• http://www.theparagon.org/baby jodimichelle

    Thats great. We, too, think we have a genious on our hands. Now we all know what that means.

  • http://rivetergirl.blogspot.com rivetergirl

    I love the unaffected mannerisms and the utter lack of self-consciousness that exists in toddlers. They just react to their environment and act in the manner they feel will most likely get them cookies.

    It’s a good way to be.

  • tsans

    heather, watching this video makes me think of the moment about a year ago when we were watching videos of my now 4 year old son. i realized that since i’m the only one who ever videos, all you hear is my loud ass voice prompting him to do cute things. that is when i began my silent film era, and his 3rd birthday party is simply a silent panning of the events. now my second son is 1 1/2 and all the video of him entails me whispering for him to say things, or do things, or show off. i’m just glad i’m not the only one who’s so damn loud!

  • http://www.thefates3.blogspot.com marnie

    how did Leta figure out my secret wave?

  • http://www.maniacaldays.blogspot.com Maniacal

    She sure is cute. Such a flirt with the camera!

  • http://bellasmommy.livejournal.com The Lizzy

    Am I the only one waiting for her to start shouting REDRUM! REDRUM!!!!!!!!!???

    Are you pregnant again yet, Heather?

  • http://www.lorimac.blogspot.com Lori MacBlogger

    She has all the makings of a successful hair model.

  • http://nicktitcombe.blogspot.com/ Nick T

    Brilliant, no doubt about it.

    My two year old daughter holds up all four fingers to tell us her age.

  • http://whirledpeaz.blogspot.com Ms.Q

    Wha? I don’t get it! She said “two” and held up her (adorable) finger.

    I am this many *holds up 3 and 7 fingers*. What’s wrong with that?! Oh wait, I just remembered I am not a math major but I do have beautiful hair! I want to be Leta when I grow up.

  • http://www.ranitngsinred.com coffeygirlb

    red rum red rum

  • http://www.biggestapple.net BigA

    Damn – not only does she know her age but then she spells out the word ‘TWO’ in morse code?!?!

  • http://theboldsoul.com The Bold Soul

    I can hardly wait until she grows up and writes a tell-all NY Times Bestseller about what it was like growing up as the daughter of the Dooce.com blog. Notice I said “blog” not “blogger” – cuz she’s everybody’s baby now!

  • http://www.troll-baby.com Karen Rani

    Jon better himself one of dem dere gun licences, because honeypie, the boys will be a-flockin’ to ya’lls house in 12-14 yars.

  • AmandaR.

    Haha… that’s too funny! I love how she violently shakes her head so her curls will bounce!

    This reminds me of a two and a half year old kid who went to the same church I did for awhile. You would ask him how old he was and he would hold up both of his hands and say “Tweennddy four!”. Seriously the cutest thing in the world.

  • http://jody2ms.com/ jody2ms

    I love how she flutters and blinks her eyes at the beginning.

    What a doll!

  • butterfrei

    heh heh – so freakin adorable…everyone at the office thinks I’m a junkie. Truth is, the man’s filters keep them from experiencing the video cuteness themselves.

    Forget the counting! How professional is Leta at t-hwwooo…only 2 and already 1) checking the cuteness, blink, blink, tossing the ‘tails, checking the voice box…oops, almost tripped heheh, oh, I’m on..yes, first question, mama…

    you know that split second, when she’s blinkin’ – did you get similar blinks when you told her, “…nuh-uh! Orrrrrrrrrrr not a chance!”?

  • keagansmom

    You weren’t kidding when you said she had freakishly long fingers! WOW!
    and she is so freakin CUTE!

  • http://www.snickrsnack.com Snickrsnack Katie

    That is great – and oh my lord the child does have long fingers. I can now be at peace knowing I am not the only person out there with freakishly long digits. See, really, her fingers are so long, that each finger is like worth two regular two-year olds fingers. So when she flashes one finger, it is worth two. Leta is way smarter than you think.

    Yeah, there ya go.

  • http://turtletek.livejournal.com LTG

    Too late. I work in an Admissions Office. I’m making a note of all this for future reference!

    - LTG

  • raspberry queen

    Okay, enough with the clips of your adorable daughter. It sets off my biological clock and that’s just so wrong.

    Yeah, I know I don’t have to watch or listen to those clips. But she’s cute, dammit.

  • http://www.BrainBasedBusiness.com Ellen

    What a great post — thanks for the laughs. I decided to try not getting a TV for my own daughter and was amazed that she picked up books very early on and began to read. She also learned to love the outdoors and to create and do art. Today she’s still doing all those things as a secondary school teacher… who has taken her students to China, and helped kids in Russian orphanages… I often wondered if it was right so kept asking her what she thought and she decided she was too busy for the tube… Your daughter sounds brilliant … it will be fun to see the paths she chooses and the worlds that continue to open for her! She already inspires! Thanks for sharing…

  • cate

    Those eyes.

  • http://ccrafton.blogspot.com Candice

    Ohhh, Leta! How you make me smile.

    I just want to give her a hug.

  • oO_Bubblez_Oo

    Awww, so cute it makes my ovaries want to explode! I just spent the last week with my cousin Aimee who is about 1yr younger than Leta, and I wanted to bring her home with me!

    Also, I LOVE your hair in the daily photo, it’s so hot right now!

  • http://redplaidduckies.livejournal.com laurellz

    oh my gosh you need to nip this in the bud. it just gets worse, i swear it.

    at sixteen i still do this.

    “how many, lar?”

    “FOUR!” *holds up three fingers*

  • goddesschristine

    There is nothing about that little girl, that I don’t totally adore.

