• Tim from Los Angeles

    thank you

  • Menanners

    As I scrolled down through the comments, I quickly read them with growing excitement. You see, I’ve never been first at everything in my life, even being born.

    Well, ladies and gentlemen, that is all about to change. I am about to be the first….HATER!

    You’re going to HELL, missy. Repent, go to church, read the BYU newsletter and quit being so fabulous!

    Love you and your style. If you ever want to visit me in the Catholic center of the world, just holler! We can be heathens together!

  • Stacy

    Love the redesign! Great job!

  • Sara

    Is the font small? It doesn’t look small to me. This is going to be the same as everyone else’s comments, but I figure positive comments are always good! I hope they help soften the blows of the hatemail and stupid comments left just to piss you off. :)
    Love the new look. The only thing that isn’t spectacular is your links posts don’t look different than your regular, but y’all are working on that so awesome! The purple is nice. Don’t know what the big deal is about the purple. How could anyone not like purple?!
    Props to Jon, yourself, and everybody else that had a hand in the redesign!

  • Mary

    I love the colors & the ideas behind the new design…the pages take an awfully long time to load now, though. I look forward to reading your posts and am just too impatient I guess.

    The video was hilarious…..very funny idea!

    Of course I’ll keep reading daily (multiple times a day sometimes). Keep up the great writing & photography! Thanks for sharing your life, it’s always a joy to hear what’s new in dooce land.

  • Caroline J.

    I’m liking the new design. Threw me for a loop when I first logged on yesterday but I really like it! Also, the ‘delicate flower’ thing?? I’m always telling my hubby that I’m a delicate flower as well… he doesn’t believe me!

    Good work Jon (and those two guys who helped) and Heather!

  • http://www.tenminutestonaptime.blogspot.com Teryn

    Looks great — and I love the big photos!

  • Steph

    Heather, I love the new site. The purple! The big pictures! The socks on Chuck’s head! Loving it. I am a long time reader and huge fan, so I would read your blog even if it was written on toilet paper. I am not sure how that would work, but still. Keep kicking ass and making my boring days in my cubicle a little brighter.

  • http://tinyurl.com/2mb9wl Elaine

    I’ve been reading along for a while, LOVE Chuck and Leta, and laugh out loud at your commentary of life. You’ve inspired me to start a family blog, only wish I had the nerve to be as introspective as you are. The new design is terrific! Keep up the GREAT work!

  • kate

    I think it looks great!

  • Miranda

    I’m not entirely sure it’s working in Safari… if you want me to send screencaps thru let me know!

  • Anonymous

    It looks very flash and lovely. I preferred the links in a sidebar though for when I had time to catch up on my link-age. Any chance they could be featured like you want in the main blog but then still stored and displayed nicely in a sidebar like before?

  • AG

    Oh Heather, the redesign is gorgeous. I love purple and black and squares and it’s all great. Kudos to you for the design, and kudos to John for being able to figure it all out! Nice subject line, too. ;)

    BTW, I was so excited when you’d taken a picture of the barn in Herriman and posted it the other day. My family founded Herriman (I am descended from the Butterfields) and my grandparents lived there when they first got married; everyone in my family, including my father, is buried in what has become our family cemetery there. That barn could have been my family’s at one point–who knows!–but I thought it was so cool that you posted that picture.

  • Anonymous

    Let me the 200th person to say: “Love the new design!” Also love the daily style section, the big pictures, and the incorporated links. Good job, Heather, Jon, and helpers. When I drove through Utah in October of this year I sent good thoughts your way from the Economy Inn in Provo. Provo’s pretty, but kinda scary.

  • http://www.chirky.com Chirky

    First, It’s such a big change. Which I know is what you were going for – why else redesign, afterall – but somehow when I am expecting a change I’m only expecting a little change – just something slight so that I still feel like I’m in the same place, so that I’m not too far out of my comfort zone. THIS change, well, this is just BIGGER than I imagined it would be.

    Second, I love the big pictures. They sort of make me want to lick my screen. Particularly if my screen were covered in marshamallow creme.

