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Angela Adams purse

I’ve decided that this is the cutest purse I’ve ever owned, and for the last seven days I have asked Jon repeatedly to look at it, can you believe that something so cute exists? He’d shake his head in disbelief and say no, the proportions of its cuteness were causing his brain to swell and [...]


Their wrestling session lasted almost three hours this morning, and just when we thought they’d had enough Chuck would grab the rawhide bone and go taunt Coco with it. And she can’t ever win that fight because he’s so much bigger than she is. I like to think of this photo as a representation of [...]

Me and my friend Bill

This is Bill, and he lives near Houston but was willing to drive all the way out to Austin to have dinner with me and Jon. He started sending me funny stories about fatherhood a few years ago, stories that made me laugh out loud, so then I had to read them to Jon, and [...]