• PG32

    Chuck reminds me of Skidboot (google it…he’s another AMAZING dog). Your relationship is a wonderful one.

  • http://www.kungfoodie.com Kung Foodie

    OMG!!! Dooce….Home of the Wet Noodle! It’s Pasta! It’s Chuck…awwww….loook at zee cute dogga with da nooooooodles. Noooodles…..mmmmmmm. Arrrrggggg. Brain melting

  • MJ

    I trust Chuck receives a full salary and benefit package for his loyal work? & perhaps an EAP provision for his eventual emotional distress!

  • Po0py

    You should really consider letting YouTube deal with your bandwidth needs.

    Nice Vid

  • Peggy

    Chuck is a good dog!
    You said in another post that you were making a calendar featuring Chuck.
    Is this calendar going to be for sale, if so how can I get one?
    Does Leta like spaghetti-o’s? Most kids like those because they can slip them on to the ends of their fingers and eat them like that. FUN!

  • IngaB

    Add me to the list of those who have been video-deprived since the Chuck v. sprinkler vid. I’m very sad, as I miss Chuck.

    Oh, you and Leta, too.

  • http://aliceintvland.blogspot.com AliceK

    Heather, I say this out of pure jealousy (only because my dog would have taken my hand off at the wrist with the first piece of pasta):

    I kind of hope Chuck bites you some day. Not hard, just a little. No skin breakage.

  • http://kimbanelson.blogspot.com/ dancingnancy

    I haven’t been able to see the last few videos either. They start loading and then……….ahhhh…..nothing. Such a tease.

  • http://www.caloden.com Caloden

    Gotta love a girl who knows how to make good use out of her wet wipes. It’s a skill that will someday come in very handy.

    Chuck is too much. So cute.

  • Squealbox

    Chuck the wonder dog is so cool! I love that you guys video his silly antics and share them with the world. My son and I love to watch Chuck in action.

    As for Leta wiping her noodles clean…have you tried butter and parmesean cheese on her spaghetti? Most kids love that.

    Love your site and I always look forward to reading it! Keep up the witty writing. Your photographs are amazing and inspiring!!

  • Christianne

    If they had a marshmallow test Chuck would totally ace it. That’s one patient dog!

    I hope at least one noodly picture makes it to the calendar.

  • http://alianddave.blogspot.com alibree

    i **love** the fsm reference :)

  • http://thelairoftheplatypus.blogspot.com/ platypus1320

    What a dog! I never get enough of watching Chuck covered in stuff – way better than ‘Stuff On My Cat’!

  • Mindy

    Don’t know if anyone has made a suggestion for the people having trouble opening the videos lately (don’t have time to read through the hundred or so comments), but I was having trouble opening them when I would just click on the link. So, I tried opening Quicktime first. If you go to File, Open URL, and then copy and past the URL from the video link, it opens just fine (at least that’s how you do it with my version of Quicktime). Hope that helps someone else who felt like they were missing out on their Chuck & Leta video fixes.

  • anneelizmary

    Holy Noodle-isciousness, Batman!

    What. A. Goooooooood. Dogg.

    The best autumn-appropriate vid ever!

    Here I go to get the pasta pot . . . .

  • http://www.kimblahg.com Darlin’

    (don’t have time to read the previous comments so sorry if this has been mentioned). i think leta is a totally normal kid but another parent i know freaked out when her kid did the same types of things with food. she was determined to get a diagnosis and she got one- the doctor said it was sensory integration disorder and she started getting him occupational therpay for feeding issues. i think he (and leta) were just picky and like to be in control over what they eat. eating is one of the only areas kids can control so they often exert their power at the table. oh yeah, the eating therapy? it didn’t help the kid at all and a year later, he started eating everything in site on his own.

  • http://sparkgrrl658.livejournal.com/profile stephanie

    uhh…pg32 did you check heather’s list of links on the left hand side?


    [and count me in with the kleenex bit]

  • Jenny

    I’ve never commented before but have loved reading your blog for a long time. You are so clever and funny and your posts always make me smile. But I haven’t been able to see your past couple of videos. A new window opens and it looks like it’s going to load, but it never does. Is there anything I can do to make sure I can see them? Am I doing something wrong? Also, I hope you are feeling ok. I know what your feeling like and it sucks.

  • http://justanotherweek.blogspot.com H. (aka. NC_State_gal)

    I’ve been reading your blog for the past couple of months and I LOVE the entries about your puppy’s balancing act! He seems to take such pride in it :) .

  • P

    Chuck! Chuck! Chuck! *crowd chants wildly*

    He’s the shi-zit!

  • thefirecat

    See, now you’ve got me wondering how many frozen pizzas he can balance on his head.


  • http://www.temporarilyme.blogspot.com s@m

    *standing ovation*

    Way to Go Chuck!!

    That was fabulous!