    Third, Can you link to John’s technical post? I mean, I can go there and find it myself and all (assuming it’s already up), but I’m kind of lazy and might want to come back when I’M ready to redesign. And then I’ll probably get fussy if I can’t find it quickly. Or I might just get fussy anyway, just because.

  • http://www.ayeayeskipper.blogspot.com/ Skipper

    If I had to read these, I would be curled up in a little ball, shrieking in circles in my head that only I could hear. Just perusing 50 random comments was enough to make me understand that there are enough conflicting messages here to choke a god damned horse.

    What came to mind is it doesn’t matter if people like the layout, they’ll get over it. Doesn’t matter if they like the font, or the photo of you (that’s really shitty of them to say though). Opinions are like assholes, everyone’s got one, and everyone’s looking for reasons to talk out of theirs, including me.

    Just do what you do. People will not abandon you. You are not our hostage. We love to read your thoughts and the way you look at the world. Your words have value to us. People hate change, but life is change (am reminding myself of Princess Bride here for some reason).

    I recommend that people lighten up, read the heartfelt, real words that come free of charge, right to your screen and at your own convenience. And unless you have helpful advice (this is of course debatable) as to how to fix a specific problem, then say thank you, if you must say anything at all. My opinion. From my own asshole.

  • http://www.flickr.com/photos/lightofmydark/ nancyann

    Congratulations on the new design and backend! Thank you for your wonderful writing. My whole family loves to see Daily Chuck and I am always very emotive when I read your posts (happy -and- sad when appropriate!). I love the design so far, I am anxious to watch the site grow with your many ideas =)

    As for the FAQ, anything design related, you have great taste!

  • Petey

    I, too, really like the new design.

    Ignore the haters!

  • Lizzy

    Finally I was so glad that I can comment now.. I used to always wonder how can i… and now its easy! oh and i totally like your new web page.. i think its looks great!

  • http://www.cathyzielske.typepad.com Anonymous


    Love the re-design.

  • Barb Congdon

    I absolutely love, love, love the new design! I love the photo of you!

    And…I simply can’t live without my daily Chuck. I have stood over people’s desks at workand made them go to daily Chuck. I force Chuck on my family members as well. If I ever make it to Utah, I must meet Chuck, oh yeah, and of course the rest of the family. LOL! Keep up the good work!



  • http://www.prettycraftything.typepd.com pretty crafty thing

    I think your new site looks great and I am finding it easier to navigate for me. Good job, great work! Always an inspiration

  • Nicole

    I LOOOOOOOOOOOVE the big photos. I love Daily Chuck and making my dogs jealous because I don’t look at them this much. :)

  • http://www.chirky.com Chirky


    When you write a few paragraphs of text, and then hit the “preview” button, the preview doesn’t show the line breaks.

    Just in case no one has commented on that yet.

  • http://titadesign.blogspot.com/ Tita

    I do indeed love the new, wider photo possibilities. The bevelized, dropforeshadowed and gradientified (all official design terms) ads are hideous but of course I know that is not the fault of dooce. Great redesign.

  • http://sangrialover.com Audrey

    I love the site redesign. LOVE it. And I’m not just saying it because I’ve been drinking wine all night. I will love it completely sober, too. I will even love it when I’m hungover. That’s how great it is.

  • http://tuliptoe.com tulip

    Nicely done guys! I love it and I am excited to see the new photographs! :)

  • http://www.kimblahg.com Kimblahg

    No way I’m reading through all those comments so sorry if I’m being repetitive. I like the resdesign, particularly the ads all being on the right now. And I like purple. The only thing that is bugging me is the size of the post title, it seems like it needs to be one or two sizes smaller.
    (One more thing. When I just submitted this, it didn’t like my URL without http:// in front. No biggie but most sites don’t have a problem with inserting your URL starting with www.)

  • http://seehearspeaknoevil.com jess


    i like the new site. i share your chuck pictures with my co-workers regularly.

    and thank god i don’t have to look at those pumpkins any more. they were great for 31 days or so…and then…

    now if you’ll excuse me, i have to go watch the bachelor finale. this show is a joke but i can’t miss him dumping these lame biotches.

  • Bernie

    It looks great.

  • http://tysqui.blogspot.com tyler

    very nice change. I wish I was smart enough to pull something like this off.

