• http://winecat.typepad.com winecat

    Really like the new design. Much fresher looking with all the ads in one place and I’m looking forward to bigger and better pictures of Leta and Chuck.

  • http://www.orangejeep.org Topham Beaclerk

    I love, Love, LOVE the big pics! Hooray for you!

  • Anonymous

    why does every comment have the number “1″ to the lower left of it? Are we all that important or mentally offbalance that you have to make us each feel as though we simultaneously posted the very first post so that we don’t subsequently explode with anger and send venom filled emails?

    Seriously, love the new design. Much cleaner. Plus, its rather cool that you have an evil look on your face in the bio pic. Rather as though you’re saying “Screw you Bartlett High, and all your stupid patriotic colors and meaningless land debates”.

    Daily style is great too.

  • http://roomsview.blogspot.com/ Shaun Paddock

    Love, love, love it! Cannot wait to see the photos!

  • http://www.blurbology.com Shan

    It’s sharp! I love it.

  • Nielle

    wonderful! fabulous! I’m very impressed. I’m a beginner with Drupal and reading Jon’s comments about how much work it was (for an experienced coder) I’m not too sure how I’ll fare. But it’s good to know it’s a CMS worth learning. I SO enjoy your photos and stories… thanks for bringing so much joy the world. Happy Thanksgiving!

  • http://doctorsgirlfriend.blogspot.com Doctor’s Girlfriend

    That video clip was hilarous…! It was a perfect addition to this post. :) I’m so glad you opened up the comment section!!!!!! :) Congrats on the new page…:)

  • http://redstapler23.blogspot.com Suebob

    Wow. I never thought to ask to see someone’s TITZ!! But now I realize I can. You learn something new every day.

  • Slee

    Uhhhh. Can I get a tag index up in this mofo??? The archive layout is rough without one.

    otherwise, nice.

    Verrrrry nice.

  • Manda

    I like the look! It was time for a change. Did you know you have a facebook group?

  • Jessica

    I love the new site redesign! I always love checking your site every morning to start my day off with something funny :) Good job!

  • Dawn

    I like the redesign. And even if I didn’t, who am I to complain? I don’t pay to read your site, and I read it because of your wit and way with words, not purple and black and squares.

  • Sara

    I LOVE the new design. It’s different than anything you’ve done before and also from anything else I’ve seen out there, so kudos.

    I especially love the new larger photos and the addition of Daily Style, and agree that a Chuck advice column would so totally rock my world.

    I disagree with commenter # 73′s “the eyebrows are coming to kill me & you need lipstick” bit. You are charming and lovely, end of story.

  • http://www.alkalineshock.net Tiffany

    I love the design Heather. It looks great. Also, I love the idea of the style section. Lookin good. :-)

    Also, I hope you and Jon plan to have another baby still.

  • Whitney

    I really like the Daily Links in with the rest of the postings. Wonderful!

  • http://gardendjinn.typepad.com/ Jennifer Zynischer

    Hurray for Jon! And Ben and Bill!


    Also… so not first. Funny vid.

    Thanks, Heather, for keeping us entertained.

    Oh. And your dog rocks.


  • Jess

    I love it when people cuss you out in their comments, but then sign it ‘God Bless.’ Makes me want to not only SCREAM, but sign my response, ‘Go to Hell.’ I’m a newbee to your site, but love it! I like the new design. I like the Muscles too. You do a great job!

  • http://www.knickersblog.com nae

    Heather this new site is amazing! Congratulations to you and Jon!

  • http://lifeaslou.blogsome.com/ Lou

    Thank you for the clip. Freaking hilarious.

    I like the new design- it is cleaner. And I like the little squares up top- I will admit to clicking them because they caught my interest. The colors and chuck pic are cute- and I do really love how you switch up your header a lot.

    I haven’t switched mine for 2 years because I have no clue how, so I admire and covet your skills :-)

    I also like the mini posts included in the bigger one because sometimes I forgot to look at the old ones and they were almost always worth clicking. This way I don’t miss anything.

    I shall now shut up.

  • Aime in Ohio

    I think it’s awesome. I loved it when you added the chuck daily. Now the style daily, too! Yeah! I love your photos and your writing so it just gives me more to like on a daily basis and, trust me, I need that.

    And I LOVE the option to see previous photos in case I didn’t get the chance to check in, though I rarely miss the chance. Usually I check repeatedly throughout the day in case MAYBE THIS ONCE you updated a daily photo of Chuck because he’s my secret lover and I can’t get enough of him.

  • http://fridayfilms.blogspot.com Friday

    I love what you’ve done with the place; it’s beautiful. I work with content management systems all day so I can appreciate how difficult it must have been to get it to the manageable state you now have it in. And it’s always a work in progress.

  • http://onceuponalifetime.wordpress.com manda

    Hi! I’m a newer reader. I enjoy your writing and knowing that I am not alone in the world of toddler insanity. Also, I like your new design. That is all. :)

  • http://smabmouth.blogspot.com smabmouth

    Could I really be comment 456! I better type fast. And then I better go buy a new monitor on Black Friday so I can see the ginormous pictures without scrolling.

    (Wait for it . . .)


    (Yes, I just emoted.)

  • Flikka

    Well I love the new redesign! :-) Well done guys!

  • Nonie

    SHOW US YR TITZZ!!!!!!!!!! Sorry could not help it.. I love the idea for the style section. I love the new page.. And anyone that does not like it can eat your butt:)

  • CSE

    hahaha “FIRST!”

    The design is nice, but to be honest the layout/design of this site doesn’t matter much to me. I visit nearly every day because of your superb writing. Keep it up.

  • http://www.simplyshylah.com Shylah

    I happen to like purple.

