Remnants of chocolate pop tart

  • Vaida

    Caroline, just strap a big ass aerosol can of Deer Repellent onto your back.

  • Torrie

    Pokey speaks the truth.

  • Caroline

    Will do.

  • Stacey

    Oh boy. You’ll have to make sure they don’t exact their revenge on Leta when they get older. That’s what I’ve done to the children of my torturous aunts and uncles…

  • kristine

    Is Greenthumb around today?
    I finally took some pictures of the backyard. I want to forwarn him so he doesn’t faint when he sees them.

  • Kim

    Looked like hard work eating that pop tart….Go Leta… :-)

  • AyEnDeeAreEeAyAitch

    Oh, her little grubbiness is so fetching!

    I am totally aughing at the pounding pickle comment. It’s hard having baby girls when mom and dad get a thrill out of innuendos. At least for us it is.

  • Cindy

    Leta is wise beyond her year.
    What a look of satisfaction from chocolate. She will get along with PMS famously!

  • Vaida

    I guess nobody liked my Pop-Tart creation. (cry)

    I feel so unloved today..

  • stacey

    i really, really like this picture. lovely. :)

  • geeekgirl

    Eating pop tarts is hard work.

  • AndreaBT

    Torrie! Do tell…is he REALLY hung like a horse?

  • Ms. Belle

    Hey! Who gave her the middle pieces??? End pieces only please!

  • kristine

    I actually ate a pop tart today. I never eat those things.

    Thanks Leta!

  • Torrie

    Ok, here it is….
    There was this woman and it was her birthday. Her friends wanted to throw her a suprise party.
    They knew her routine pretty well. She kept her dog in her big finished basement while she was at work. Every day when she came home she would go down to the basement to feed the dog, so the friends thought it would be a good idea to hide in the basement to surprise her. On the day of the surprise party eveyone was hiding in the basement. They heard the woman come home. They heard her moving around in the kitchen upstairs. They heard her walking towards the basement door. Finally the woman opened the door, walked down the stairs to the basement, and her friends turned on the lights and yelled surprise. THEY were the ones who were suprised.
    The woman was standing there Naked with Peanut Butter all over her crotch.

    An interesting side note …
    A friend told this story at my 18th birthday party in front of my entire family including my grandma.
    It was ok though because I stole the show by getting drunk and doing the Mexican hat dance in the middle of the restaurant.

  • HardHeartedScot

    Finally you have got me. Yes, she really is gorgeous… how could she ever do anything wrong in her whole life ? And even if she did, who would not fogive her immediately ?

  • Katie-be-bored-at-work
  • natalia

    I am in shock, the pic has been up for almost a whole day and *ONLY* 58 comments? Did the whole Internet go down and I didn’t notice?

    Leta looks absolutely scrumptious!

  • Vaida


  • natalia

    Ha, I knew it couldn’t be, the refresh didn’t work ops..

  • Courtney

    That’s how I look after Pop Tarts!

  • Henryk_DTG102155KFEB05

    Doesn’t anyone sleep nowadays?

  • greenthumb

    Let’s see it…I’m ready for it. (takes deep breath)

  • Henryk_DTG102155KFEB05

    Comment: #446>>natalia said at 12:24AM, 04.12.2005:
    I am in shock, the pic has been up for almost a whole day and ONLY 58 comments? Did the whole Internet go down and I didn’t notice?

    Leta looks absolutely scrumptious!

  • http://http|:// Susannah

    Oh…that is just too precious for words. Morning everyone…what’s the topic of the morning?

  • M. Douglas Wray

    I just love your site. You make me laugh. Thanks.

  • the niffer

    Torrie – I can’t believe you went there! That’s the exact same story I heard. Must be legend.

    Caroline – I know I shouldn’t laught, but picturing deer stalking and hunting humans makes me giggle.

    I thought only moose got territorial with young, but don’t quote me.

  • Mel

    How cute! Her eyes look especially beautiful in this photo.

  • Caroline

    So apparently dog themed erotica is the theme for today, what with the dog showering story and the peanut butter thing…

  • Caroline

    *Bow Chica Bow Ow*

  • the niffer

    Laught. pffft. I’m a goof with big fingers.

    Susannah – topic = peanut butter crotches. Discuss.

  • Bucky Four-Eyes

    Aaaah, another day away from Dooce during the day. Heart breaking…will to live draining fast…

    If there wasn’t free breakfast downstairs, I’d be fixin’ to weep like a schoolgirl with a busted Trapper Keeper.

  • Caroline

    Actually, niffer, the way you put it it did make me laugh a little. But those deer, they were creeeeepy.

  • Caroline

    What happened to Pokey? Why hasn’t he whipped it out? WHIP IT OUT POKEY!

  • Torrie

    Caroline, I think it depends on the deer’s habitat. If they are in an area where they see humans all of the time, then I wouldn’t worry about them attacking you. If you are in the middle of nowhere and there is a possibility that the deer have never seen humans then I might worry.

  • minxlj

    Hmm. That looks suspiciously like me after dinner.
    Yay chocolate!

  • Muffy

    Torrie, in re: drunken hat dance…see my above post in re: hungover bride…That was YESTERDAY! How am I going to live it down? Well, the wedding is in five weeks in vegas. I’m SURE I can do something to make my condition at the shower seem absolutely trivial in comparison.
    Maybe having our gettogether after the wedding at Margaritaville MIGHT not be such a good idea. Hell yea it is. Pass me the tequila! And the ice bucket. So I can puke in it.

  • the niffer

    Bucky – I had a dream that you were dead. Someone said yesterday that they missed you, so in my dream I went to your site and it had turned into a kind of shrine. I believe it said something like “Rock on, Bucky Four Eyes, 1969-2005″.

    Glad to see your still alive. I don’t know your birth year, but somehow 69 seemed appropriate.

  • Muffy

    BTW…Anyone need a mini chopper/food processor? I got three…

  • the niffer

    Glad to see YOU’RE still alive. How embarASSing.

  • Torrie

    Muffy, the best part was, I pulled a hat off of the wall in the restaurant, so I could do an ACTUAL Mexican hat dance. When I was done dancing I put it on my head and sat down at the table as if I was completely normal.

  • Bucky Four-Eyes

    Niffer – I don’t mind if you trim years off the beginning of my life, but man, let’s not trim any off the end!
    And trim you did – but let’s just say I was born in ’69 and pretend it’s true!

  • Jennifer in Kansas City

    OK, that is so unfair. I NEVER look gorgeous after I eat anything. Awesome eyelashes are usually wasted on men and dogs. Eyelash Envy of Leta, Eyebrow Envy of Heather. It’s not easy bein’ green.

  • Muffy

    Only 458 comments? Slow day. Good morning everyone! I’m no longer hungover. Now,for something greasy to eat. After reading about pounds of bacon grease, i could SO go for a croissanwich. Hold the egg.

  • Caroline

    Hey, I’ll take one. I always give gift certificates as wedding/bridal shower gifts. Otherwise they get the same stuff they don’t want.

  • Henryk_

    And a good evening/morning to the nightowls and addicted!

  • Muffy

    Torrie…Is ANYONE ever COMPLETELY normal?

  • Meg

    Do you just pick her up, high chair and all, and put her in the shower?

  • Krista

    Caption: “Okay, I can eat just *one* more, but you gotta let me take a break first. Yo Ma, unbutton my pants will ya.”

  • Henryk_

    Diana Krall :-) ) And GOOD jazzzzz!