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    Rob Morrow!


    Nice one.

  • jessica

    dude. sans facial hair? jon favreau.

  • Michelle

    When you twittered yesterday that you’d do David Gregory, I checked google images, and thought, “Well, that make sense–Jon looks just like him.” I definitely see the Larrouquette resemblance as well. I don’t really see Jason Lee.

  • http://www.butslenderly.typepad.com Nancy

    Jon’s got the ol’ dapper “Dan Fielding” looks all the way. (mixed with a generous splash of John Corbett).

  • http://unmitigated.typepad.com middle-aged-woman

    I’m thinking the “Alvin and the Chipmunks” vintage Jason Lee. Only crabbier.

  • http://jennajacks.com Jenna

    oh, john larroquette for sure. i don’t see jason lee at all, although i do love jason lee. haha.

    but as someone said earlier… a more rugged john larroquette, but definitely larroquetteish. lol.

  • Anonymous

    Jason Lee.

    TOTALLY…ok and Brad Pitt. But more of Jason Lee.

  • Amy

    I have to agree with Kat’s Mom who posted this link:


    Although Rob Morrow is a good runner up, he’s nowhere near the Fav.

  • http://www.becomingsomething.typepad.com Natasha

    I’ve always wondered who he reminds me of. I think it is a cross between Larouquette and Lee. His face does resemble Gregory a bit. Thankfully, not the hair. Eek!

  • Josh

    John Larroquette, hands down, though David Gregory is close behind. Amazing similarities!

  • http://freewomensfitness.com Free Women’s Fitness

    Brad… oh Brad… even in his wrinkly days these days he still is my main man. Yeah, go with Brad.


  • Heather

    When you recently visited Vancouver, a friend of mine laid eyes on Jon for the first time and exclaimed, “Man, does he ever look like John TRAVOLTA!”

  • http://www.flick.com/photos/tayaiscool tayaiscool

    I think he looks a lot like a professor at Sloan-Kettering cancer center: http://www.mskcc.org/mskcc/html/20030.cfm

  • http://www.carolinespics.com/ Lina

    A thin Jon Favreau, a million times.

  • mandabunine

    John Larroquette. Hands down.

  • Anonymous

    John Cusack!

  • http://www.theadventuresofsupermom.com Michelle

    I would say John Larroquette too!! I have always been a fan of his night court!!!! LOL

    That is hilarious!!!!!

    Still have any lip gloss left??????

    BTW. Can I have the Prince picture on the right. She has such great taste in men!!!


  • Bre

    I don’t think Jon looks like any of them. And he’s better looking than all of them.

  • http://www.allconsuming.blogspot.com kim at allconsuming

    Dude, if I’ve told you once I’ve emailed you a creepy number of times. The guy you’re married to IS Jason Lee.

  • Sideorder

    I went to High School with David Gregory. I know he looks like he’s 50, but he’s only 38, graduated in 1988. He could be Jon’s baby brother. He was balls out funny! Really, really, witty with an incredibly dry sense of humour, and TALL! He’s about 6’5. I loved that video of him dancing…that’s the David I knew and loved back in the 80′s. So who knows…Jon and David could be distantly related. Is Jon Jewish?

  • Alice

    My life is complete thanks to that David Gregory clip.

    Add the clip of him breaking it down with Karl Rove (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KdvHwtRdg_I), some cheap merlot and a bubble bath, and I think you have your next Friday night all planned.

  • Chuck fan

    I totally get John Larroquette, but I would lean toward David Gregory. I do not see Jason Lee at all.

  • http://thecasualperfectionist.com/ The Casual Perfectionist

    John Larroquette!

  • http://www.lovemaegan.com …loveMaegan

    omg. he’s not a bad dancer, really.

    the news is ridiculous.

  • http://smattering.wordpress.com Laura

    I’m going with the theory of Jon being the product of the most holy union of John Larroquette and a be-bearded Jason Lee. If you ever should need a Larroquette fix – god knows why, but hey I find him pretty funny sometimes – get your hands on a copy of 10th Kingdom: http://www.amazon.com/10th-Kingdom-Kimberly-Williams/dp/B0000648XE/ref=pd_bbs_sr_1?ie=UTF8&s=dvd&qid=1218498373&sr=8-1

    Ten hours of John Larroquette running around with a Prince turned into a dog, fleeing trolls and dwarves, getting high on magic mushrooms, and singing off-key to ‘Whiter Shade of Pale.’ The epitome of all that is right and wrong with American television.

