• http://allyougetisme.blogspot.com/ Jess

    I love that it sounds like you are torturing her and not loving her. My puppy only sounds like that after he steps on his own ears (he is a basset hound) or cant get his toy out from under the bed.

  • http://ohhowlovely.net Jamie

    I just brought a puppy home Sunday and she thinks she is terribly vicious, when really she is just a big ball of Corgi fluff. My little blog has been over run with puppy pictures, but every time she blinks it’s the cutest thing EVAH, so it must be documented. Obviously.

    How big is Coco going to get?

  • http://sushiclinky.blogspot.com Cassie

    Tell Jon to tell Coco to get her own dang beer: http://rarebirdfinds.typepad.com/rare_bird_finds/2008/02/bowser-beer.html

    Have you been to Rare Bird Finds? It’s awesome.

  • Catherine

    OH my God she sounds like she’s being tortured. My dog has never made that sound, though she does under the breath bark, mostly after we’ve shushed her for barking in the apartment after midnight. Darn teenagers.

  • http://www.collegemama.typepad.com College Mama

    I want a puppy. Write something else about the horrors of raising one so I can move beyond it.

  • http://sushiclinky.blogspot.com Cassie (again)

    PS: My brother has an almost 3 month old yellow lab and he makes that exact same noise. Except I often wonder if my brother’s dog’s yelp is his “redneck whoop” that he picked up from living with my redneck brother in Milledgeville, GA.

  • http://www.valcox.blogspot.com/ Val Cox

    such a silly dog! I love the way you describe her. Val

  • http://www.chocolatechic.wordpress.com chocolatechic

    How adorable.

    You and Ree are killing me with puppies….and I almost……..almost got myself one, but then my 2 cats brought me back to reality, along with the fact that you actually have to take a dog ……OUTSIDE to let it do its business, instead of scooping once a day.

  • http://thelightersideofgrowingup.typepad.com Ashley

    wow…just watching her is making me tired. i forgot how crazy puppies can be. you can totally tell that chuck’s like – really? can we please give her maybe a little xanax?

  • http://www.anneschitchat.blogspot.com Anne

    Oh my goodness that bark is incredible! I love the excitement coming out of the crate – our puppy Judy did the same thing when she was younger. Now she just stretches her way out of the crate – it is just as cute!

  • nnjagurl

    Did anyone else watch that video with their own dog within hearing distance? Because mine was totally intrigued. She kept looking at my laptop and tilting her head this way and that…all: Hey Ma, what IS that???

    Coco has a fan here in snowy NH.

  • http://rivetergirl.blogspot.com Robin

    Our dog it always happy to see anyone. She acts like she’s completely neglected. One friend (who isn’t even really a dog person) said that whenever she needs a little boost, she comes to our house because our dog is always so excited to see her (and my kid, too) … it’s like her pockets are lined with sugar-favored crack and cat crap.

  • Amber

    I can’t listen to your video because it is making my usually intelligent beagle go NUTS. seriously. she’s all bent out of shape that a furrocious dog dared be so fierce in HER home.

    so, I’ll just have to take your word for it ;)

  • http://www.michellesmiles.com Michelle

    We adopted an Australian Shepard/Lab mix a few years ago. He was the most insane puppy. My husband would come home and find me in tears sometimes because I just didn’t think I could handle this dog anymore. He sounded just like Coco…he would whine/howl like that the whole time I was in the shower or anywhere else that he couldn’t be on top of me. He had the worst separation anxiety I’ve ever seen in a dog. And he refused to be house trained – I would stand outside freezing for 25 minutes and he would do nothing and then would squat the minute we got back in the house.

    I say all of this to reassure you that he has turned into a wonderful dog. It took time and obedience training but he is wonderful with our daughter (more patient than we could expect) and very loving. He still is really hyper when visitors come over and is rather needy for attention – but outside of that is a great dog.

  • suzie

    simply horrific. you are a saint for not removing her vocal chords – or drugging her within an inch of her life.

  • http://modadimagno.blogspot.com Lori Magno

    Translation: Omigod! Omigod! Omigod! Omigod! Omigod! My people! My people! A sock! A sock! Omigod! Omigod! Omigod! Omigod! Omigod!

    Joyous, happy, annoying sounds – but so lovey. Poor Chuck.

  • meg

    welcome to the world of herding dogs…

    i just watched the video and my dog started barking and ran to see if anyone was at the door. he’s not right but i love him.

    coco will calm down in oh, say, 7 years. good luck!

  • http://www.thedalaimama.net dawn

    She is adorable. The entire time I was watching the video–my two precious dogs were running around the house growling and barking trying to figure out where I was hiding this other dog and the people talking to this dog.