  • http://seppukuqueen.livejournal.com/ seppukuqueen

    I’m really not supposed to say that she’s cuter than mine…Trying…so…hard…
    The head shaking reminds me of my little girl, but she opens her mouth when she does it, and attacks face. (We think it’s her attempt at “kissing”)

  • mmoxxie

    She looks so much older than 2, and when I see these videos and hear her talk, it’s really weird to realize that she is so young!

  • http://www.lifeincolor.typepad.com Amber Lee Pence

    Dude, there is not a cuter kid on earth doing a cuter thing at this moment. So cute, ahhh the baby lust damn it why won’t my boyfriend propose already.

  • http://mamidelux.com/ Mami Delux

    You have such great humour!… … most parents are always trying to prove how their kids are superior to ones kids, constantly comparing and making awkward remarks….and to me that takes the fun away from being a parent…. you should be able to enjoy your kids and I think you do that so well with your Leta, without being in any way insulting towards her… I just love your humour… and I also find it a relief in what can be very competitive and humourless territory: mommy world.

  • http://squirrelstories.blogspot.com E-Lo

    Adorable. Just adorable. Love the hair. Love the finger wag.


  • TxSuzyQ

    She totally knows that 2 fingers up means she is 2 years old. Silly people!!! She just couldn’t get the 2nd finger to cooperate!

  • Magellan

    I wonder if when Leta thinks of her mom, she sees a woman with half a face and half a camera.

  • Lynne P

    Just curious…are there still people out there who *don’t* think Heather has an accent?

  • http://rosiejoshandashton.blogspot.com rch7279

    so adorable! I think it is a great thing that she answers correctly. When my nephew was 2 and someone asked “how old are you” he would always say 5! It was super cute but I think he really did think he was 5 :)

  • http://dooce.migrantroo.com minxlj

    She is just too cute – I love the way she puts her hand under her chin. I agree with posts above, she looks and acts way older than 2!! She’s grown up so quickly!!

  • http://rosieandlucy.wordpress.com Latisha

    Two…is that right Leta. Congrats on being two.

    That’s s cute.

  • http://thisthatmotherthing.blogspot.com AnitaBonita

    I downloaded the video on my computer and my son is now fascinated with Leta!!

    And weirdly, whenever she does the finger thing, he laughs and laughs and laughs!! And then signs More to see it again.

    She’s a hit with the toddler set!!!

  • Mellissa

    Oh man that is too cute. My daughter heard the video clip and ran over to see what I was watching. She watched Leta hold up one finger and say “Two” and shook her head and said “That’s not two, this is!” and held up two fingers. Believe me when I say she JUST learned that in the last few months while preparing to turn 4. I guess my 4 year old is a prodigy too, LOL! ; )

  • VeddyVeddyBadAng

    OMG, what a freakin’ MORON! And butt-ugly to boot! Geesh, can you stop with the videos already!

    Just kidding. After reading 100 posts full of “cute” and “adorable”, I was getting a little glurge overload there.

  • http://www.laughitupfuzzball.com Tracy aka Fuzzball


    Seriously, I love that kid.

  • elise

    chuck is a balancing genius!

  • http://innocentlyevil.stlbloggers.com i.e.

    Your daughter is adorable – but what I really wanted to do was comment on the new masthead…I.LOVE.IT…very cool!

  • http://www.karmajunkie.com karmajunkie

    Ahh, you see, your daughter IS a genius… She’s making a conceptual leap from chopsticks (represented by her fingers’ chopsticky action, of course) of which there are TWO, to her age! It is merely the adults of the world who are unable to see the true nature of her creative mind, bound as we are to the strictures of this “counting” propaganda perpetuated by the existing bourgeouis order.

    Rest assured, young Leta is destined for greatness…

  • Antigone

    Every once in a while I go someplace, or sit and think by myself for a bit, and when I do, I am often bombarded by mental images of Leta.

    Now, I am not sure if this means that I have a photographic memory and she just happens to be the highest on my favourites list, or is she possibly has telepathic powers, causing me to think of her every time I’m in a toy store; sending me mental images of Elmo and Boobah so that those precious, precious friends can be bought for her.

    So far I have been able to resist the temptation. But with every new video you post, I can feel my resolve weaken.

    In another few weeks you may have another Elmo.

  • brandy

    Dear Heather,

    Please stop with the video clips.
    Everytime you post one I get baby fever and start talking about talking folic acid and going off the pill.
    This of course is putting a strain on my man, who because he is a man does not feel the baby fever but sometimes thinks he should club animals.

    I just want you to know that if I should become pregnant I’m holding you responsible and will seek legal action.


    The cuteness is just too great for me to ward off!


  • http://www.kiorasuniquevoice.typepad.com Karen Mashek

    I think the waggling finger was just a fascination with her waggling, wiggling, bendy, double-jointed finger and NOT directly linked to the number she was telling you! LOL!

    She is beautiful!! Awww!

    P.S. I’m pretty thrilled to be able to comment here!

  • http://www.hamiltonfamilycircus.blogspot.com Heather

    Well she’s close mom!! She did put down her finger and pick it back up, maybe her thinking is just of a higher sort and she was counting off, one, two. :-)

  • Kelly Greenawalt

    Atleast she’s cute! ;)

  • tmkirsten

    Hi Heather,

    I’ve never commented before but I do agree that Leta is GORGEOUS!

    I also HAD to say something about Chuck’s pic today. Being that I live, breath and of course, drink in Wisconsin, I thought you should know we usually only balance Leinenkugel on our heads. It’s made here :)