  • Kay

    I vote Jason Lee because on the hotness scale John is equal to him. The others? not hot, and you have a hot husband, so be proud, Dooce!

  • http://www.decoybetty.com Deidre

    Hmmm…I’d say mostly like Larroquette with a smidge of Jason Lee.

    Ever since I moved to Australia, Australian men are always telling me I look like Julia Louis-Dreyfus … I’m all “just cuz I have an American accent and big hair doesn’t make me Elaine”

  • http://thedailymind.com/health-at-work/give-up-coffee-how-to-quit-coffee-with-meditation/ Quitting Coffee

    I have often thought about who he looks like. I think Natasha is right, it is a cross between those two. I think he looks more like Lee though.

    Quitting Coffee

  • http://www.burntoutlightbulb.blogspot.com Ariel

    Larroquette first, Jason Lee second

  • jp

    Jon Larroquette

    Although I think David Gregory dances quite well! I was impressed!

    (but maybe I don’t know jack about dancing?!?!?)


  • http://dsharp.typepad.com/ d. Sharp

    John Laroquette.

    I came across a post that found your double, Dooce! {actually, pretty amazing resemblance.}

  • http://phthalo-blue.blogspot.com/ Rita Finn

    I’d have to say your husband looks like a younger, hipper version of John Larroquette, but only if your husband was a swinger from the 1970′s wearing bad suits.

  • Christina in NYC

    I think a side-by-side photo comparison is in order.

  • Rita (rhymes with Leta)

    I would totally tap Jason Lee.


  • http://www.blogspot.com/wefightthegiantsquid Carmen

    JASON LEE. Jon looks like Jason Lee! I have thought this since I found your website way back in 2004. And while we are on the subject of look-alikes, you could be the twin sister of Uma Thurman. No joke.

    lovin’ it!

  • Jill

    Every time I see pictures of him I think he looks like John Corbett.

  • Meganithappen

    DUUUUUUUUDE. I vote J Lo…

  • Abbie

    Definitely John Larroquette.

  • Molly

    Static image = David Gregory, hands-down. Maybe if you post a video of John skateboarding we can make a better comparison?

  • Anonymous

    Your new masthead creeps me out. Looks like dangling roach legs.

  • Abby

    Though I think all of those choices are kind of simillar to Jon, I have to say that I think he looks like Jemaine from Flight of the Conchords. I actually made my Husband look at a picture of Jon and then a picture of Jemaine to get a household concensus, but he totally disagrees.

    Either way you must check out this link:

  • http://nitebyrdsnest.blogspot.com/ nitebyrd

    I gotta go with John Larroquette. Frightening, really.

  • Sylvie

    I’ve always thought David Gregory was attractive because he is tall, slim, well-dressed, clean-shaven, and has all his hair even though white. I now think he is HOT AS HELL! That man has got good moves. I would like to test him myself. As for the resemblance to Jon, don’t see it. Nor the other two for that matter. Jon has a unique look and those mentioned suffer by comparison.

  • http://www.dianaschnuth.net Diana

    Surprisingly, I’ll have to vote for Jason Lee. The current Jason Lee, though, not the younger Jason Lee from Mallrats (which is what I usually think of when I think of Jason Lee).

    The Night Court clip was a great throwback to my high school years, though. I forgot how much I loved that show.

  • sheryl

    David Gregory if he had darker less poufy hair.

  • http://www.xanga.com/theunbreakable Sarah Shepard

    Definitely, definitely, that David Gregory guy. I used to think he looked like John Laroquette too, but only because I’d never heard of DG until now.

  • Cate

    Jason Lee, fo’ sho’. And I was definitely swayed by the skateboarding.

  • Anonymous

    Jason Lee. Definitely.

  • Christine

    Jason Lee – but hotter.

    And while I’m on it (heh), I think David Gregory is smokin’ too!

  • Jim

    PJ DeBoy from “Shortbus.” The resemblance is uncanny.