue du jour in order to further their own agenda. They sure knew how to spin this one. It’s just the latest smoke screen to keep us from talking about any real issues.

    I wonder what the next “scandal” will be? Perhaps an actor will be on trial for murdering his wife. Or an international pop star will make headlines once again for diddling little boys. Or maybe a man will kill his pregnant wife on Xmas eve and dump her body in the ocean. Oh, wait… did that already happen?

    I guess now the news can get back to those important issues, like what Michael Jackson wore to court today.

  • http://paintingchef.blogspot.com/ Susannah

    Talk about the CRAP that’s on for cartoons now. Did you know that children now have NEVER HEARD OF A SMURF????

  • http://www.eicherdesign.com/blog K E N N Y (blaqenedwyte blog)

    oh.. the Smurfs were the BEST! Gargamel and Azrael!!!

  • http://goingtothecountry.blogspot.com Terri

    That sky looks like it goes on forever. Beautiful

  • http://www.snickrsnack.blogspot.com Katie-be-bored-at-work

    Muffy, Ms. Judy was SUCH a bitch. She got really mad at this poor little boy in my class because he asked for her autograph, and she told him to buzz off. It was during a break, because it was a live show, and he started crying. Her real name was Lois something-or-other, and someone told me she did drugs, too. What the hell are they teaching children? Anyway, I loved that blasted show, until she told that kid off.

  • http://hunzer.blogspot.com Hunzer

    What a peaceful photo.

    Peaceful is good.

    There is no peace in my house today. My son murdered Humpty Dumpty’s followers.

    How does one get raw egg out of an area rug?


  • http://www.snickrsnack.blogspot.com Katie-be-bored-at-work

    When did you graduate, Muffy? I graduated 1998, and I went to Valley “Waste”. I didn’t graduate from there, though, because we moved to Milton, the crappiest podunk town in Central PA. Did you go to Lehman?

  • Stacey B

    yea smurfs!

  • http://deann.blogspot.com DeAnn

    Aw, pretty!!

    And I am unbelievably happy that Leta is “fine.” I knew in my heart she would be, but I’m so relieved to read it from a doctor’s mouth.

    Hugs to all of you!

  • Muffy

    K E N N Y: My sister lived for a while with the guy who was the slinky boy way back in the day. IF that aint a brush with fame, I dont know what is. (My sister ended up kicking him out because he smoked too much pot. So much for wholesome toys)

    KKBAW – Yer a little younger than me dear. I g’d from Meyers back in 89. Rocket Ismail used to let me cut in front of him at lunch. Another brush with fame. What’s REALLY scary is you’re 10 years younger than me and have a 3 year old. We are really gonna have to get on the stick when we GET MARRIED or my ovaries are gonna dry up like raisins

  • http://www.snickrsnack.blogspot.com Katie-be-bored-at-work

    Actually he is my stepson. So my ovaries are still singing to have babies, too. So don’t feel too bad. Although I have friends that are my age, 25, that have 10 year olds. Grodey. I thought Rocket Ismail went to Wyoming Seminary? My sister graduated from there in 1990. Or maybe it was his little brother that went to Sem.