• http://www.weehob.com Charmaine

    I was waiting, and waiting for said “activity” and when it finally came, it was too funny! I love how she’s really mimicking what it looks like to read a book or a magazine. Too cute.

  • http://www.mspolly.com Ms*Polly

    When I read the post, I thought she might have stuck her finger up her nose or something equally, deliciously naughty. Then I watched the clip, and it was EVEN BETTER. :D

  • http://www.thebeatys.com becky

    Awesome clip! My 2 1/2 year old son is sitting here with me and has me playing the video “again again!” “Leta booped – AGAIN!”

    Now I get to spend my morning listening to Leta fart, over and over again. ;)

  • http://www.adrielsommre.blogspot.com aslage

    she could not be more adorable.

  • http://alissaclare.typepad.com/the_exciting_life_of_acs/ Alissa Szarek

    Hmmmm… I’m wondering if you could tell me where I could get one of those for myself. Adorable.

  • bexcetera

    I love the way the magazine reaches almost to her toes when it’s on her lap. Too cute!

  • http://some.fancypiece.com Jasmin

    She has a perfect French accent, and turns her pages so well.

  • lizz

    Depression is swamping me at the moment, and I haven’t laughed for days, but this entry had me laughing so hard I cried. Thank you Heather – and Leta too ;-)

  • JDB

    I think she said “Christmas is coming” several times and then “Money, money, money.”

  • Magellan

    Watch out for those squeaky floorboards, Leta. You’re sitting right on one!

    I once heard a story about a horse that passed gas so loudly and with such explosive force that the girl who was leading him fainted dead away.

  • http://fyse.floatingface.com Fyse

    I love the way she studiously continues with her reading. Fantastic. Oh, and great new masthead!

  • http://www.dominocat.co.uk domino

    I’m pretty certain she says “this is Tiger Woods” when she turns to the second page.

    Utterly adorable :)

  • http://www.sliverssnippets.blogspot.com JayAre

    I love burping! And I love anything that burps!

    Also, you should see my dog when she hears Leta’s voice. Sit up, bark, whine, try and climb on the computer.

    I think she might be in love with your daughter.

  • http://yonkogirl.blogspot.com/ jozet

    LOL! Very cute!

    Well, at least she didn’t blame it on you. Which is what my 4yo does. In public. After blasting gas that a truck driver would be proud of.

    No one can believe that a sound that loud would come out of her precious bottom, so I get the blame.

  • http://jessica.mccabe.nu Jayseaka

    A great way to start my morning! She’s so cute and clever :)

  • http://www.kerrianne.org kerri

    I love the way she is constantly (and so cutely) repositioning herself throughout the video, as if she is determined to find that just right reading position. Or you know, the position wherein she can most easily pass her gas.

  • http://flubberwinkle.blogspot.com/ Flubberwinkle

    I miss baby babble. It made more sense than what my two daughters (17 and 11) are babbling about now.

  • http://www.trevandkat.com trevordlb


    It seems like there are a lot less ads, not that they ever really bothered me…

    Trev :)

  • lmp71826

    How cute. Can’t wait until her first real boyfriend googles her name and somehow this will come up in the results! She’s adorable.

  • http://cowjumpmoon.blogspot.com Shalini

    Too Cute! The teacher side of me is saying that it’s amazing that she already “knows” which way to turn the pages…and her “reading”… she is such a smart girl! I can’t wait to see her with numbers. I bet she is a whiz!

  • Shana Banana

    I think Leta is a member of my family. But you know what they say about reading.. it relaxes you enough to do those things hehhehehe

  • http://www.jenguin.com jenguin

    Leta is so adorable! Thanks for sharing these little videos, they’re so cute!

  • Zelda

    SURE, blame it on the BABY.

  • HannahB

    I like how carefully she turns the pages — she’s a thorough shopper already. Did the business trip to San Fran have anything to do with signing a book deal for a Cyborg-English translation dictionary? Love the new masthead too : )
    Charlottesville, Va

  • http://www.troll-baby.com/ Karen Rani

    Leta’s rockin’ that hardwood! BOOYAH!

  • MissKitty

    I LOVE the way she raised the magazine to cover her face after she farted, although there was absolutely no shame in it whatsoever. Haha.