    The ran around from window to window, door to door, trying to find the hideaways. It was hilarious. Thanks as I really needed a good laugh. Of course the image of a puppy running into the sliding glass door is quite funny as well. I love it when I get two great laughs for the price of one.

  • http://mes9193.blogspot.com Meghan

    Why do I get the feeling that Coco Furrocious and Christian from this season’s “Project Runway” would make a good crime fighting team? Fierce nonetheless.

  • http://tinytreasures.blogspot.com d’Auria


    I just watched that three times and guaranteed I won’t be listening about avoiding wordiness in Communications Writing — the sound of Coco’s bewildered shrieking will be resonating throughout my brain. Like a pinball that can’t get out.

  • http://perniciousponderer.blogspot.com/ Jacqui

    I was just playing that clip of Coco and my dog, Max, FLIPPED OUT. Beyond shoving his nose onto my laptop screen (and that glue-like snot is SO easy to clean off), he kept cocking his head from one side to another like he was trying to figure out what was going on. Then started to whimper until I convinced him that Coco was just excited to see her family.


  • http://noplacelikeit.blogspot.com JChevais

    I suppose Coco-licious was too obvious…

  • http://faydean.typepad.com Amy J

    That noise actually made me jump! And my very sublime Chesapeake Bay Retriever totally stood up in her cage from her nap because it startled her too. I thought Heather stepped on her foot or something in that second one. Wow, that actually made my blood pressure go up a bit. I can’t imagine how you guys live with it daily. How many more months of puppyhood to go? Wow. Puppies are so much more anxiety inducing than newborns. I never EVER thought I’d say that.

  • Ren

    Too cute, I wish I had a video of how nuts my dogs went when they heard CoCo. I had to play it twice to make sure they were completely freaked out. Where’s the puppy? My girls would love to meet her and chew on her ears.

  • http://www.jillshalvis.com/blog Jill S.

    The vocalization is definitely an Aussie thing, and yes I have an Aussie. I’m thinking it will get cute, oh about when I go deaf.

  • Anonymous

    My aussie used to make that noise when she was little, but then grew out of it. And then one day, when I returned from college after being home for a particularly long stay away, she burst out of the house and jumped all over me, making the noise again for the first time in a long time. It was heartbreakingly cute … such a desperate happiness.

    However, get thee to agility and obedience! Don’t let her develop dominance issues with other dogs and kids. If Chuck is any indication, you guys will turn out another prizewinning dog, no doubt. Make that little furball work!

  • http://www.almostvegetarian.com Almost Vegetarian

    Despite the fact that she is trying to find her adult bark now (and no one is more thoroughly startled than her on the odd occasion when she actually does), our puppy Sophie isn’t as noisy as your Coco. But she is equally excited to see us. All we have to do is go on a lengthy journey to, say, take the garbage out to have her entire body wag with unbridled delight at our safe and sound return.

    It makes me want to send the husband out with the garbage more often.


  • http://www.montanajen.typepad.com/ MontanaJen

    Her pack is home!

    Your Coco stories make me feel better about my nutty hound dogs, though, because each time you talk about how you get to take Chuck for walks, to the dog park, etc, and there are no accompanying anecdotes about how he barks and barks at other dogs, I hang my head and think, “my dogs are just weird – the freaky things just don’t know how to be normal.”

    And to think that all this time they were normal!

    The video is an example of why people love their dogs so much, don’t you think? When else is anyone greeted like that?

  • http://smellsliketeenblog.wordpress.com Tracy

    Oh, my. I feel for you guys. I hope the puppy kisses are making it all worthwhile!

  • Anonymous

    Jacks – our female aussie “submissed” like hell. Just another SUPER ENDEARING trait of the breed.

  • MP

    My mighty chihuahua was looking intently at the door the whole time I played that video, like, “I know that noise has to be coming from outside! There are other dogs in the hallway, and I have to save them!”

    Coco videos always get the best reactions.

  • Laura

    So I am so glad that Coco does the same thing! My dog Cash sounds like a squealing pig every time we open his crate. Scares the hell of me, I can’t imagine what the neighbors are thinking. :)

  • Charity

    Coco is totally psycho cute! My gram’s Lab makes the exact same noise but only when happy.

    Hey Heather, if you want to read a good book about a Marine getting another dog out of Iraq check out “A Dog Called Lava.” I finished the book in 2 hours and it was a really good emotional ride and details how the Marine did it with the help of NPR reporters, US dog trainers, and an Iraqi Interpreter. I’m totally like you…a complete sucker for pets.