  • http://the-blue-cat-speaks.blogspot.com/ Jessica

    That video was PRICELESS! I laughed out loud. I may have even snorked at the end.

    I’m so glad you did the redesign so we can freaking comment again! Yay!!!!

  • http://www.southerndoll.blogspot.com Courtney

    Heather, have you ever considered selling your photography?

  • Tracy

    Love the purple, love the black, love the squares, love everything!

    I really do enjoy reading your blog! It’s wonderful!

  • http://www.bitemyquotes.com/Home.html stacy

    love the site, love the redesign, LOVE that video!

    jealous that you get to make a living like this, too. :)

  • Tiffany

    Love the new site. Can I be dooce when I grow up?

  • http://rancidraves.blogspot.com/ cagey

    Coming here by way of Rita Arens at the Surrender,Dorothy blog (http://surrenderdorothy.typepad.com/). She just wrote a very thoughtful, touching tribute to you – she talks about how with everything going on, you have still managed to keep your voice and be true to yourself. A very nice post.

    I am not a daily reader here, but must say that I will be adding the Daily Style to my reader – looks interesting.

  • http://sanctimony.net helena


    i love you and i love the redesign! okay i do hate purple, but that is because of weird childhood trauma. and i’m thinking that every month won’t be chuck in purple tights. i can overlook the purple links because i am such a tremendously wonderfully huge fan of her doocefulness and her valiant sidekick, the blurbomat.

    you make my day. at least three days a week, sometimes more.

  • http://www.projectoptimism.blogspot.com/ Heather

    There are so many people out on vacation that it didnt matter that the video was NSFW.

    But I cant see the daily links?

  • http://sarcasticmom.blogspot.com Lotus (Sarcastic Mom)

    Holy jumping vaginas, Batman. I love your new design. You, Jon, & the other gentlemen did an excellent job.

    Moreover, that video made me pee a little. And it’s not just because of my weak kegels, either.

    The 2nd time I watched it, I caught the chart at the end, “Amount of Friends You Had in High School.” Freakin’ brilliant. I don’t know if I will be able to resist posting this myself.

    And it’s way gay that the first commenter didn’t sarcastically type, “FIRST!!!” but actually did a real life version of it.

    I had a little spasm when I read that comments were open. But that’s just because you can’t type anything without my vagina turning it into… oh, nevermind.

    PS: I’m feeling all insecure about being “not verified.”

  • Colleen34

    Lovely redesign. I’m impressed. Though can’t stand the links as part of the main content.

    Love reading your site & seeing your daily photos. Thanks!

  • http://greatdayinmaine.blogspot.com/ Leesavee

    Love everything but the small fonts, but I can live with that. Truly love the purple and black Chuck masthead! How can that dog be anything but cute!

  • Erin

    I love it Heather. So chic! The comments section is crazy though….we are all showing up as number 1…Go us!!!

  • Julia

    Hee, when I first saw that video a million years ago I thought of you. I never understood why people felt the need to post “FIRST!” back when you had comments open on your daily pics.

  • Kim

    I really like the new bigger photos. My only complaint had been the lack of Next & Previous buttons as I’d recently started reading the archives of non-mama-Dooce. So I’m glad to see that will be addressed :)
    Considering I’m reading the archives instead of working I shouldn’t complain that I have to move my mouse ALL the way up to the “back” button and click, and then click AGAIN on the next post. I mean that’s just one more click than I’m normally capable of, and it’s using up valuable company time.

  • RzDrms

    wait! now they’re appearing. :( even though i’ve cleared my cache and history tons of times today. confusing.

  • Lindsay

    I like it!!! Not at all like a rock in my shoe.

    Thanks for brightening my day everyday! Check your site daily, and I literally laugh outloud at every Chuck picture.

    Happy Thanksgiving to you, Jon, Leta and Chuck.

  • http://cowjumpmoon.blogspot.com Shalini

    LOVE IT, love the re-design! I love this site!!!

    And you gotta LOVE Jon! he is the master guru of whatever it takes to get this site as awesome as it is (um yeah and your writing is excellent, but that goes without saying)

  • RzDrms

    no new daily pix today?

  • Christy

    Lovely! Congrats to both of you!