  • http://myfloats.blogspot.com/ myfloat

    that’s hysterical. the only thing i understood was “i read, i read”. and the noise at the end of course. it spoke volumes!

  • http://di@redefining.org di

    Leta is awesome! Go Leta!

  • http://www.therockhostel.blogspot.com freecave

    Priceless, absolutely priceless!

  • http://lizabithann.blogspot.com lizabithann

    Oh how I love the Sky Mall magazine. I was introduced to it on my flight to Texas last month and it made my flight seem a little shorter. I was amazed at all the crazy inventions for two full hours. Good choice of reading, Leta.

  • ikkepagrasset

    I did that in class the other day… the farting part, not the sky-mall part.

    Being in college sucks because the only people you ever see are your professors and people the exact same age as you. That’s why it’s so nice to get a small reminder of what its like to be around winsome young children (and senatorial canines) every once in a while. Thank you SO much for sharing.

  • occ_gurl

    The poor kid can’t even TOOT in private. Her whole life is on display. She’ll hate you for that one about age 14 I bet!

    Thanks for sharing the video…what a cuuuuuuutie!

  • http://rancidraves.blogspot.com cagey

    If it weren’t for the fact that she seems to be trying to cover her face afterwards, I would be accusing you of trying to foist the blame of your own Gas Passage on your child. Hilarious!

  • http://www.lesterf4.blogspot.com lesismore

    that. was. so. rad.

    i’m addicted. i can’t stop watching it!!!

  • http://www.Evilqueenrules.blogspot.com Annie

    That is priceless. Nice attempt at covering as well.

    Also, from a teacher’s perspective, her reading readiness skills are outstanding. She totally gets how printed materials work. I love how she changes her tone and inflection as she moves from page to page. Too funny.

  • http://hmckillip.blogspot.com Heather

    Love it! Leta is adorable! thanks for sharing with us!

  • Ryan

    Just wait till she gets older and finds out you posted her farting on the internet. for millions to see…well hear. You’re gonna be in big, BIG trouble.

  • Kelly

    That is priceless. I think the best part is the fact that you are trying to be quiet, but when she lets loose you can’t help but burst out laughing.

  • dylan

    i’m sure someone somewhere is going to complain that posting video of your child farting on the internet is some sort of child abuse or something, but i’m too busy laughing to even think why. Leta is really the most adoreable thing ever! thanks again for sharing!

  • http://www.iprettymuchhateeverything.com Torrie

    I am having THE WORST DAY EVER. NO really, EVER. And this totally made me smile.

  • http://missbehave.org MissBehave

    All I heard was

    *fart* This is a condiment.

    Priceless. Show this at her 21st.

  • http://wandacrab.blogspot.com Kerri

    Nice one, Leta!

  • http://www.CadensCastle.com Donny


    Thanks for the smile. And the tears in my eyes. After the emotional day this has been, such a sweet video caused my eyes to leak.

    - D -

  • http://www.dontsneezeintothefan.com Princess of Power

    OMG. My coworker and I look for new Leta videos each day to make our day a little less shitty! Hilarious!

  • http://kristied.blogspot.com KristieD

    i would be so proud if i were you ;)

  • http://xanga.com/tankbear tankbear

    I love how all the items start with “this is called…”

    Kari, I’m sure we all do the same “wtf? i didn’t hear that/make that sound” face. haha!

  • http://www.mysterymommy.blogspot.com mystery mommy

    Holy guacamole! She’s just adorable. I love her handling of the catalog. And that was quite the toot.

  • JCH13868

    Hi Mrs. Armstrong. I just wanted to say that I think your site is fantastic! I read it every day. I hope that when I have kids, they’ll be as cute as Leta. That video is absolutely precious!

  • HDC

    I just captured a similar giggle inducing moment with my five week old son. No one ever told me before having my little scream monster that babies fart so durn much. And stinky farts too! Stuff that puts my dad to shame. Glad to see I’m not the only one seeing this in their offspring =).

  • Christinathemom

    I totally understood everything she said, she and my daughter speak the same language.

    She said, “This is the kind I want” She said “Hi” to someone on the page.. and then just there at the end before you started to giggle and so rudely interrupted her thought process she said, ” I’m going to marry that man with the cut off…..” and you laughed and stopped all that.

    too funny.. thanks for sharing