    And Drupal rocks. And I sent you an e-mail about Mormon underwear. *snicker*

  • http://www.undomesticdiva.com Undomestic Diva

    LOVE the clip. FUCK!!

    (Oh, and love the new site. Looks awesome.)


  • Katie Kat

    All I have to say is WOW. I know how much work this took and I am impressed. Oh, and that video is AWESOME!!

    Hope you had a hearty drink or twelve once this all got finished (I don’t think just the belly rub would do it)!


  • Anonymous

    Cool. I miss the links on the left side, but maybe I just can’t find them. Other than that, the site looks just fine. I really like the larger photos.

  • Cassy

    Wow……I’ve been reading your blog for a LONG TIME and it just kind of hit me. I’ve been reading since the Christmas before Leta was born. I’m kind of fickle about sticking with things, so that’s impressive.

    Anyway, I really like the changes so far and I like how with the daily Chuck/Style/Photo you are are able to give the story behind the photo.

  • Marie

    I love it! Quite honestly your site can look like crap and I would still read it. The reason I come to your site is to read your fantastically funny and insightful blogs. So that fact that it looks cool is just a plus.

  • Christine

    Love the new layout! Great job!

    The video was HILARIOUS!!!

  • http://12tutufondue.blogspot.com Bill


    (haha my spammer words are “rants” and “restraint”. Please, may I have one or the other?)

  • http://bizzylizzie.com lizzie

    Well Done! Site is super easy to navigate. I have been a daily reader for a few months now. I will keep coming back becasue your CONTENT is tops. Keep up the great writing and beautiful NOW BIGGER pictures. Looking forward to some horizontal format pics. Congratulations to you and Jon.

  • http://baybeasts.blogsome.com bean

    Hi Heather! I think you’re awesome. I’m an Australian midwife with 2 babies (a 4 month old and a one week old – we’re a lesbian couple). Our 4 month old has a torticollis too (they’re everywhere, hey?!). Sorry you’ve had a crap time recently. Your bloggy humour helps me get through the hard days… Thanks.

  • http://www.getsoutmore.com Jen

    Love the new header! Absolutely worth the wait. (I’m obviously a fan of black and purple). :)

  • http://www.dianeshipley.com/ diane

    I LIKE it a lot! :)

    I preferred the old post headers (the fact they were smaller, and coloured to match the masthead) but I love the new look and the way its more user-friendly, inc. allowing comments. So I am NOT complaining…

    I also think black and purple rock and I’d keep reading even if you gave up on this computer lark and started photocopying cheap-looking flyers and handing them out on street corners in Utah :)

  • SlamorSpike

    I like the new look. Masthead reminds me of grape Ne-Hi.

  • Lydia

    I like everything, except for one very small but…could you please consider adding the daily links in a separate column again? My concern is that if I don’t check the site for a few days, I might miss some. I loved that sweet potato one sooo much.

  • Tash

    Just another positive comment, to counterbalance evil. Love it, love you, love Chuck and I love purple!

  • Anonymous

    I like the links on the side bar. That way I could browse them without moving anything.

  • Jessica

    I love it! I happen to like purple, and I love the addition of Daily Style. And even though I normally fear change, this site seems just as easy to navigate as the former site, which is grand, as I am a computer moron. And also, a grammar moron.

    Good work, Armstrongs!

  • Traci L

    Love the new look and style, Keep up the great work!

  • Amanda

    so, i LOVE CollegeHumor, and have seen that video about 2938472394872 times. i’m glad that you appreciate CH as much as i do.

  • Donna B

    Hilarious video.

    I think your site looks just great!

    I guess the price you pay for being a
    Super Star in the bloggy world is having to deal with morons.

    I would be curious about your stats.
    How many hits a day?
    Biggest volume day?
    That sort of nosey stuff.

  • http://www.myfamilygossip.blogspot.com Crystal D

    Fancy. Pretty. Smart.
    I like it.

  • solaana

    Not first. But, I like it, love the new daily design feature. The ads are big but since that’s how you get paid, go to. I also feel like the new masthead could use some glitter gently raining onto my keyboard, so if Jon could work on implementing that most important part of any website, really, I’d appreciate it.

  • Katie

    I’m a long-time reader and first time commenter. I read your site religiously and have shared in your joy, pain and humor over the last two years. I love the poop archives and have referred several friends to your site, inviting them to read “A Story About My Ass” as an introduction into your website and your sense of humor. Your stories give me a smile and I love reading your posts because they make me feel like there’s somebody out there who gets my sense of humor.

    I’ve currently undertaken reading through all your archives and I’m delighted that you’ll be adding “previous” and “next” buttons, because trying to navigate through the archives with this new design in a bit frustrating. Yay for progress though! I know you and Jon have worked tremendously hard to get his new site up and running. Kudos to you both!

    One slightly more serious, former-Online Account Executive critique is regarding some of the banner ads that have appeared as of late. I just read “Taking it to the Next Level On My Plate Down the Pike on the Spreadsheet”, Sunday, August 15 2004 and found this comment:

    “2. I am going to accept advertising for this site, but I want all advertising to remain tasteful in design and smallish in nature. This means that you will never see flashing, wildly animated banners or pop-up ads when you visit me….”

    I understand that you’re running a business and you have limited control over the type of ads that appear, but that super-flashy animated Disney “Cars” ad has been DRIVING ME NUTS! I haven’t seen it lately and that’s the only thing that has stopped me from gouging out my eyes (Oh wait – THERE IT IS AGAIN!!). I’d love to continue reading your website but need eyeballs to do so. Help a sista out by sticking to your guns!

    Seriously though, I love the site and think you’re great! Keep up the good work! You and Jon deserve a drink after all that!

  • Kristy

    I think the new design looks great.