Perhaps the only thing I remember from AP Biology

Yesterday when Leta woke up from the sedative we were a little worried that she’d refuse any liquids because whenever she drinks water she swishes it around in her mouth and then lets it dribble out on her shirt. The nurse suggested that we try this bottle of glucose water. Jon asked, “Is it sweet? Does it have sugar in it?”

“Glucose, Jon. That means sugar.” Jon wasn’t at all fazed by my snooty 17-year-old self rearing its ugly head. I didn’t know Steely Dan was a band with more than one member until I was in college. We’re even.

Last night while we were getting ready for bed I sat down to go pee right as Jon was opening Leta’s bedroom door to see if she was sleeping well having gone through what she did yesterday. The bathroom is right next to her room, so when he opened the door I stopped peeing mid-stream. After checking on her he came into the bathroom to take his contacts out and asked, “Wait a minute, did you stop peeing, like, all of a sudden?”

“Yeah, I didn’t want to wake her up.”

“How did you do that? I can’t do that.”

“It’s all those bagel exercises I did to get ready for labor.”

“You mean kegel?”

“Oops, kegel. But next time I might try bagel exercises instead.”