    Love your blog!

  • http://www.ashleighriver.blogspot.com Ashleigh River

    I know exactly what you mean about getting the last word. Our mutt Sammy does it with people when she gets yelled at. Whenever you tell her “no!” or reprimand her, she huffs at you, and will keep doing it until you finally get tired of saying, “Don’t eat my flash drives…ANYMORE!”

  • Sara

    Ha ha ha! I am so glad I watched the video before I finished reading the entry. It made reading “YEEAW! YEEAW! YEEAWING!” so much better because I could hear the exact sound in my head. Love this post!

  • http://semicharmedwife.com Jen

    So cute! But when I played it, my cat streaked upstairs, hid under the bed, and hasn’t been out since…

  • http://thecrockstar.blogspot.com/ CRockstar Wannabe

    We have a Chihuahua that does the same thing. She loves to pee on carpet (previous owner issue) and if we pick her up and start to go near where she peed she starts screaching. She screaches the whole time we tell her NO! and while we shove her out the doggy door yelling over her “Go outside!”

    The neighbors probably think we are killing her.

    When we come home from work she gets so excited she hyperventilates and we almost have to do doggy CPR…that is why we keep her. No one else passes out from seeing us walk in the door. It’s an ego thing.

  • Kimberley

    Too adorable. Our five yr old, seven pound poodle makes the EXACT same noise every time we go and then are nice enough to reappear!

    If the whole act gets a bit old, I found that being quiet and relaxed (even almost ignoring her) for a few minutes right at the beginning helps her to get ahold of herself and just CHILL, and bring the excitement level down off the moon.

    Good luck, and have fun :>)

  • http://perksofbeingme.blogspot.com Brittany

    Wow, when I first heard it (I was looking at something else so I didn’t see Coco, I was sure you had a video of y’all hurting her. But then I knew you wouldn’t do that. Wow. I’m sure that’s a nice sound to be welcomed too. At least my cat (who thinks he’s a dog) is much quieter.

  • http://hopesmommy.blogspot.com Melissa

    I love to hear stories of Coco. We have a new kitty and while I don’t have to let her outside to pee at 5am in my drawers she does wake us up at 4am to play fetch for an hour.

    Why is it that even thought they drive us CRAZY we love them just the same…I guess it’s the unconditional thing, huh?

  • Rebecca

    Uhh…can I have your husband? Please?
    I love him…

  • http://table4five.net Elizabeth

    So many comments from people whose dogs went nuts when the video played-my collie/spaniel/mutt just laid there on the couch like he always does. Unless the FedEx guy knocks on the door or a car pulls into the neighbors’ driveway, then he barks like the world is ending. Coco is adorable, and seems to have had a haircut!

  • http://almostlucid.com Brad

    That’s pretty awesome… for YOU. :) She really is quite cute. Puppy energy is a ton of fun. But I think this might be a good wake-up call to the people who were thinking of running out and getting a Coco for themselves.

  • Kim

    I can totally relate to the gangsta posturing – my 33 lb beagle has recently developed a wonderful case of onleash aggression. He’s fine when he sees dogs that are of equal size or smaller, and is an absolute love with puppies (in fact, he will lie on his back and let them jump all over him), but he puffs himself up and turns into a howling, lunging lunatic when he sees larger dogs he doesn’t know. I am beside myself looking up information on how to stop this on the internet, as he likes to pull this on Boxers, German Shepherds and the like. ARGH. And I have trouble being the “calm, assertive leader” when I’m panicking about my dog being eaten by another dog.

  • Anonymous

    That definitely sounds like a “Help me!” yelp my dogs do when say, we accidentally step on their tales? It’s a sort of anguished cry. But Coco is still very adorable and I totally want a Coco of my own.

  • http://gatosgatos.blogspot.com natalia

    Why do you keep her in a crate? How long was she there for?
    Doesn’t seem so weird she goes so crazy after being confined to a crate :-/

  • Mindy

    Funny. Those videos got my lazy dog off of her chair and running and barking through the house. That’s the most exercise she’s had all week. Thanks.

  • http://www.evanzstox.com/ Stephanie

    While I was watching the coco video Gucci looked over at me and rolled her eyes. I swear I saw her mouth the words “good lord, do you want me to get the truck and a shovel?” I don’t think Gucci would be a good mother.

  • http://baconpecanpie.blogspot.com Andi

    Awww, cute little Coco!

  • http://thegoodeatah.blogspot.com Lizzie

    Oh my, how I can relate! That video is awesome — Coco’s squeals are ADORABLE.